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Gaming on Android devices has come a long way and have become a literal treat. And now with the latest and fastest processor coming to the phones now with the Snapdragon 800 processor and Adreno 330 GPU at 450 MHz, you can be real sure that gaming with high graphic intensive games on the 1080p resolution screen is going to be a complete package deal now. So now that the Nexus 5 is out there with these killer specs, we decided to compile a list of some amazing games so that as soon as you get the device in your hand, you can start your gaming experience immediately.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

If you are a fan of Modern Combat on PC or consoles, then you are surely going to like this game a lot. This is the fourth edition of this game with improved graphics, sound, storyline and gameplay as well. Also there are arrays of new guns which are available at your disposal. We really wish this was a free game, but unfortunately this is a paid game. So unless you are a hardcore gamer, you might refrain from it. But consider this, playing this game with the Snapdragon 800 processor and 1080p display, now that’s awesome.

Riptide GP2

This is maybe one of the most interesting racing game ever with amazing fast skis and tracks. There is more than enough here to keep you occupied for so long, that you might have to run like a ninja to get your phone to a charger as you might run out of juice with continuous playing for hours at a stretch. Just make sure that you do move your body around as well else you might end up a couch potato.

CSR Racing

This is maybe the best racing game to play on a 1080p screen. The features and detailing of the cars in the game is really awesome that is looks like a real car and also feels like racing one. On the other hand the gameplay and storyline is also pretty good and engaging. But this is recommended only because of the high graphics and the detailing in the game. You sure will love playing this game a lot and that is a guarantee.

Breach & Clear

This is a strategy game and contains combat and tactical stuff in it. You can choose your soldiers from the available list like the US Navy Seals, the US Armed Forces, etc. this game though is very challenging in the system of the phone and is absolutely not possible for it to work on small specs phones. So considering that your Nexus 5 has a Snapdragon 800, you sure don’t have anything to worry about with this.

Real Boxing

We have seen this game during the testing of the Nvidia chipsets and we have found this to be smooth on it. But actually this game is really harsh on the hardware and phone running below the clock speed of 1.5 GHz and that too quad core and coupled with a good GPU can run this game pretty smoothly. And since you have better than this, so you really don’t have to worry at all and enjoy the game in its full glory.

We compiled a list of 5 awesome games that you can play on the LG Google Nexus 5. There are many more games that you can play and enjoy but these games mentioned above are special because they have a large amount of graphics and look really awesome on a 1080p Full HD display. So let us know what you think about the games or any other games suggestions you got for the Nexus 5. Feel free to comment below with your queries and suggestions.