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2nd Anniversary Sales at Gearbest

Its that time again were we bring you best deals from They website that delivers worldwide are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary. As part of the celebration Gearbest has some amazing sale and promotional offers for viewers. Time is limited and picks are large. We will try to give you an insight into this amazing celebration that Gearbest is having. From discounts to Flash Sale happening everyday from March 21-March 23 various products are up for grabs. Making it as exciting as the holiday sales.

gearbest promotion

Anniversary Celebration at

Some of the best gadgets are available during these Anniversary Celebration, Go ahead pick and choose there would never be a better time for buying gadgets.

intel gearbest

Intel has joined in the celebration for the website and offering some amazing discounts for their products. From Mini Pc to Tablets to Ultra-book all are up for grabs during this amazing sale period.

flash sale

There are Flash sales going across all categories of website. Apart from  amazing offers they are calling as  Treats and Each represents a different Treat having different products or benefits for the Users.


Treat One has some amazing products right from Ulefone Paris 4g at 69 Dollars( sale price) to Vidon X6s Smartwatch Dial for 17 dollars(sale price)


Treat Two is all about Intel products since they are the partners in this amazing celebration for Gearbest. All products have Intel Inside from Windows 10 mobile phones to a BeeLink Intel Nuc PC. A wide variety of products to delight all your senses

cakegame gearbest
Treat Three A picking game for viewers that only is playful but also earns them point which translate to Money A Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is up for grabs on Any one whos is able to score 20,000 point or more. Around 400 USD worth of phone is up for grabs here. Definitely worth a short I would say


Treat Four First 30 Thousand orders get special Paypal Discounts get upto 5% off for orders over 150 Dollars. Simply by using paypal or using your credit card via Paypal one can avail of this wonderful Treat

treat5_01Treat Five Last but not the least Gearbest has ensured that last day of their second anniversary celebration ends with a bang. Hottest brands with amazing discounts are available. From Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Oukitel to JRC Teclast all of these brands are available on Gearbest website celebration link with some unbelievable discounts

2ndanniversary pc accessories

Since Gearbest caters to a wide array of masses, they have made sure sales are available in every category so that viewers can get full benefits of it.Computers Networking, Top PC peripherals and Accessories have some of the best deals as part of Gearbest Second anniversary sales.


The deals in these various categories make it easier to pick and choose your favorite electronic gadget along with a brand of your choice. The choices are endless and time limited, without further wasting your time. Here are the direct links for Gearbest 2nd anniversary celebration.

Gearbest Second Anniversary Sales
Gearbest Computers and Networking

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Summer Sale is here. With advent of the hot season, comes some of the hottest and best season sales from Offering a variety of products from some of the best leading brands in mobile industry. is making sure that your everyone gets their hands on some of the best products. A gauntlet of products are up for sale and prizes are there on offer to. Let me give you a brief description of the products and various sales that is offering for our viewers.

Everybuyin sale

For our social media viewers there is a good chance to win products via .A easy way to win, one just has to share to win some exciting prizes and get free delivery to your door. Number of products are on offer and some lucky winner stands to win a Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro as first prize. Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro has a 4.7 inch screen along with a quad core processor and 2 GB Ram.

sale everybuyin

  • Second prize for 20 winners a portable mobile Xiaomi Charger 10000mAh with fast charging, for people on the go its ideal as provides some extra juice.
  • Third prize for 50 winners Xiaomi Novel Portable USB Light and ideal accessories to ensure sufficient light. has opened up the portal of goodies this time. There have simultaneous sales going for different brands where all products of that brand are on heavy discount.Xiaomi, Cubot, Mlais, Lenovo, Nubia, Ulefone, Meizu, ASUS, and Doogee are brands for sale this summer. Below are the dates in order to make it easier to keep track for your favourite brands.

