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There has been a rapid rise in the smartphone technological levels that why the Chinese company was never left out with its amazing products that are now trending on offer this September. This September you should not be left out also grab this opportunity of offers and acquire yourself wonderful XIAMI phone of high quality and amazing features. Having this large discounts on its product it’s definitely easy for you to acquire a smartphone and enjoy the best world of smartphones at a cheaper price.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

  1. Performance

This phone is equipped with an Android OS of 5.1 lollipop 4G Phablet. In addition to this it hast a Helio X10 64 bit Octa processor running at 2.0GHz.It also has a GPU of powerVR G6200.This boosts its performances giving a very wonderful experience in launching of apps. This processor also enables you to run any latest and new apps in android .This actually a phone you won’t wait to own. What a powerful hardware. If you are a hardcore game lover then this is the phone to own.

  1. Display

This phone has got a tantalizing large display that is very eye catching with a screen of 5.5 inch. Having equipped with 1920*1080 (FHD) screen of 400 PPi which is the latest technology in screen display it absolutely gives you an eye catching display. This display allows you to scroll and swipe on the screen perfectly giving you a wonderful and ecstatic feeling.

  1. Storage

This phone has got standard edition storage capacities of 2GB ROM and 16 GB ROM .This capacity is large enough to allow store your files. This storage is also best and required to improve its performance in terms of launching and closing of apps.

If you are selfie lover then this is the phone to own this September. This phone comes with a dual camera: the front camera of 5.0 MP and rear camera of 13 MP. Its images are of high quality and also very clear. There you can capture any of your best moments in life with this phone. This phone also allows you to take videos of high quality.

  1. Connectivity

It has got powerful connectivity of 2G, 3G and 4G.This is a strong connectivity allowing you to access the internet in the fastest way possible. This is also compatible to any WIFI signal. Its Bluetooth is also powerful with a 4.0 version allowing you to transfer files from one device to another in the fastest way. It has got also the GPS connectivity features of GLONASS version for you. Another feature is the powerful sensors which are of a wide variety such gravity sensors, Gyroscope sensors and ambient light sensor.

  1. Price

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 16 GB – Buy in $159.99 Coupon Code RedMi16GB

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 32 GB – Buy in $179.99 Coupon Code RedMi32GB

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Rooting is a process to allow the users of smartphones, tablets and other similar devices installed with Android operating system to customize or replace application system and set it as per their aspirations. It gives consumers special privilege of access to specialized applications and to accomplish tasks which are non-accessible to general users.

Lenovo K3 Note k50-t5

Unrooting is reverse process to rooting which brings back the phone to previous state and avail its warranty back which becomes invalid after the device has been rooted.

With rooting one can have benefit to install custom ROM’s which can alter the colors of applications, menu and much more.  It rewards the users through providing custom themes, cool applications, increase speed and battery life, improved performance and ability to back up the device.  In brief it offers a packet of altogether different experience to the consumer. With all these benefits, sometimes there are certain threats which can come along like certain virus, Trojans, worms etc. especially when the phone is not protected through antivirus.


Both of the features to root and unroot the device have its own pros and cons. It is basically as per requirement of an individual who decides for what will suffice their wishes in best way.

Process to Root Lenovo K3 Note

  1. There is super handy application available with name Super- Root.apk which can be downloaded from this link + Click) to follow the link.  You can also opt for tutorials to learn how to download the app easily through link  which will shed your brain efforts.
  2. Connect the device to your laptop by using USB cable.
  3. Now copy the app Super- Root.apk to your Secure Digital (SD) card.
  4. After copying it, disconnect the device from laptop.
  5. Take your device and choose the menu follow it with settings and security and then enable the unknown sources option.
  6. Open the file manager app on the device with you and install the app which you copied earlier to this device some time ago.
  7. As soon as the app is installed, launch it from App Drawer.
  8. Select SuperSU from the first drop down menu.
  9. Select exploit, tap it on the application.
  10. Now application will start rooting your device which will take few minutes to complete.
  11. Reboot the device once it is completely rooted.
  12. You have successfully completed it. Your device has been rooted and SuperSU app will be shown in your device application drawer.

Process to UnRoot Lenovo K3 Note

The procedure to unroot is similar to rooting it except few changes and the application you have to install to unroot the device.

  1. The application you need to install is with name Super- Unroot.apk which can be downloaded from this link You can also opt for tutorials to learn how to download the app easily through link to do effortlessly.
  2. Connect the device to your laptop by using USB cable.
  3. Now copy the app Super- Unroot.apk to your Secure Digital (SD) card.
  4. After copying it, disconnect the device from laptop.
  5. Take your device and choose the menu follow it with settings and security and then enable the unknown sources option.
  6. Open the file manager app on the device with you and install the app which you copied earlier to this device some time ago.
  7. As soon as the app is installed, launch it from App Drawer.
  8. Click on button marked with “Temp.unroot(keeps backup). Now the phone is temporarily unrooted. If you want to do it permanently click on “delete su backup” button. To restore click on “Restore root” whenever you want to get root back.

