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We all like to live in an own childhood in that magical time. This application does the same it helps in reviving our past digitally on our IOS and ANDROID phones, tablets and on the web and helps us to live in our past. The author’s goal was to collect everyone’s childhood memories and keeping them, well, forever. Keepy is an intergenerational platform that redefines the way families share and save memories by allowing them to create a private playlist filled with photos, artwork, schoolwork, and mementos enhanced with audio and video commentary. Keepy has created a platform for uploading and tagging those items, putting it all in what Keepy calls a Memory Playlist. This application helps us to upload our childhood in the form of pictures, artworks, videos, schoolwork, mementos, kids games, games for kids and more. This app provides opportunities to tag images, add personalize message and mails these to all the relatives and loved ones via email for their likes and comments. Keepy solves the problem that most of our family faces by storing their comment images, tags on cloud for future access. The thought of this app itself makes it a must download application. The product launched a little more than a month ago, but Keepy has already attracted more than 50,000 parents and family members to the platform. Those users are not just uploading and sharing photos, videos, and other mementos — they are also responding to the items that are added. It is an interactive scrapbook of our child’s past.

Keepy Kids Art Photos Love

About the application:

The application looks are kept simple for use. The interface is good attracts everyone to it. The application provides different tools used for enhancing the images, also comments and video interface is good. To store the personalize memory playlist it uses a drop box, thus making accesses simple and fast. The application helps to add recorded voice of parents or kids to tell the story behind that memory and records the reaction, which adds the emotional element to it making this application a fun to use. This app is connected to Facebook so that you can share it as your post.


This application is available on both iOS and Android stores. In iOS it requires 7.0 or later versions of OS and works smoothly on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and has a very good customer rating. The size of this application is 17Mb. On Android stores it requires 2.2 and above software versions and rating on Android is good as well. The size of this application is 11Mb.The software is free on both iOS and Android stores for 31 data’ per month on the timeline then there are nominal charges. The product launched a little more than a month ago, but Keepy has already attracted more than 50,000 parents and family members to the platform and count is still growing.

Download Keepy: Kids’ Art, Photos, Love for Android
Download Keepy: Kids’ Art, Photos, Love for iOS

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Photography is an excellent field to explore for studying. Photography is a vast field, getting to the depth of this is seriously an interesting thing to note. The color combination, lens setting, background setting, aperture and many more are things the basic things to start with Photography tutorials. But how about getting an application that will help you with basic effects and tools.
Photo Studio an android application will help you to build a quality of good photographers. This application is used by not only an amateur photographer, but also by professional photographers to create a powerful image processing

Photo studio

Turning to this application is not a bad idea. This is fantastic and perfect app to choose for to get editing studio just on your Smartphone. You can simply edit your images by tuning on different features or adding a different look with the help of this application. Loading this application will land you with several advantages:

  • This provides a sketch filter which is a famous tool used by professional photographer to get the unique look.
  • There are several tools you can play with like adjusting auto-level, Sharpening, Area-Auto-Levels, and Blurring out particular zone or red-eye correction.
  • Adding a title on the photo, with the required style of font, color and many more.
  • You can apply all these features on any image from your gallery. You can also save particular images in three different sizes: small, Normal or large.

This also includes Lens boost. Setting a frame on particular photo is a common idea, but this application allows you same, with different theme. It provides you set of different frames like festival frames, valentine frames, holiday special and many more.

There are more and more valuable features to list on, but surely getting this app on my list is done. How can one miss such beautiful app? Now , if you are planning to download then yes, just a click will help you to download this wonderful Photo studio app.
Download for Android
Download for Windows

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Nokia is bang- on dude! Seriously nothing can hit this close on creativity just as Nokia has done. Nokia with its Lumia series are all set to create total buzz with the launch of Nokia Lumia 1020. From past five –six years Nokia is advertising their product all together in a different way. Nokia Lumia 1020 ad shows you don’t need martial arts to get the perfect photo. This may sound totally funny. But true, their new add illustrate this idea. It’s been known to people that it requires years and years of practice to become a master in martial arts and photography. This humorous add in UAE of Nokia Lumia 1020 shows that you need to get yourself trained in martial arts

Nokia 1020

As with this it illustrates that, in order to grab first row to click better photos you need to know martial arts to handle other people and manage yourself through rush. Isn’t this funny? Well you can imagine yourself struggling through the crowd just to grab an image without distorting the resolution of the picture through lesser zoom capacity. But this advertisement portrays using Nokia Lumia 1020 will solve your all such issue.

Damn true! Nokia Lumia 1020 sports main camera sensor with 41 Megapixel with Pure-view. It has got Xenon type of flash with 11.43 cm of the display screen. The display screen has super sensitive touch with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. This Smartphone is truly smart by its rich features. The memory section is too good. This phone provides 2-GB of RAM with 32-GB of mass storage. It also provides 7-GB of cloud computing storage that none other phone promises to give. Nokia are all set to create buzz in the market with different tactics either it may be with classy features giving the tough competition in the market or it may be creative advertising ideas.