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Cometdocs provides you with an incredible platform that allows you to manage all your documents at once. This is one of the web apps that has transformed the way people do handle their documents at the moment making it easier for one to manage his/her documents at anytime and anywhere as long as you have some internet connections. With Cometdocs there is no need for you have a flash drive, hard drives and even empty DVDs for storage of data. Also with Cometdocs your documents are highly secured since they are not prone to lose or destruction physically. Here are the amazing services at the Cometdocs web app.


Cometdocs allows you to convert your documents from one form to another. You can convert your documents from PDF to Excel and from Excel to PDF for easy storage purposes using the pdf to excel converter. The PDF converter also allows you to convert your documents from other formats such as Word, PNG, PowerPoint, etc. to PDF and vice versa on any smartphone Android or iOS. This app makes it very easy for you to share documents from one form to another. The conversion of this documents from one form to another is made very easy for storage and sharing. The converter can be accessed online through the Cometdocs online file Converter. It can also be accessed when you download the desktop app. You can also download the free pdf converter from the web app since it will also play a critical role in converting your files before storage.

Cometdocs web app also provides you with a fantastic platform that allows you to share the most important documents that you have stored to many people. This is done on the transfer tab section. All the documents that you want to share are being stored in the nitro cloud. There is no limit on the number of people you can transfer the files too.

It’s free to sign up with Cometdocs web app, though we have got different plans on the services that we do offer. Our Subscriptions are always made monthly, semi-annually, annually and lifetime. The pricing on our plans are pocket-friendly allowing you to enjoy our services at the lowest price possible. Here are some of the services that you might be paying for when you sign up with us regardless of which plan you select.

If you subscribe to us, you will be given a 10GB Online Storage capacity with the nitro cloud. The largest size limit that you can store with that is 1 GB. This also allows you to share your documents, manage your documents. You will also have multiple uploads of up to 50. Some of the advantages can be checked on our site. On the other hand side, our free membership plan limits you a lot of enjoying benefits.

Our payments methods are highly secured thus no one can access your credentials information. We do value our clients so much, and we always look to delivering high-quality services to you. With us, there will be no worries of losing your data.

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Scanning documents and passing through an OCR process is a long and slow process, now you can make use of shortcut, you can make use of your powerful Android phone and can quickly scan and OCR documents with your phone’s camera.

It will be really helpful if you might need to come across with many business cards, pamphlets and other piece of paper so no need to save them you can make use of your phone and scan them.

Google Drive

Your Android phone’s camera is not provided with any OCR a capability so only you can do is take a click on your photo and save it on your phone. To perform OCR or to store documents into PDF you need to search for the specialized app.

Google Drive is one of the best apps made by Google which has many features to use. Google drive will help you to save your all the data in the desired format as Google drive has integrated document-scanning and OCR capabilities. Click the picture of the document and save it on Google drive and it will be saved as PDF and you can make use of Google’s server to perform OCR on that particular document.

You will have to open the drive app on your Android phone and now open its menu and then go to Add New option. There you need to tap the Scan option to scan and upload the document. In simple manner you can also add a Drive widget to your home screen and then tap the camera icon provided on it and this will open scan interface.

You will now see the scanner interface so there you need to point your camera towards document and now you can tap the button to scan. With the help of this app your clicked document will be extracted by the Google drive and is saved separately as PDF file and allows you to edit this document before saving.


You can also make use of other app like Evernote, most of the users are really comfortable with the Evernote apps, this app is also provided with new features like scanning a document. You can make use of this app to scan a document with your phone and save the document in PDF format. You can also save it in Evernote account so that you can login and access it from anywhere. Evernote is also provided with OCR features with the help of this you can search your scanned documents.

Works same like on Google Drive, you need to open the app and then tap the ‘+’ button and select the option on Page camera. Align the page properly and click the button to scan it. With the Evernote’s interface it is easy to scan the multiple documents and attach them to a single note without leaving scanner interface.

Other Apps

All the apps provided in the Play store can convert the document into the PDF file but the only problem is OCR of the document.

Most of the effective apps for this purpose is paid apps but if you need a proper app then refer to Scan to PDF free app  this is a free and good app which has no advertisements associated with it. It will allow you to quickly click the document and will be saved as PDF, but you will have to take care of editing the document. This app is very fast and reliable if you need to scan the document and take a print of PDF file.

These are few apps available to scan your document and turn it into PDF file and take an appropriate print of the document. Try out these apps and turn your Android phone into a portable scanner.