As there are more than a billion Android users in the world, there are varying expectations of users. Opting for rooting can definitely take an user through a roller coaster ride of experiences in a different world. But one definitely needs to be aware of malicious viruses. If you are not relishing the new experience you can simply unroot your device by using the above steps to get all notifications and warranty back and get to the previous system.
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Elephone P7000

The lone chance to grab best featured phablet at an amazing price is here. You can cart the Elephone P7000 phablet from at just 229.99 USD currently available for pre order. You can roam around this cool place called gear best and find perfect gadgets for your use whether it is accessories, flashlights, Smartphone’s or projectors. Every best and exotic gadget finds its home at Elephone P7000 houses a 5.5 inch FHD display providing resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. It is factory installed with Android v5.0 Lollipop OS operating on an octa core MediaTek processor clocked at 1.7GHz coupled with 3GB RAM and Mali- T760 GPU. Elephone P7000 houses a 13MP primary camera along with 5MP front snapper for video calling and selfie shooting in the best possible way. This Smartphone provides onboard internal storage capacity of 16GB which can be expanded up to 32GB via SD card.

Elephone P7000

Connectivity, Availability, Shipping
In case of network and connectivity Elephone P7000 is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks while as connectivity modes include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. This Smartphone can last more than a day with its 3450 mAh battery. Elephone P7000 is equipped with all the sensing elements necessary for day to day activities which include gravity sensor, proximity sensor, gesture sensor, etc.

Elephone P7000

Elephone P7000 isn’t bound to any regional limits but it can be put into use in any corner of the world as it supports diverse languages namely English, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Espanola, Pilipino, Netherlands, Polish, Portuguese, Romana, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Thai, Korean and much more. This Smartphone is available in black, champagne and white colours, so you can choose your favourite one. Thus a person with any supported language needs can use this cheap and highly configured phablet on the hood.

Elephone P7000

Besides this, provides best shopping services, you can cart this Smartphone now and your payment will be transacted within few days and your Smartphone will get safely dispatched. If you are worried about the quality of this Smartphone, then you should know that Elephone P7000 is build of best quality materials which makes this Smartphone highly durable to accidental drops. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t like to waste such highly configured Smartphone that’s why you are recommended to insulate this Smartphone by applying tampered glass protector on the display and hard case for the body and that’s all free from us.

elephone p7000

Hardware Specification
Considering the figures, Elephone P7000 has got the perfectly minted processing core which is able to run heavy apps and games with ease especially multitasking with such an efficient chipset is really a joy to watch. The display of this Smartphone is huge enough besides being high definition to make you fully entertain yourself whether it’s about watching a movie or playing high definition games.

You can enjoy the best quality photography in this phablet with its 16MP primary camera providing clear enough shots to make your day besides its 5MP front shooter is there to keep you up to date with the trending selfie world. You can store lot of stuff in its 16GB internal storage but if it’s less for your unlimited needs, you can easily expand it further for your use. The last but the best thing about Elephone P7000 is its mammoth battery which it strictly needs to run its large display and highly configured processor for all day and it has been rightly provided with great battery backup.

Discount Link
To get the heavy discount on Elephone P7000 insert the coupon code EP7000 on the website available at a price of 197.89 USD only. Buy Now" href="" target="_blank">Buy Now


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After the dominant and successful contribution to the midrange Smartphone market by the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi last year, they have all over again attained a great sales count for their Xiaomi Mi Note boasting an energetic configuration. The success has given rise to the rival Chinese Smartphone manufacture Meizu to eye over the Asian market especially India, which is already flooded by Xiaomi. However Xiaomi has got the competition straight with the release Meizu M1 Note by the opponent also boasting some awesome stuff. So, let’s dissect these Smartphone’s in detail and check out which one is the best out of the two. It’s definitely going to be an interesting face off between these two Smartphone’s, both aimed at providing premium specifications and ordinary pricing. Let’s get them into the action.

Meizu M1 Note vs Xiaomi Mi Note

1. Design and Display: In case of design, Meizu M1 Note is a direct mimic of iPhone 5c more evidently visible because of the circular button at the lower base and a typical iPhone candy bar design. However durability is good because of its uni body design and ceramic grip of the back panel. It flaunts a 5.5inches IGZO display providing resolution of 1080*1920pixels and pixel density of 403ppi. However Xiaomi Mi Note is build of corning Gorilla Glass 3 back panel known for its durability. It flaunts a 5.7inches IPS LCD display with resolution of 1080 pixels and pixel density of 386ppi. The figures clearly indicate that Xiaomi Mi Note is a bit bigger however Meizu M1 Note features few more pixels. Overall it remains a tie here and both the options are option for a buyer because there’s a quite good balance between these Smartphone’s.