Everybuyin sales 2

  1. July 15th – July 20th : For Xiaomi, Cubot, Mlais
  2. July 20th – July 25th: For Mlais, Lenovo, Nubia
  3. July 25th – July 30th: For Meizu, ASUS, and Doogee

The best brands with good discounts means its a win win for the customers.

Last but not the least there are Flash sales on offer by

Everybuyin sale 3

The products are displayed are changed every five days. The products are of choosing from All these amazing offers can viewed under one link

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Apple launched their new idea, wearable Watch in April with great fanfare. The watches were of different types the Apple sport watch, and the Edition Watch along with the routine watch. The new product instantly had met with thundering response and the unit wise sales soared rapidly to register strongly in the market. However, as per the recent reports from the market the Apple watch has lost its position and the sales of these watches have declined very heavily.

Apple Watch

The Slice Intelligence agency records and computes the sales activity by receipt of emails. They have reported that the market has shown a steep drop in sales of the Apple watches. As per their graphical representations the sale of the Watch have nose-dived, the sales which were to the tune of 200,000 units per day average at the launching period has dropped to meager 10000 units per day.

Further, it is also mentioned that almost 66% of the sales are of that of the low cost Sport model watch and the prestigious, luxurious model Apple Watch Edition with 18 –karat has reduced quite heavily. The sales of Edition reported to be only 2000 units in past two months.Pre-orders of the Apple watches had begun from April 10 and the company had planned April 24 as the release date for the watches, more than one million units’ orders were registered, but the company was unable to keep the dates of delivery and the customers had to wait too long and the watches made entry only in June.There is no authentic data regarding the sales figure from the company, and in such scenario it is still not very clear whether the product Apple Watch will also gain the same acclaim from the customers as the other products from the company like iPhone and the iPads.

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History repeats itself! Yu Yureka today went on sale as stated earlier on 22nd January 2015 for the second time, and guess what? The expected news flash in over seconds. Yes, Yu Yureka today announced 15,000 of handset, which sold out in just 4-seconds. The Yureka official launched 10,000 handset this time, the handset will again go on sale next Thursday on January 29th 2015.
For this time, the company announced people to register themselves before purchasing. The company then launched 10,000 units on the scheduled date. While the registering list was overflowing the records. Around three-lakh of user registered to get the brilliant handset.

micromax yureka

The people who missed out the chance to buy this handset, got automatically registered to the second round of sale. This might be prime reason, which resulted in device running out-of-stock so quickly.
If you are also planning to get the goodness of Yu Yureka, and don’t want to miss this chance! Then get to nearest device to register yourself to the next upcoming sale. Your name will be added to the waitlist. While, for those who got lucky to get device, have changed their mind on other device and decides not to purchase. In that case, your unit gets transfer to another person who is in waitlist.

Also Read – Micromax Yureka available in India via Amazon

You are allotted with 15-minutes to decide whether or not to purchase! Yu Yureka 5.5-inch of HD display device powered with Octa-core processor with Snapdragon seem to be in great demand. A device with 8,999 INR price tag is definitely quite affordable with bundle of advance features.


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The Sale of Smartphone has to reach on global level to attract more and more audience. Apple, Samsung, HTC are established biggies which make their every product release on global level. They make sure that every product try to spread on vast region and grab more audience. But this same strategy is not followed by all Smartphone manufacturer. This time it is Meizu Smartphone manufacturer, landed with different strategy.
Meizu MX4 Pro is breaking the borders initially set by the officials. This time the Chinese Smartphone will be landing in Malaysia and will be available by next month for sale. The Malaysian Standardization administration SIRIM has approved with the release of handset on 17th January.

Meizu MX4

The Meizu MX4 Pro is loaded with all advance features. The Smartphone offers 5.5-inch of QHD display screen powered with Exynos Octa processor. The 5430-chipset comes with 3GB RAM, the Smartphone might release in different memory variant 64GB/32GB/16GB. But not so good point to note is, the Smartphone won’t offer expandable memory.

