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OnePlus 3 Concept

10 Reasons to buy OnePlus 3

A smartphone is what, the need of today’s world. The android technology manufacturer industry is covered by countable names like iPhone, Samsung etc. OnePlus...
OnePlus 2

10 things you should know about OnePlus 2

With the recent rise in the smartphone technological level the Chinese company unveils to you one of the most powerful smartphones. The Oneplus2 smartphone...

OnePlus 2 to be priced under 450 Dollars

OnePlus created a huge buzz with its public appearance. Is it really worth, the amount of attention OnePlus is receiving relative with the number...
Oneplus Two Leak

Sketches of OnePlus 2 show dual rear cameras

The news that flashes on top of the breaking news section always grabs the attention of the viewers. Similar striking news about OnePlus is...
OnePlus One

Cyanogen and OnePlus part ways

In the Global Mobile Internet Conference held recently in Beijing the top brass of Cyanogen discussed the past and the future of the...
OnePlus One

CM OS12 to rollout after OK OnePlus update

After huge wait, Lollipop Android version have finally landed on OnePlus One handsets. Recently, one device was launched with CM Operating system 12 update....
OnePlus One

OnePlus One Sold more than Million Units in 2014: Good Start

Last year was brilliant year for OnePlus One. Yes, it’s not we are just speaking with the fame it gained in short span of...