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When it comes to Apple, it has to be huge! Apple has always maintained high standards in terms of features, specifications and also price tag. We all are aware of the recent launch of Apple iPhone7; the Smartphone has already created a huge buzz in the town with its features and a heavy price tag, while, some folks are waiting to grab the Apple Watch Series 2. Some people who have pre-ordered Apple Watch Series are a bit disappointed with the news of Apple watch will be delayed almost 2-week due to a few reasons. Yes! The Customers who had pre-ordered the latest Apple Watch from Best Buy are notified through email.

Apple Watch

Shipment delay hit Apple Watch Series 2

According to the mail, the Apple Watch will be delayed until or around 28th September, depending on the respective locations. Yet, no reasons have been mentioned for the delay. Best buy have mentioned in the mail ‘We learned from Apple’, by which we can note that they are escaping from the blame part. In spite of who to be blamed for the delay, the retailers are giving $50 promotional code toward the purchase with Best Buy.

Few retailers have received new watch series, but with limited watches in stock. The Apple Watch Series 2 was expected to be launched on the same day with iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, but will make a public appearance by 28th September.

Let’s wait and watch how latest Apple Watch make’s its entry in the competitive tech market!

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Nexus 6P is now available at the Google store, but you have to pre-order it. For people in the US, you can also buy it on Huawei’s own online storefront. Huawei is selling the phone directly with a shipping date of late Oct, although the price is the same as Google but before taking that as an alternative, you might want to consider its pros and cons.

Google Play

Would like to buy it from Google Store or Huwaei Store

Here Are the Reasons:-

Huawei is not charging tax in most states, its distribution centre is in California, although there is some news that they have charged in Illinois so it might be that they charge for some selective states. Yet, it is better than Google because Google charges sales tax in 45 states in the US. Since both manufacturers are drawing from different stocks chances are if you are a lower order number on Huawei then you might get your phone a bit sooner. Huawei also has a payment plan where it gives you credit check and its interest rates are about 10 to 20 %. Google, on the other hand, will only provide you with a payment plan if you sign up for Fi.

Also Consider these points:-

  1. Unfortunately, Huawei does not give you the white colour model and the 128GB model is not available in any colour.
  2. If you choose Huawei as your alternative you won’t get the free $50 Google play credit or 90-day play music voucher, it may be sent to your email id when you activate your phone.
  3. Huawei does not give the Nexus protect insurance plan, so you have to only manage with Huawei’s hardware warranty.
  4. Even though Huawei is having a shipping free option that will take 5 to 7 business days but the company may charge a restocking fee if there is a return policy.

Yes so that’s the whole news about Nexus 6P, do tell us which manufacturer did you prefer?

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Several sites had already leaked few details of the awaited product called ‘Moto 360-2nd Generation’. The New model is available in two variants, one in 42mm and the other in 46mm. The Moto 360 is available for both genders, with men and women’s version, but of smaller model with an offer. The main original Moto 360 is a bit large for few users. On having a glimpse on both sizes and versions, the smaller version looks natural on the male’s wrist.

Moto 360 2nd Generation Preorder Available in USA

Its display resolution is 360 X 360 pixel resolution on 1.56-inch and 360 X 325 resolution on 1.37-inch. Both the model shows are bright and sharp. Very cool thing to note is easily swappable straps. One can try both, either Stainless steel strap or leather one. Both give an aesthetic look. Undoubtedly, leather option looks classier and quite comfortable on wrist with high quality of feel! The Moto 360 version too got unveiled, but this model seems to be a dummy unit. Its silicone finish is not up to the mark, also the look is not that appealing as a fashion accessory. To conclude on the Moto 360, it looks quite solid with healthier battery life. It is available on pre-order, which starts today in the United States. It comes with a price tag ranging between US$300 & $430, depending on how it can be customized. Click here to Pre-order
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There was a press release about the LG G4 announcement, mentioning that the smartphone LG G 4 shall be now available for sale. The announcement mentions that all five major operators will sell the device. Sprint announced that they will start the sale of the latest model of the flagship product from LG, the LG G 4 from June 5th.This device shall be available in two versions leather black and plastic grey. There is also a special offer for those booking the phone before 21st June, those who book the device between 5th and 21st June will get an extra battery along with 32 GB MicroSD card as well as charging cradle free.

lg g4 cover

Sprint has also another interesting offer for the buyers and they have announced that the device shall be available for $ 600 for outright purchase, $ 200 with a two year contract, whereas the same is available in the Sprint Easy Pay scheme at $ 25 per month payable for 24 months. Sprint will be giving this device with yet another attractive option of $ 0 down payment and at $ 18 per month with Sprint lease. The free offer of the extra battery, memory card and battery charging cradle is applicable to all.

The new LG G4 smartphone has Snapdragon 808 processor with a powerful battery of 3000 mAh power that is removable, 3 GB RAM. The device has 5.5 inches curved displays and rear camera of 16 MP calibre. There is a MicroSD slot for expansion of memory storage. LG G4 shall be available for online sales on Sprint from 5th June itself in Metallic Gray and Leather Black colours. This could well be an ideal gift for the Father’s Day.

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We have recently seen Samsung Galaxy S5 has shown its first appearance with Orange in Romania for pre-order. Now, carriers and retailers in the Netherlands are also making Galaxy S5 available in their market for pre-order. Orders for Samsung Galaxy S5 is accepted by three carriers T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN. We know that Galaxy S5 comes in Gold color option but Samsung is the only carrier offering Gold color option. So, if you want to have gold one then you are bound to stick with vodafone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Vodafone is providing Samsung Galaxy S5 with no down payment but with a 2 year contract of €50/month (about $69). Other two carriers that are T-Mobile and KPN are also having same plan but you have to pay €55/month (about $76). Apart from this, it also has SIM-Free option. With, you can get Samsung Galaxy S5 without any contract for price of €699.99 (about $961). It will be a 16 GB model. All these are just pre-orders of Galaxy S5, they will start actual selling from 11th April.

We can expect to see pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S5 with other retailers and market soon. Samsung is preparing Galaxy s5 for global release. There are already many pre-orders made for it and its still counting. We wish that it will release on specified date without any delay.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most awaited Smartphones and not yet released. Galaxy S5 has made its first appearance with Orange in Romania for pre-order. If you want to get Samsung Galaxy S5 with two year contract, then you have to pay $341 (€249) and for a contact free Galaxy S5, you have to pay $958 (€699) and it will be completely unlocked. You can place your order with Orange in Romania. And it’s available in contract or without contract option.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Orange is also providing a S-View cover for Samsung Galaxy S5. Website claims that they will deliver orders by April 11. We found three color options for Samsung Galaxy S5 as black, white and blue it was missing Gold as an option

Samsung Galaxy S5 runs on Android 4.4.2 kitkat operating system. It comes with Quad-core 2.5 GHz processor which is supported by 2 GB of RAM and a 16 MP camera. There are many connectivity options with NFC, Wi-Fi, GPS and 4G. Orange in Romania is the only site showing pre-order for Samsung Galaxy S5 till now. We expect it to appear on other sites soon.