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For several mobile users of the numerous platform that love car sport games there are many games that offered to you. French game maker Gameloft which in knowing for Asphalt Series, and lesser known for GT Racing which is a simulation racing released GT Racing 2 after several years. Keeping EA Sport Real Racing 3 in sight Gameloft launch GT Racing next edition GT racing 2. The sport follows the freemium model that is a clone of the what Asphalt 8 has adopted currently.
Visually, GT Racing 2 appearance is superb, the cars look nice, the tracks are quite elaborate and also the helmet camera read is additionally pretty sensible. It has 13 tracks, 28 new challenges with 67 licensed cars and 1400 events to participate with dynamic weather changes and completely different camera viewing angles. You will  play this game solo or you’ll play it together with your friends using multi-players mode.

There is no smoke from the wheels on either version of GT Racing 2 and overall it doesn’t look as spectacular as Asphalt 8  however it runs fine on each iOS and Android.When you talk about the game sound the game has realistic engine notes, which might be detected in refined things  like the sound of the engine because it is upshifting from an occasional gear, alternative things like wheel spin noise and braking sounds are done fairly well though bumping into thing sounds curiously uninteresting and undramatic. The background music is adequate while not being notably special. It begins with a low- end cars that on finishing  completely different events take you higher than otherwise

In case of free games, GT Racing 2 clad to be totally pleasurable. Though nearly a real simulation racer, GT Racing 2 still manages to supply the thrills while not being in an overly simple or difficult. If you would like one thing completely different than your average immoderate arcade racer then you ought to offer this a strive. Go to your several app stores and download it before that confirm you’ve got an over a GB of free memory space and your android runs 2.3 or higher.

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