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This being one of the last weeks of the months your phone needs to be customized with the most recent apps. App developers create apps day and night but according to the thorough research here we give you the best awesome apps for this week. There is a vast array of apps in the Google store and this makes it quite difficult for you to determine the best due to over excitement. Here is the perfect solution to your problems on the best apps to download.

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Top 5 Android Apps for 4th week October 2015

1. Fire Screen Prank
This is one of the top funniest apps for you in this 4th week of October. This is an animation app that simulates a realistic flame just for fun. This app is more realistic since any place you touch on the screen there is a fire effect showing up. This app is equipped with amazing graphics and a perfect background of transparent and black ones .This simulated app allows you to set background of your wall paper in the screen. This amazing app is downloaded for free in the Google play store. This is actually one of the top prank apps for joking to your friends.
2. Garden photo frames
Are you a nature photo fanatic? Then here the top app for you to use in your phone. This app allows you to customize your pictures by surrounding them with beautiful natural frames of forest or lawns .This app allows you to capture the images using your camera directly before inserting them in a frame .You can also add cations and crop your images .After this you can also share your beautifully framed images in the social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
3. AppLock Theme-Super Car
If you really love automobiles then here is a chance to transfer your passion to your smartphone with this excellent app. This is a personalization app that allows you to protect your phone from annoying snoopers .Having equipped with stunning graphics of the most top luxurious auto motives its actually the best app for you in this last week of October. This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store.
4. Ghost Photo Maker
This is also another photography app to make you pictures look amazing and fantastic .This app allows you to create imaginative shadow images for your photos beside you in the same photo. The created image actually looks like a spirit of yourself. This app is also amazing to be used as a prank again your friends .This app is downloaded for free in the Google play store.
5. Sex Power Scanner Prank.
The sex power scanner prank is a sex prank app for you this last week of October. This will actually make your friends laugh all day due to its amazing features and roles .This app detects people’s sex ability by use of a fingerprint scanner. It rates them very bad, bad, good and excellent. This is just a joke app to make your day be filled with a lot of fun. This app is also downloaded for free in the Google play store