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True caller is an online global phone directory which gives you information about the contacts from any origin. It is available on almost all major Smartphone operating systems like Android, iOs, Windows, S60, S40, etc. Moreover it is available in more than 35 languages worldwide which include English, Arabic, German, Tamil, French, etc. Whenever you are about to receive a call, true caller comes up automatically with information related to that phone number.

Truecaller Android App

It grasps your numbers at the time of launching this application. Every second thousands of new members get added up to this ever growing telephone directory. Currently True caller has reached to 10 million users enjoying the awesome services provided by them. Besides its basic functions, it also has integration with major social networks to keep your phone book always updated. It automatically syncs your social networking contacts into your Smartphone’s phone book.

Another important feature of this application is unwanted call blocking. That means you can block calls from the people whom you don’t want to talk. True caller on one side is keeping us updated to the people around us but if we took this feature through the different aspect, it is barely exposing over privacy to the world. The people who don’t want to get tracked are ultimately being dragged in this community because of their friends sharing their number on true caller.

Now talking about 512 MB RAM Smartphone’s, its right that true caller shows lags while operating on low RAM and it’s features are disrupted. This is because the true caller directory is expanding at an alarming rate and each time you get a call, the caller ID of caller is to be searched among such a vast expanding audience which takes much more processing and leads to rapid RAM eat up.

This problem is common to every low end Smartphone user and can only be expected to eradicate it by providing it sufficient RAM which can be done by constantly closing unwanted applications or launching some good task killer which will always keep sufficient amount of RAM available for True caller. The developers of this application are also fed up with this problem and are trying hard to completely eradicate it by releasing different stable versions of True caller but so far none of them has caused extinction of this problem. More testing and debugging is going on, so let’s hope that upcoming versions will be stable for 512MB RAM Smartphone’s also.

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The recent Windows Phone 8.1 is the advanced mobile operating system launched by Microsoft Corporation and is code named as ‘Blue’. Last month saw this new mobile operating system being launched at Microsoft’s 2014 build conference. As per news it is believed that the new Nokia Lumia 930 is going to be launched very soon. Here is the complete and detailed description about Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system.

Amazing update from Microsoft

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

The best part about this latest window mobile operating update from Microsoft is that it comes with highly advanced and user friendly features. There are many technical experts who are terming it as 8.5 or Windows 9 update. For them terming it as 8.1 update is like doing injustice to it. These technical experts have been wating for quite long time for having this new update and it seems that their patience have paid off pretty well. Another reason why it has been termed as 8.1 is because Microsoft is trying to align it with Windows 8.1 for desktop.

The first update is its colorful background on the start screen and it seems that Microsoft has answered to the request placed by many people regarding this new customization. The ability to set wallpapers from different sources is seen as welcome step and will help those people who love to change their smart phone’s wallpaper every day.

Auto-Hide feature has been removed

Another most interesting change that has been introduced is the removal of auto hide features. It means that the data connection, Wi-Fi, Signal Strength, battery and location will remain on the screen and will not go into auto-hide mode.

Smaller fonts and redesigning of the new people’s hub has also been introduced which looks amazingly fresh and beautiful. Another new feature is the availability of speed dial. The time on the lock screen is now available with larger font and it moves down automatically on the screen if any sort of notifications come.

Earlier an annoying sound use to come when the charging got complete but now it has been replaced by a shorter and less annoying sound. It is a welcome relief for all those who felt disturbed by that annoying sound.

You can easily differentiate between old and freshly installed apps

Now whenever you are going to install a fresh app it will automatically say ‘new’ and you will be easily able to differentiate between the old and freshly installed apps.

Moreover the games that you are going to install will reflect under the app list as well as the Games hub. The smart-glass linking with Games hub has been removed and new friends and messages icons has been added. All these new features are making Windows 8.1 mobile operating system more users friendly and highly flexible.

In short we can say that this time Microsoft is trying to completely revamp its approach by introducing leaner fonts and excellent customized views. Perhaps it is trying to learn its lessons from iOS and Android’s success.

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Samsung Galaxy s5 is the most up to date Smartphone from the Samsung s series so far. Besides its basic functions like 2G and 3G compatibility it also supports 4G LTE that is unbelievable. It has got many other amazing features like real fingerprint scanner which is PayPal certified, it has got the most latest Gorilla Glass 3 protection and a high quality 16 MP camera which is amazing. It has got loads of filters to apply on your photos and lot of additional camera features like smile detection, image stabilization, etc.

Despite all these features are common in high end Smartphone’s Samsung has made possible to make it water and dust resistant without even increasing an inch of dimension. It has been certified IP67 rating by IEC (International Electro technical Commission).You might be wondering what does IP67 mean, let me make it clear to you. I means Ingress, P means Protection, 6 means that Galaxy s5 is dust resistant and 7 means your Samsung Galaxy can stand for 30 minutes into water depth of 1 metre. Below 1 metre it will get surely damaged due to increased water pressure.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Keeping water proof display isn’t a big deal but designing waterproof ports is very much challenging. At the bottom end there is a plastic gasket covering USB ports which protects your Smartphone from water. Whenever you remove USB cable your Galaxy s5 always notifies you to put on the water proof gasket tightly.
Talking about the back of your Samsung Galaxy s% it is removable and might risk your Smartphone if kept loose. But if placed properly Samsung has brilliantly embedded a plastic gasket which keeps your sim card, battery and other essential parts safely surrounded.