The recently released Meizu MX4 Pro will sure earn quality of praises from audience for its super quality of design, screen and other specifications. The manufacturer also promises to deliver good output of camera and audio output. The Meizu MX4 Pro is expected to release with an official price tag of 1,499 Malaysian currency. But this rate is applicable for base model of 16GB.


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ZTE is back in news! This time the company is rolling on front page with eye-catching headlines. According to the opening result, it is predicted that company will double the 94.2% from 2013, with an operating income of around 8.6-billion. This financial result were announced by ZTE in year 2014, after its positive feedback in terms of financial guidance and expectations.ZTE is well-established company as telecommunication provider.


ZTE’s Net profit is expected to be touching $425-million-USD compared to $207-million USD in year 2013. Also the unaudited results from ZTE suggests that there is rise by 8% in full-year. The rise will start from 8% which might earn around $13.0 billion compared to the result of last year. Due to ZTE’s high struggle under different zone, today the company have improved its profit margin in good direction. The Profit Margin is aiming high and high with its foreign exchange and profitability contract.The Company will soon be revealing its future plans with FDD-LTE and 4G-LTE. They will also be stepping in few other Smartphone operations which will be soon revealed or during its annual announcement on March 25th.

The Company with this LTE operation is working parallel on ‘Blade S6’. Few days past a leak on Blade S6 also create a buzz. According to the sources, the Blade S6 looks very much similar like iPhone6. The Smartphone will be launched on company’s new pillar pointing to ‘Dynamic youth and enthralling user’!


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Xiaomi has grown exponentially strong over past month. No other Company has achieved this figures in such short span. The Xiaomi was very first Company to sell-off more than 60-million of Smartphone in year 2014. With this figure of sales, it became fourth largest Smartphone manufacturer around the globe. As per KGI Venture Advisory, Xiaomi will be able to sell-off more than 13-million of Mi Note Pro and Mi Note in 2015. This time Xiaomi is coming with Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, both these Smartphone are high-end Smartphone with high-price. The Co-founder in an open letter stated that, they are focusing to cross the mark of 100-million this year. Last Month, around 1-million Smartphone were sold-off in India in just 5-months. Xiaomi is hoping to get better with its next release of Mi4 which will be on 28th January. The Xiaomi Mi4 price is expected to be approximately 20,000INR.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

The Xiaomi Mi Note will offer 5.7-inch of high display with 1080-pixel resolution. It will feature 810 Snapdragon processor with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. While, Mi Note Pro will come with QHD-display spread on 5.7-inch of screen. The hardware specification of Mi Note Pro is bit similar to Mi Note with 810-Snapdragon processor, 64-GB of internal memory except 4GB of RAM. The price of Pro is expected to be around 530-USD and that of Mi Note will be around 400-USD. Let’s wait and watch, how Xiaomi scores this time?

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Last year was brilliant year for OnePlus One. Yes, it’s not we are just speaking with the fame it gained in short span of time. But in just couple of months or so, it revealed its statistics report of its sales. The OnePlus One sold around 500-units of Smartphone, while it also aimed to double the figure by end of year.
Good News! Is that the company, not only aimed but also achieved to double the figure of sales by end of year 2014? According to the Co-founder ‘Carl Pei’, the Smartphone world with its first high-end Smartphone, the OnePlus One team was able to track down the expected sales figure. They sold around 1-million of OnePlus One unit last year.

OnePlus One

Over A Million Units of OnePlus One are sold

With whopping figure of 1-million, company is set to come with another product that will create double buzz then OnePlus One. The Company is set to focus and improve its operations in 2015. The upcoming model will be named as ‘OnePlus Two’, which will be double your expectation. The awaited Smartphone is expected to arrive by six-months or so. The Company is tight lipped to share any of related information about the model. Other than the dubbed version OnePlus Two, the Company is working on another Smartphone. The separate Handset will be different and will attract different type of audience.

The OnePlus One has earned good reviews, as the handset is available with two storage capacity 16GB and 64GB.