2. Performance: Meizu M1 Note ships with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat pre-installed operating on an octa core Mediatek processor clocked at 1.7GHz accompanied by 2GB RAM and Mali-T760 GPU. Xiaomi Mi Note on the other hand comes with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on a Quad core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz coupled with 3GB RAM and Adreno 330 GPU. Both the opponents run on same operating system but Xiaomi Mi Note is clocked at higher speed as compared to Meizu M1 Note and also has got an extra gigabyte of RAM. Although being octa core can make Meizu M1 work well, but the efficiency and application running endurance will still be elevated in Xiaomi Mi Note.

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3. Camera clarity: Both the Smartphone’s are provided with same 13MP rear camera along with dual LED flash but Meizu M1 Note features 5MP front shooter unlike Xiaomi Mi Note which has got 4MP front shooter. Here Meizu has gone steps beyond Xiaomi in selfie revolution by providing an extra megapixel in Meizu M1 Note. However it may not make a big difference to the majority of the audience because difference is negligible.

4. Storage: Meizu M1 Note is seen in two variants with 16GB and 32GB internal storage capacities. Unlike Meizu M1 Note, Xiaomi Mi Note is provided with 16B and 64GB internal storage variants. 16GB variants being identical but the capacity is much vast in higher variant of Xiaomi Mi Note. This is a good step by Xiaomi because SD card compatibility option is not available neither in Xiaomi Mi Note or in Meizu M1 Note.

5. Battery Endurance: This is also one of the most essential factor in Phablet styled Smartphone’s because the drainage is high due to bigger display along with premium processing, so providing these Smartphone’s with better battery backup is must. Meizu M1 Note has been packed with a 3140mAh battery while as Xiaomi Mi Note houses a 3000mAh battery. Overall both the Smartphone’s will provide a good battery backup with an expectation of a bit extra talk time in Meizu M1 Note.

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This epic battle has left us to the conclusion that both Smartphone’s are packed with awesome configuration. Xiaomi Mi Note while exceeding in performance is taken down by the extra megapixel and battery provided in Meizu M1 Note. So, we can say that in case Xiaomi Mi Note 64 GB variant is a tough gaming boss with a gigantic storage provided with performance. However Meizu Mi Note is also good for day to day gaming experience but might not overpower Xiaomi Mi Note in this section. Thus, Xiaomi Mi Note is recommended for gaming and heavy data storage. However both the Smartphone’s are exceptionally good as far as needs of a common person is concerned which involve playing of few famous games, music and web surfing However you should consider Meizu M1 Note if you are a hardcore selfie lover but the camera difference is too minute take seriously and ignore the power of Snapdragon.

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Kobian has recently released an exceptionally priced phablet with an exceptional price suiting Asian market. This phablet has been released under range of Mercury line up under the name of Mercury Glitz. This 240 grams weighing phablet flaunts a huge 6 inch IPS display with resolution of 960×540 pixels. Its dual core Mediatek processor is clocked at an outstanding speed of 1.3 GHz. The internal memory of Mercury Glitz is 8 GB while rest of the Phablets under this range have merely got 4 GB internal storage out of which less than a half gig is available to a user.

Kobian Mercury Glitz

So, this is the right choice made by the developers and must be appreciated. The storage capacity is expandable up to 32 GB via micro SD card. The 5 MP primary camera and 0.3 MP front camera comprises of its camera combination. Besides these specifications, it is also compatible with 3G network and for connectivity options, WIFI, latest Bluetooth v4.0 and GPS is present. The battery backup of this Smartphone is also going to be fabulous with its 2000 mAh battery. The best thing about this Smartphone is its attractive price tag of around Rs. 8000. This Smartphone is just the mimic of Doodle 3. The only thing upgraded is its screen resolution and Bluetooth v4.0 is used where as v3 is present in Doodle 3. It still lags a little from Doodle 3 in battery backup which has got a 2500 mAh battery providing a delightful battery backup. The one more thing upgraded here is 8 GB internal storage which is just 4 GB in case of Doodle 3 phablet priced almost at identical rate. The use of 1 GB RAM instead of 512 MB has always proven beneficial for every developer eventually.

The example of Doodle 3 latter being embedded with 1 GB RAM is enough to support this statement. Nokia Lumia 520 and 525 are also the example of RAM up gradation after launch. So, the move of 1 GB RAM is worth admiring. If you want a good storage and faster Bluetooth connectivity, then you should go for this Phablet because it has got highly great specification priced so low. But if you want enhanced battery backup then Doodle 3 will be the right choice because this 6 inch massive screen needs a powerful battery to keep it running for effective time. So, far it can be said that Micromax has got a competitor in their cheap phablet producing range. This phablet is going to be a great kick start to produce whole new range of huge affordable Smartphone’s which could be in reach of every Asian emerging fellows.

