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Oppo is coming with a brand new Smartphone named ‘Oppo R5’. Oppo has set trend to come with a unique feature that will stand out from other device, and this time too they have landed with this idea. The Oppo R5 is razor thin and titled as crown of Oppo’s Smartphone series. The Smartphone deserves the title of ‘Crown jewel’ as it is definite eye-catcher. The Oppo team is aiming to get high on international market with this device.
The Oppo R5 is set to release on 14th February. The idea to release on this day is to come with Valentine day’s season, so that the device will be noted by shopaholics. The device is self-proclaimed as ‘iPhone 6 killer’.

Oppo R5

Oppo R5 to be released on February 14th 2015

The breaking news has not ended yet! The Oppo R5 will come with special glided version of Smartphone. The special Smartphone will come with gold finish with 3.85mm of device. The Oppo R5 with new look is set to release with a hope of getting Apple customers too. The Smartphone comes 615 Snapdragon with Cortex A53 and 405 Adreno GPU with clock speed of 1GHz. The 5.2-inch of AMOLED screen comes with 1080-pixel resolution. The Camera features too are cool, with 13-Megapixel of rear Camera with 50-Megapixel of Ultra HD. It also offers cool features of refocus, fast focus, improved quality of image under low-light or slow-shutter. Moving on the front-facing camera it offers 5-megapixel to capture quality of selfies.
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Frankly speaking, a Smartphone with such cool features, battery life can be bit better. Let’s see how this Smartphone makes people fall in love on the V-day!


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Undoubtedly, Polaroid Selfie rocked the floor in CES 2015. It managed to give a glimpse of its design and style, and was very much able to slip through the cracks and chaos. The stylish Polaroid Selfie comes with 5.5-inch of IPS technology, with 720-pixel resolution. The octa-core process with Mediatek Chipset -2GB of RAM tops the specification. Also the Android 5.0-lollipop Android version is a good thing to note. After going through deep into its specification, the Smartphone matches much of its design and feature with Oppo N3.

polaroid selfie

You must be wondering what makes Polaroid Selfie compare with Oppo N3? The prime reason to make this, the Polaroid comes with swivel camera mounted at top, which allows you to capture front images with swing by just holding puck of camera. This same feature was introduced by Oppo N3. The same wind of comparison was caught by Oppo in CES 2015, and weren’t happy with the plagiarism. But the bad news for Polaroid is, the comparison of similarity was not only caught by us but by the Oppo too!

Due to its design and swivel camera, Polaroid might face legal issues. Since the look-out and design matches very much with Oppo. As Oppo N1 is main concept creator of rotating camera within Smartphone. They have patented this design style, and won’t hesitate to take legal action. Wondering how this matter will sails through legal winds.

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At present moment mobile is one of the most essential gadgets for most of the adults. In fact it is rare to find a person who does not know about the benefits of mobile. With the increasing use of mobile day by day different handsets are going upgraded with several special features. On the list of best mobile with best technology you can get several mobiles with several features such as LG G3 with quad HD. But this is not only the handset which has this special feature but also you can get same feature at Oppo Find 7. If you can get lots of special features about these two sets then best suggestion for you is that take a look on the following on the comparative study on LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7.

LG G3 D850 Vs Oppo Find 7

Features: before going to the other price of technical differences let’s first take a look on the special features about the LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7.

  • Design: both the handsets are same device type that is smart phone but they have different dimensions. Oppo Find 7 has dimensions; 6.01 x 2.95 x 0.36 inches (152.6 x 75 x 9.2). On the other hand LG G3 has dimensions; 5.76 x 2.94 x 0.35 inches (146.3 x 74.5 x 8.9 mm). This LG G3 has OS android (4.4.2) and Oppo Find 7 has OS android (4.3) colorOS UI. Oppo Find 7 is quite heavier than LG G3 because first one is 6.03 oz (171 g) whereas second one is 5.26 oz (149 g).
  • Display: second prominent category for LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7 is display details for the both. Physical size for both the mobile is same and it is 5.5 inches. Resolution is also same; 1440 x 2560 pixels, multi touch, IPS LCD technology for both the sets.
  • Camera: now come to the point of camera details. Oppo Find 7 and LG G3; both are coming with the 13 megapixel camera, but Oppo Find 7 has something extra such as; F2.0 aperture size, camera sensor size 1/3.06” etc. On the other hand; front facing camera for Oppo Find 7 is 5 megapixel and that one for LG G3 is 2.1 megapixel.

Other features for the LG G3 vs Oppo Find 7 are; quad core 2500 MHZ processor for both with Krait 400, built-in-storage capacity for both 32 GB etc. Above all both the handsets are coming with attractive get up.