You don’t need to feel too much relaxed about the waterproof feature of your Smartphone. IP67 rating doesn’t mean you can keep your Galaxy s5 in swim suit and start swimming or use it while bathing. You still need to take care of you Smartphone and keep it in dry place because it has been proven very risky if your Smartphone went deeper than 1 metre. Unfortunately your Samsung Galaxy s5 is not 100% water proof, it has got many risks with it. You might know what bad harm does a Smartphone get if it falls in water.

If you don’t know let me tell you if your Samsung Galaxy s5 fell in a swimming pool consequences can be very bad. It will rust your Smartphone’s circuit board and eventually cause death of it or disable your slots or charging ports, etc. So it’s very essential to keep your Galaxy s5 safe despite of its waterproofing feature.

This waterproofing feature will be surely helpful to you if your Smartphone falls in water trouble but you don’t have to risk your Smartphone for playing with this feature. It’s very risky and we are sure that you value your money more than us because it’s your money. We don’t want you to spend on repairing. Prevention is always the best option.

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Moto G is currently the most attractive mid range Smartphone available to us with such high end specifications. It has become the first preferred choice for every android lover. It has got Android Kitkat and all other specifications people chase nowadays so it deserves this position. Despite of such dominance there are also some loopholes in this Smartphone also and weak network signalling is the worst drawback a Smartphone can have.

You can’t stick near to a signalling station every time; we need to travel from place to place in our daily life. So our Smartphone should be strong signal holder even if the signalling intensity is weak from its origin. To evade your suffering Phone Lane is always ready to help. We have gathered some tips and tricks for you to overcome your Moto G weak battery and weak signalling problem. Let’s go through them all and get benefited.

Motorola Moto G

For battery:

1. Before sleeping, keep your Moto G on charge and let it charge all night fully so that you don’t get messed up before leaving for full day work in the morning.

2. You can check if there is any heavy application running, if so then force it close. It will save some amount of charge.

3. Switch your Moto G to the Flight mode if you are in low signal area because it will drain your battery faster in searching the signal.

3. Keep only 5 seconds of screen time out so that battery isn’t wasted by display lights.

4. After using your Smartphone, keep its screen off immediately and make it a habit.

5. GPS always runs in background without letting you know, so turn off location access in your settings so that it won’t waste your battery in unwanted ways.

6. Keep your wifi and Bluetooth turned off when not in use.

Weak Signalling:

After upgrading Moto G to 4.4.2 kitkat several users have complained about the weak signal problem.Uou can try switching on and off your Moto G and see if it works. Otherwise, The only way out of this problem is to go to a Motorola official centre and report them this problem. Their developers would have already been aware that this might happen so they will give you complete assistance for solving the problem.

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Moto G is a remarkable surprise to all of us. It is highly exceptional Smartphone released with such great specifications at a very affordable price range of Rs:12999. It hit the markets with Its attractive specifications, body design and price. It is the 1st inside and outside waterproof Smartphone which was launched in November 2013. It was initially aimed to be released in countries which are yet developing but it gained its fame in developed countries also. Moto G is a 4.5 inch screen smartphone with both 2G and 3G compatibility running on Android 4.3 Jellybean upgradable to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. It is powered by Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 quadcore 1.2 GHZ Cortex A7 processor which is unbelievable at this price range. It has a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash.It also has 1.3MP front camera quite compromising for video calling. It is the best budget smartphone ever, so you had to face some problems also because budget phones without a defect still continues to be a dream for developers.

Moto G


1st most worst problem faced is that it’s screen is hanging automatically and then the phone reboots itself. This would happen sometimes even when screen is off. No permanent remedy can be found for this defect but there are certain possible ways you could bring your phone back from hanging. You can try pressing power button which turns screen off and then again turning on. This might help unfreezing your phone’s display.The other possible thing you could try is long pressing the switch off button untill it reboots.

Permanent Possible Fixtures:

1.You can try running your phone in safe mode. If your smartphone worked good in safe mode then therse a problem in any one of your application.You can remove the applications and start testing and detecting the faulty one. If you succeded in detecting the faulty application then your problem is solved.

2.This is a simplest treatment for your smartphone but it will erase your personal data, please keep back up of all your stuff. Simply factory reset your phone at backup and reset window in your phones settings.

3.Try to change your sim card.May be theres a defect in your sim card which you are neglecting. Just remove you old sim card, insert any other working sim card and turn your smartphone on .If it was creating trouble then your smartphone will work fine onwards.

Uncommon Battery Drainage:

This is the 2nd most drastic defect faced by Moto G.It might be a defect of numbers only based on software correction but it can also be a major hardware problem.The problem observed is that when moto g is kept stand by for many hours it just falls by 1% but when we start charging it, battery percentage drops down to 50%. This is a very uncommom defect and there are no tricks like turning on and off screen.It wont help here.You can go for the solutions provided below.

Permanent Possible Fixtures:

Use you Moto G untill it goes off itself due to empty battery and then charge it completely. Repeat the procedure and this problem might be gone away permanently.