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Tips of rooting and installing CWM on your Samsung S4. We will discuss that in brief so that it will be very easy for you to follow the process and get your work done completely without any hindrance. You must follow all the steps carefully as there is lots of risk if you commit mistake while performing this steps.
First we will gather all the required stuff necessary for rooting and installing of CWM.

1) Charge your phone fully, so that it does not drain out in between.
2) Backup all important data like call, messages, call logs as this process may wipe your data.
3) Download Samsung USB drivers, Odin PC and Download CF Auto Root Package file for your Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 package.
4) Rooting may void your warranty so make sure you really want to go for this process.

Samsung Galaxy S4


1) You need to install Samsung USB driver on your computer and when it completes then extract Odin setup and run on your computer.
2) Press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power key simultaneously and you will enter in download mode on your phone. After you enter in download mode you will be asked with option to continue or not so continue the process.
3) Connect your phone with computer via USB and wait for sometime till Odin detects your phone and this will be confirmed with the indication of ID:COM box which will turn light blue and message will prompt “Added”.
4) Now when your phone gets detected now you should Click on PDA tab and select CF Auto Root Package file for your Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 package file.
5) Now run the installation process and wait till the ID:COM shows the message “Pass” and if this message comes or you can see the progress on the ID:COM box, when completes disconnect your phone and restart you will find that your phone is rooted successfully.

Installing CWM on your phone

All the process is same for installing CWM on to your phone. So once you have done the rooting successfully then this will be not at all an issue for you.
Charge the battery fully once again and as the driver and all is installed then no need to install once again. All you have to do is install Download CWM Advanced Edition for your Galaxy S4 GT-I9500
Now you need to go to download mode of your phone by pressing and holding same key as stated above Volume Up + Home + Power Key.
After entering to download mode you need to connect your phone to computer via USB so that Odin Detects your phone and now you can start the installation by entering in PDA tab and locate CWM Advanced Edition file and click on start for the installation of CWM.
Wait till the process completes, which can be seen on progress bar of ID:COM box and reboot your phone after completion of CWM installation and you will find that CWM is installed on to your Samsung S4.