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There are millions of android apps available in Google play store. Some apps are free and some are paid. The user is always in confusion whether to download the paid android app or the free one because he has no idea about anything. There is always a risk of downloading the paid app as it may not be as useful as the requirement. So, to reduce the risk user may install cracked paid apps.
Cracked paid Android apps are easily available on the internet and can be downloaded absolutely free. These apps are safe to use as it causes no harm to your smart phone. Some people think by downloading cracked apps, virus may enter the smart phone and cause serious problems, but they are wrong as no virus or infected files hit your smart phone by using these cracked android apps if you download it from a safer platform.
It’s better to download the cracked app from a reputed platform to enjoy the app and that too without any harm. Let’s have a look at some of the steps which can be used to get these cracked apps absolutely safe.

Android 4 Kitkat

Select platform for downloading required app:

There are many platforms available on the internet which help user to download cracked android app. Platforms like Black Mart, 4shared, etc. can be used by user to download the required app in .apk form. You can download.apk format file from your laptop or PC and then transfer it to your Smartphone.

There are thousands of platforms which allow users to download cracked version of the required app. To avoid any risk of infected files entering the phone download it from a reputed platform.

Open settings to seek permission

After you have transferred the .apk file format for your device, open settings on your phone, go to application tool and then tap on unknown sources. It will allow you the permission for installation of apps from non market applications.

Open file manager to install the app

Open the file manager and find .apk file. After finding the file, tap on it for its installation. Once the installation is completed, close the file manager and go to your home screen. Your required app will be installed and will be ready to use.

Android users can use a cracked version of the paid app to enjoy the application. This will help them to save money as the app will be installed on their phone without any payment. Many users download cracked paid app only and do not complaint about any harm. So, without any hesitation get cracked paid apps and enjoy them as much as you want.

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Android has a dedicated App store known as Google Play where you can get all the apps you need for your Android devices. Most of the apps are free, but some really amazing apps are paid as well where you have to pay a certain amount to download and use the app. So similarly there are some really amazing paid apps in the Google Play as well. So for the sole purpose as a guide for you as to which apps are really worth spending your money on, this is a compiled list of the top 10 paid apps on Google Play.

This picks are from our own perspective and we have tried to create a whole some group that caters to all kind of users in the Android Environment.

Top Ten Paid Apps on Google Play:

SwiftKey Keyboard:

SwiftKey Flow Keyboard

For all the texting and chatting fans out there, this is the best keyboard that you can get. Not only this keyboard has a good response to touch, but also has the best auto-correct and prediction among all the Android keyboards out there. This is the fastest learning keyboard that learns as you type and hence provides text predictions and word predictions as you keep typing and that too for over 60 languages. So you really don’t want to miss out on this if you are looking for an easy, breezy and fast typing experience.

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker:

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Poweramp is the best music player for Android ever. Apart from the fact that since it is paid hence has more features than any other music player available free of cost, but still it has way more features than maybe any other music player in the entire app store, be it paid or free. It supports all the popular music playback formats and also some more which are not so common but are still there. Secondly it also has a range of equalizer which is maybe the biggest and most detailed equalizer ever.

Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run OZ

This game is the continuation of the popular title, Temple run and now has come out for its fourth edition which is a paid app and hence has more than any other Temple Run. For starters, this Temple Run: Oz is actually something like Temple Run meets Wizards of Oz. The path here is out good old yellow brick road where you run from the devil as far as you can to safety for your life picking up power-ups as you go. The graphics of this game is also amazing and this will be some good money spent on your part for an amazing game.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted:

Need for speed most wanted

One of the most popular console and PC gaming titles has now come in its full form to Android and we are quite disappointed that it is a paid app. But still it is an amazing game with one of the best game-play and graphics for mobile and you sure will not at all feel bad about spending those bucks for this game as they surely will be money well spent on this.

Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root:

Titanium Backup PRO Key root

We have many apps for backups, but this app blows them all off. For a single reason that there are just so many features in this single app that if you read the list, you might require a full 5 minutes to go through it and 15 more to recheck if you did not miss any. But you can always check what all it does on the Google Play. For now in short this is the best app to take backups of your data from your Android device which includes contacts, SMS, MMS, Apps, etc.

Nova Launcher Prime:

Nova Launcher Prime

This is one amazing launcher for your Android devices. Though this is supported for Android 4.0 ICS onwards, but nowadays no one is using anything below ICS today so that is not an issue at all. This launcher has some really amazing features that no custom launchers or even manufacturer overlays can give you like Drawer Groups, Folders in App Drawer, Unlimited custom tabs, Organize apps into tabs and folders in the app drawers. There are many more features but these are some highlights. You really wouldn’t mind the money spend on this app for what you are getting.

Mobile Antivirus Security PRO:

Mobile Antivirus Security PRO

Security from virus and Malware is really important today with everything being connected to the web. So for that there are actually many antivirus solutions even for free but they are not able to do the complete job as of course, the free antivirus are not so up to date. For this purpose this AVG made antivirus is a perfect solution as it provides complete protection for your phone. It is a bit pricey, but for the protection and peace of mind, it should be money well spent.

OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF;HD):

OfficeSuite Pro 7

Smartphones were originally made to increase productivity so why not make some use of that as well. Though Android does come with an inbuilt office suite, but it is very limited in functionality and also quite awkward to operate since there is absence of most of the options of an office suite. Also the many free available office apps are not so great. Hence the Office-Suite Pro 7, which is a paid app, is really useful. It has all the features of the full office and also support for PDF and HD displays. So it is perfect for any Android smartphone and especially for professionals.

Where’s My Water?

Where my Water

This is a very popular game on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 but especially Android. The one only problem about this is that the free version has many limited stages and so you will for sure be addicted to the game by then and will want more. So for that the paid version is available which has got way too many stages that you can spend hours solving and also more stages are being added with every update.

Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7 Heat

This is the best and most popular racing title made especially for mobiles. It has got the best graphics and best game-play with one disadvantage that it is a paid app, but still those hard-core fans sure will spend the bucks to get this game and trust us, it is really worth it.

We checked out the top 10 paid apps on the Google Play store. This list is the most recent and updated till date and for any future updates, there will be updates to this list if there are any changes ahead. So comment down below and let us know what you feel about these apps mentioned above and will you go for any of the paid apps or just stick to the free ones.