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Although Pokémon go wasn’t able to run its magic on the small screen due to lack of some serious features at first but Niantic later on released the updated version of Pokémon go where you could find all the major features present in the original version of the game. Although it made the gameplay more fun but meanwhile Pokémon go became tougher too which resulted in the quitting of this game by their own fan base. If you don’t want be among that portion of the fan base, you better start following our teachings here.

Getting free PokéCoins:
The players of Pokémon go worldwide are ready to pay for the main currency of Pokémon go .i.e. PokéCoins, Having enough PokéCoins lets you buy different items like you can get incubators to help you hatch multiple eggs, get more lure modules, potions, storage space, incense and much more.

People usually don’t get the good feeling about paying in these micro transactions for gaming purposes but the case is different when we are talking about Pokémon go, Niantic still reportedly makes 2 million each day from Pokémon go. But we are aware of the people like ourselves around us who want the best things for free because of the tight budget, let us tell you the way you can be at the top of this game without having to pay anything at all. You also wont need to worry about getting banned and stuff because it is legal., what we are doing here.

The only fair means to get unlimited free PokéCoins is to make use of rewarding apps like FreeMyApps These rewarding applications send free gifts certificates to the servers of Playstore / App store thus making it possible for you to get your hands on the micro transactions within any game or get any paid app for free.

These apps make you try the apps they are showing on screen for 30 seconds and you are getting free PokéCoins. This procedure is totally legal so you wont have to worry about getting banned and besides that you don’t need to do jail breaking or rooting stuff.

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We totally understand how hard and challenging it is to reach a desirable position in Pokémon go and factually speaking fellas nowadays find it easy to break up with their girlfriend than to break up with the Pokémon go gameplay. Well it isn’t easy to catch a Pokémon and then raise it! This game is some much enjoying to the worldwide players that even rapid battery drain caused by this game goes unnoticed.You don’t need to worry about transferring your Pokémon go account to a new iPhone because it is pretty straight forward process and we’ll guide you step by step while you do so ( not trying to babysit you but!).

Pokemon Go iOS
In order to transfer tour account first of all you will need to know which account you have used when you firstly signed up with Pokémon go on your iPhone. You can easily find it in the settings of the Pokémon go game.
1. Open Pokémon go on your iPhone.
2. Look down at the bottom of you screen, you’ll see a pokéball at the bottom center, tap on it.
3. In the top right corner of you display, tap on the settings icon.
4. That’s it! Make a few scrolls down the page and you will find your singed in account on top of the sign out option.
Now that you know the email you used to sign up for the Pokémon go account, you can access you game progress from any device now by using this email ID because all you game data is saved in a cloud. Follow the steps shown below to do so.

1. Open the App store on your iPhone.
2. Look for the Pokémon go, download and install it.
3. After you get it on your phone, open it.
4. Now sign in to Pokémon go by using your google account or Pokémon go trainer club account.
That’s it! Now enjoy the Pokémon go on your new iPhone.

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There is not scarcity of reasons to transfer your Pokémon go to a new Android Phone. While most of the people do it because of the rapid Bartlett drain that this game causes but some people also have to change the phone because what could be left of the phone which gets thrown into rivers, lakes and ponds.Anyways the good news is that you can transfer your Pokémon go account any other new Android Smartphone no matter if your old phone was an iPhone or an Android phone. The easiest way to do it is the steps given below.

pokemon-go-androidTransfer Pokemon Go to Android Phone

Every Pokémon go account is either associated with Google or Pokémon trainer club account. You only need to log in into either of these accounts in order to continue playing your game.
If your Pokémon go account is associated with Google account, follow these simple steps:
1. Open Pokémon go on your new Smartphone.
2. Under “sign up with” tap on the Google option.
3. Enjoy your Pokémon Go with your existing google ID.

In case you’ve used Pokémon trainer club to create your Pokémon account, you need to follow these simple steps:
1. Open Pokémon go on your Android device.
2. Under” sign up with” tap on the Pokémon trainers club.
3. Enter your username and password you used on your old Smartphone when signing up.
4. Enjoy the game from where you left it.

Sometimes while logging in to your older account you accidentally create a new account on a new Google ID. If that is the matter here, it can be solved via following steps:
1. Tap on the Poké Ball present at the bottom center.
2. Click on Settings.
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Sign Out.
4. Insert the correct login information under Sign up with.

Niantic has made it easy to transfer Pokémon Go account from one Smartphone to another. So that people can always stay connect d with their Poké monsters. They probably knew what was coming!

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Pokémon Go although is still far away from being in its perfect form where you are allowed to battle and trade but its fan base is still a huge one. It definitely counts among one of those games which flourished on Android platform within no time and why not, everyone loves Pokémon’s.
Want to learn some professional tips and tricks which will let you go big on Pokémon go, we’re here for that.

 What is Pokémon go plus:
Nintendo is offering a Pokémon Go Plus peripheral devices which lets you achieve more on Pokémon go without having to regularly open the game in order to make your steps count. You can keep this peripheral open at anyplace and it will automatically count the steps you’ve taken while carrying your Smartphone, you only need to tether it with your phone via Bluetooth.

Popular areas possess better PokéStops:
You should always tag yourself at better PokéStops which you can find at popular cities. If you want the best from that blue rectangular stop on the map you should always check in on the busier places however you can also find something interesting on the unknown locations.
Playing at different times of the day:
It has been researched that different factors are involved in the visibility of different types of Pokémon’s during a day among which time is the important one. At different times of a day you will come face to face with different Pokémon’s so always remember to play in in a regular timely fashion.
Custom naming your Pokémon:
Pokémon go has retained this feature from the original version thus letting you rename the Pokémon just when you catch it or you can do it later by going into the Pokémon section and editing your monsters.
Trade in duplicates for better rewards:
You don’t need to keep a single type of Pokémon in duplicate copies but instead you can trade it to Professor Willow and receive candy which you can use to evolve your Pokémon and get yourself a stronghold.
It is important to collect duplicates too:
You should always catch duplicates as well not because you have to keep them in your Pokédex but because of the candy you are getting from Professor Willow in return, it is very essential to get candy for evolution purposes.
Wondering where from can get Pokémon Go Game from?
Its already available in Google Play store for Android users and in App store for iOS fans but there are a lot of countries still on the map which are yet to receive official version of Pokémon Go in their play store and people from those countries can also play Pokémon Go by downloading the .apk file from any third party website but due to regular updates, downloading the game every time could be hectic at times.