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Last few months we heard about not so good rise of Samsung. But this time, Samsung is all set to expand its Smartphone line-up. In last few months, Samsung started to work on its brand new line-up A-series, J-series and E-series. Two member Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5 were first two product to start the A-series.
The E-series of Smartphone will also make public appearance soon. Samsung Galaxy E5 and Samsung Galaxy E7 are two-mid range Smartphone soon to release. Still a precise release date and price is not available. The J-line Smartphone named Samsung Galaxy J1 is also set to make public appearance this very year. Seems like this year, Samsung have planned hard to release brilliant products.

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An interesting piece of news arrived on our doors recently, Samsung have patented A-series, J-Series and E-series. Wonder, what has been planned by Samsung’s team?
Samsung Galaxy E3 will be a high-end Smartphone with brilliant features, While Samsung Galaxy E5 will be a low-range Smartphone, a smaller sibling of Samsung Galaxy E3. The J-series too will spread its wings with more and more Smartphones like Galaxy J5, J3 and J7.These all Smartphone will be stuffed with brilliant design, features and technical specifications. Its price, release date with detailed specifications is yet not released. But it’s all confirmed that Samsung have got copyright with its upcoming series. What do you think, what innovative idea Samsung will come up with this time?


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HTC was managed a gigantic blow today after a court decided that the HTC One Mini infringed one of Nokia’s patents and shouldn’t be sold in the UK. From December sixth, the Taiwanese mobile phone producer will successfully banned from stocking the handset in the UK. Nokia asked for an order on October 30 over European Patent number 0998024, which professedly blanket a wide number of HTC handsets that utilization Broadcom BCM4239, BCM4330, BCM4334, and Qualcomm WR1605 chips.
The court concurred that some, however not the sum of these chips infringeed the patents. Influenced devicees incorporate the HTC One, One Mini, One Max, HTC 8s and Desire 601. HTC contended that it might be cataclysmic in the event that it could no more offer the HTC One, its leader Android handset in the UK. The court acknowledged that a deals square might make HTC helpless between now and March one year from now, when it will reveal a successor to the HTC One, and has given the organization until December 6 to offer its choice.

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HTC planned and started it during an era when HTC knew it was confronting a case for infringement of the Patent. In short, the HTC One Mini was considered a period when HTC knew it was supposedly infringeing Nokia’s patents. This makes it a significantly more harming device than the more senior HTC One, which will be successfully ended one year from now. While the offer is pending, Bloomberg reports that HTC has consented to stop imports of the claimed items into the UK. In the event that HTC can’t win its bid – if it decide to submit one – its conceivable that a bigger number of devices will be vanishing from store.

Nokia had recently won a directive that implied HTC needed to modify its receiver inside the One, however this is a critical above and beyond. We’ve reached HTC and have been told that it will have more data to impart to us in the nearing hours, so stay tuned. We’ll upgrade when we hear more.

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In case guys u didn’t noticed already , several companies believe that there is demand for spectacles that do more than your normal display. Microsoft is already revisiting this idea , and now a design patent recently approved in South Korea indicates Samsung may have other wearable aspirations (shocker) beyond its relatively new Gear smart watch. It’s easy to draw comparisons to Google Glass when looking at the product.

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Referred as “sport glasses” in the patent , they offer mind blowing features such as integrated earphones to hear music, they can act as a hands-free for taking calls, and will display notifications while you’re doing exercise. All the above features are achieved by just pairing the lens with the smart phones and of course via a physical micro USB link . a word of advice for the companies who are making this is –it should be compatible with more than one smart phone.