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It looks like the occasion has come to welcome a newbie of Samsung Mega family. Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be hitting the market soon according to sources. The great share of Android users has gone addicted of using bigger screens from the past few years. With the motive of creating their bigger than every Smartphone Screen, Samsung has implanted a massive 5.9inch screen in Samsung Galaxy Mega 2. Along with this massive size, this display will be an HD display with screen resolution of 720*1280pixels. This Smartphone is going to be the new innovation of Samsung possessing a 64bit processor along with Quad core Snapdragon 410 clocked at 1.2GHz.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2


Well, no matter the processor has been improved but there should have been a good quantity of improvement in its speed. A large number, this 1.2GHz processor is just an average thing for a Smartphone under these criteria. The best part of the surprise is that the rumours have been saying that this Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be installed with Android L platform. But some of the reports suggest that it will be launched with Android 4.4.3 Kit Kat. Whether this operating system or the Android L, it’s going to be something fresh and unseen. Besides these spectacular features, Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 will be having 8GB of inbuilt storage and 2GB of RAM. In this high specification Smartphone, 8GB memory looks fishy. At least 16GB could have done a far better job. Android always chokes when it comes to internal memory that’s its main problem while as rest of the Operating systems have left this issue far behind.

However 2GB of RAM feels good in coupling with a 64bit Quad core processor. The camera has been rightly housed in this massive giant. It is alleged to have 12MP primary camera and 4.7MP front shooter. The 12MP camera is a right choice for this Smartphone but its an extremely appreciable move from Samsung to use 4.7MP front camera. Otherwise majority of Smartphone’s possess either 2MP or 0.3MP front shooter. This 2MP is average but doest tastes good at times. Also with increasing technology and features, specifications also need to be maximised. There’s no fun in getting stuck at a particular specifications and it’s essential to change the trend with time.

The vast range of sensors is also present which include accelerometer, barometer, gyro meter, compass, proximity sensor, light sensor, etc. It still remained mystery, whether this Smartphone will be made compatible with 4G or not. However rest of the connectivity options are made available on this Smartphone just like the other models. These include Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and NFC. This Smartphone’s future looks directly trapped in the hands of Google. If they would made Android L available for Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 then it will be a great hit in the market otherwise it’s just going to act like a normal Smartphone with a bigger display. Just like the Sources said, it is going it be a low end variant of Galaxy Note.

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Asus announced its Fonepad FHD6 recently, it’s a hybrid work as a phone as well as a tablet, its product line that has been explored by few manufactures. Asus has been an innovator and leading manufacture it comes naturally to them to venture into it.

The Fonepad is a 6.0 phablet with 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution at 367 ppi density with a super ips LCD capacitive display with a full HD display the phablet surely is easy on the eyes. The phone runs on an Intel Atom Z2560 dual core processor and is powered by a PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU. There only a few phones that have Intel runs on them. The phablet comes in with a 8 GB or 16 GB inbuilt option along with an expandable memory slot along with a stylus this time unlike the previous version of the Fonepad . With a 2 GB Ram along with an Android version 4.2 jelly bean the fonepad is able to meet most of the needs of the modern day users.

Asus Fonepad Note FHD6

The Fonepad does not support LTE given the global trend and intense competition any advantage that can be used helps the product sales. The Fonepad has a 8 MP camera in the front capable of shooting at 720p at 30 fps and a secondary front facing camera at 1.2 MP, obviously the standard is maintained by adding Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC.
It is an interesting product line, we shall keep an eye out for such products review it fully in detail as it becomes available.

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Micromax Canvas HD Pro A120 Phone
Micromax Canvas HD Pro A120 is big display screen phablet design which can use mobile as a phone as well as a tablet. It possess 5.5 inch full HD resolution display, this phone may attract buyers who looking for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or LG Optimus G Pro but budget is too high . It offers 13 mega pixels of rear shooter and 3.2megapixels of front facing camera. It runs on 2 GHZ quad-core Cortex A7 CPU, PowerVR Series 5XT GPU and 2 gigs of RAM. Inbuilt with 8 gigs of memory and SD card slot for expandable memory up to 64 gigs. May use of Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. This phone or phablet will be the best alternative for expensive big screen phones.

Micromax Canvas HD Pro A120

Micromax Canvas HD Pro A120 Price
20000 INR

Micromax Canvas HD Pro A120 Specification

  • Display Size: 5.5 Inch
  • Resolution: 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • Operating System: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • Processor: 2 GHZ quad-core Cortex A7
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Primary Camera: 13 Megapixels
  • Rear Camera: 3.2 Megapixles
  • Battery: 3000 mAh

Micromax Canvas HD Pro A120 Release Date
28th of June 2013