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Real Racing 3 sets the pace of having had good reviews from the critics for racing simulation on Android. Rush away with long hours of high performance game play , intuitive controls cutting-edge graphics. Experience the competition, excitement and glory of real life worth believing championship racing . Real Racing 3 ups the contribution from the previous version with absolutely crazy visuals for Android devices, delivering shiny car models an ultra realistic environments. Real Racing 3 sets the new level for just how best racing games could look on Smartphones and its sequel managed to up the quality of its graphics to the next level.Real Racing 3 is an impressive racing knowledge that requires a 950+ MB download.By connecting Smartphone to WiFi or 3G data connection, it can be downloaded easily and it’s worth it!



Examine your racing superior skills on a sixteen automobile grid from extremely competitive AI motorists. Determine on from officially licensed 30 automobiles like the Nissan GT-R (R35), Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, McLaren MP4-12C, and a lot more! Race in fifteen appealing areas, with forty miles of extremely in depth race tracks, speedy racetrack, and urban circuits – like night races and twilight. Work your way from amateur to professional in a strong Job Mode, offering several hours of lovely and joyful game-play. Leap into a Swift Race for instant joy – or try to defeat the chronometer in Time Demo Method. Lurch or pitch to steer, as experiencing condition-of-the-art evaluating with customizable options that alters your personalized driving experience.Expertise skillfulness by virtue of possessing special knowledge, the high degree of head-to-head racing with 5 distinctive camera angles and breathtaking graphics driven by Fire-mint’s unique higher efficiency Mint3D engine.
So speedsters get on the track to pace up on new realistic Real Racing 3!
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Gaming on budget Android phones has always been some kind of a compromise as the heavy graphic intensive games are not quite supported on the low specifications of the phone. So it can be a bit disappointing that you are unable to enjoy the top-notch gaming experience that you could on a flagship device, but your pocket is not quite supportive of it. So for that reason, “mini” versions of flagship phones are launched to fit the budget pocket for some compromise on the specs as well. So let us see the best 5 games for the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini.

This phone features a 1.7 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon 400 processor with Adreno 305 GPU and 1.5 GB RAM. This is less compared to the actual specs of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but still not bad for the price point it is available at. So let’s now check out the games for the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9190

1. GTA 3:


Any person who has played GTA on his PC or any gaming console knows how awesome this game actually is. So if he has an option of playing this game on his phone maybe, just imagine his excitement and happiness. GTA 3 is a very awesome game with superb graphics and awesome gameplay. The missions, shooting, driving, it all looks very realistic. But other than that, this is a lovely game. You go around completing missions, making money and taking over the city’s underworld.

2. Fifa 12:


The football marvel from the studio of EA, the Fifa 12 is one heck of a wonderful game. It has the same feel to it as if you are playing it on your PC or a gaming console. The gaming controls are all on the touchscreen and are easily reachable and controllable which means playing this game is a breeze. Add to that the amazing graphics and realistic looks and grounds, you will surely spend hours scoring goals and winning once you get your hands on playing this game.

3. Asphalt 8:

Asphalt 8

A racing marvel that started off low and made a name for itself by making some wonderful games, Asphalt today has moved with time and technology to bring about the most realistic and amazing street racing game. You almost feel like Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious while playing this game as it has all the aspects of it like the police chasing behind, the street drivers you try to take down and the nitrous oxide boost provided to the cars. Whrr Whrr!!! Let the engines go.

4. Real Racing 3:

Real Racing 3

This is another racing marvel which kind of is a short term success; this game came out of nowhere to surprise us all by its amazing gameplay and graphics that it left all of us in the awe of those amazing cars. The racing is very competitive and fun and the option to upgrade further and expand your fleet of cars to beat all the other drivers is an amazing concept and makes the gameplay very interesting as then you just don’t keep racing but there is a purpose for racing.