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We have seen many leaks for Oppo Find 7. Earlier it was in news that Oppo 7 will come with a 5.5 inch screen and resolution of 2560 x 1440 and soon after that a new rumored news came saying Oppo Find 7 will have 5.5 inch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It created question that whether Oppo is going to release two versions of Oppo Find 7 and it seems like they are doing exactly the same. Rest of the specifications is almost same except its resolution.

Oppo Find 7 leaked

Oppo find 7 teaser has confirmed it officially that it will be available with two different display resolutions. It will include Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels). Smartphone with QHD display will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC supported by 3 GB RAM and model with 1080p display will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 silicon supported by 2 GB RAM.

Oppo has shared a new image teaser that has two resolutions mentioned on it. Other than resolutions, they have also mentioned date as 19th March. So we can expect that Oppo Find 7 will be available on 19th of March. Other than two screen resolution variant, it also comes with a removable battery. There is no more information available for Oppo Find 7 but we are tracking each news for it and that will be updated here.

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Oppo Electronics latest smartphone Oppo Find 7 is recently certified by Chinese certification authority TENAA. We have seen some earlier leaked images for Oppo Find 7 but this time we have images from Chinese certification authority TENAA more trust-able.

Now we have clear idea for Oppo Find 7’s design. Oppo Find 7 comes with a 5.5 inch display with 2K resolution.A screen with resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels will give 538 ppi density. Oppo Find 7 may come with a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset with Adreno 330 GPU graphics. According to some other sources, it can also come with Snapdragon 805 which is latest chipset in market. Company have stated that 5.5 inch smartphone will be similar to 5 inch One. Oppo Find 7 will come with super slim bezels.

Oppo Find 7Oppo Find 7 Leaked Oppo Find 7 Leaked Oppo Find 7 Leaked

Oppo Electronics will unveil Oppo Find 7 on 19th March in Beijing. Smartphone market is very competitive these days and it is going to be interesting to see how Oppo’s new smartphone will attract customers. by that time, please share your views about Oppo Find 7 in comments.


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We get to see some if the teaser images for Oppo Find 7 in last any days but those were doubtful. Finally Oppo has confirmed that they are going to launch their new Oppo Find 7 smartphone on 19th March 2014 in Beijing. Image has some clues which confirm date and place for event. There are some number combinations, an Oppo Insider has cracked this code and said that number combination means 19th March 2014. Oppo Find 7 will be released at Art district in Beijing.

Oppo Find 7 leaked

Oppo Find 7 comes with a 5.5 inch display with 2K resolution. A screen with 5.5 inch size and resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels will provide you 538 ppi density. Apart from this, consider leaked information then Oppo Find 7 may come with a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset with Adreno 330 GPU graphics. It is just leaked information and so we cannot say that specifications are accurate.

Oppo Find 7 Launch Date

Oppo Find 7 Launch Beijing

Referring to some more reports that it can also come with Snapdragon 805 which is latest chipset in market. There is no information about phone build but company have stated that 5.5 inch smartphone will be similar to 5 inch One. One can expect that Oppo Find 7 will come with super slim bezels. There are many people waiting for Oppo Find 7 and we hope that there will be no delay in its release.

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Yes, Chinese premium phone manufacturer Oppo officially announced in their Press release, that a limited CyanogenMod edition of N1 phablet will be made available globally. The bliss of this product will be available Internationally with brilliant feature. This Oppo N1 which has been customized to support maximum unique features and will also consist of extra CyanogenMod accessories.The Oppo recently unveiled Oppo N1, an innovative device with 5.9 inch large display screen. The N1 phablet will also have rotating Camera with rear touch panel. To achieve perfection with this model, Oppo partnered with CynogenMod. The CynogenMod is world’s most popular manufacturer with Android operating system. They will be shipping a limited supply of Oppo N1 devices.

Oppo n1

This limited edition will consist of regular accessories with extra CyanogenMod stickers, unique packaging, also with specially design box consisting CyanogenMod and OPPO mascots, Cid and Ollie. The N1 will have unique hardware like none other device. This will have a complete flappable back/front-facing camera. To get into more details of its specification, it will have 1080 pixel display on its 5.9 inch screen as stated. It will sport 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of Ram. The 13-megapixel shooter camera will have dual-LED flash.

With these extreme features the cost will be expected to rise beyond expectation. The device will priced around $570. The release is predicted in coming month of this year. Hope this device gets good reviews on its launch. As OPPO is globally registered brand of technology serving customer for long years.