5. Nova 3:

Nova 3

This is an amazing Science fiction title brought by Gameloft in its third instalment. This game was a huge hit on PC and the gaming consoles and was later released for Android and iOS. There are plans to even launch this game for Blackberry and Windows Phone as well. What makes this game special is the futuristic setting and the amazing visual effects provided in the game. This game has won many hearts and is sure to win more every passing day. The gameplay and storyline of the game is amazing and the suspense factor of the game which goes on increasing with the moving story makes this game an awesome one. Also the fact that even though being a graphic intensive game, it still works seamlessly on the S4 mini, makes this game that more amazing.

There are many other games that are available for the phone in the Google Play Store, but the games mentioned above have been chosen based on the popularity and nature of the games and most importantly the games mentioned above are all very much graphic intensive which play quite well on the Galaxy S4 mini as well. This is because most of the mid-range devices are not quite capable of handling heavy games, but this phone is very much capable.

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Gaming on flagship Android phones is always a treat, the big Full HD display, loaded specs and amazing fluidity. You just do not want to miss out ever. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one such amazing flagship phone with literally killer specs. A 5.7” Full HD display AMOLED display, Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. Want else could you ever want in the phone? Add to it a mammoth 3400 mAh battery and you have a mean machine on your hands with endless hours of entertainment. So knowing that the phone runs Android OS in it, it is only fair to let the users know which are the 5 best amazing apps and games that they should install on the phone so that they can have the maximum amount of fun with it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

1. Modern Combat 4 – Zero Hour: If you are a fan of first person shooting games and want to enjoy that on your phone as well, then this game will for sure entice you greatly. With some real amazing graphics, this game looks as wonderful as it would on PC as well as other gaming consoles. And with the fan following the game of Modern Combat has, you can very well make out how wonderful this game must be. Add to it the amazing big screen of the phone and the ease of play with the touchscreen, you will very much be left in awe with the amazingness of the game. What other way to exercise your mind that playing such games that make you very alert.

2. Real Racing 3: The best part of playing games on phones with killer specs is that, there is absolutely no lagging in the games and also they support amazing graphics. Which means some vivid detailed games, and especially if you are a fan of racing games, then you are in for a wonderful treat. Say hello to Real Racing 3, the only game with superb details and vivid colours and amazing gameplay. You might actually think at a certain point of time you are actually present at the location inside the car driving it in reality. Just make sure though that when you quit the game and drive an actual car, make sure you are alert enough to know you are not really in the game.

3. Swiftkey 4.3: Messaging and texting is the new way of communication today. With IMs coming up like Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Skype, etc. texting needs have grown up enormously. And typing on a touchscreen can sometimes get a lot tedious, especially when you have big fingers, or else really small hands that can’t reach the screen properly. This can hamper your typing experience and typing speed overall, and you do not want to be left out lagging in the conversation. So Swiftkey is your answer for it. Just swipe your finger over the keyboard and type whatever you want with simple ease and never miss out on the conversation.

4. Significant Signature Capture: This is made especially for Note serious and phablets in particular that support stylus. With this app you can now write in your own handwriting with your stylus and the app will recognize the letters and words from your and put it into text. So if you do not want the hassles of typing and prefer writing, then this app is like a real boon for you. So you can get this one and write away you mind on your phone. No more need to waste the precious pen and paper on it anymore. Go Green!

5. MyScript Calculator: For all those budding scientists out there who waste millions of hours cracking tough algorithms and equations have something to rejoice about now. The MyScript Calculator app now gets your equations solved in seconds, literally. The part is, you just have to write the equation down in your own handwriting on the screen and the app will convert your handwriting to digital text and this solve the entire equation in no time and provide you with an immediate answer. So gone are the days where you need to refer different logarithmic or trigonometric tables and various theorems to solve your problems. Sit back and relax and let your phone do all the hardships for you.

We checked 5 best games and applications for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is an amazing phablet to use and for sure their owners will be very happy with what they got. Apart from the list above, there are still many-many applications that you can use with the phone and you can get them all at the Google Pay Store for free of cost. So get your most amazing phablet ever, download the apps and games and have endless fun with as much as you like. But it in the excitement, don’t forget to look after your regular work as well. 😉