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OnePlus is back in the news. This time the Smartphone is in news with good reason. OnePlus 2 is about to launch in a week. The first look is revealed to the public. OnePlus 2 Smartphone has passed through Tenaa Certification. The design of the Smartphone is clean and matches somewhat with its first original OnePlus One.

OnePlus One

The good thing to note is, home button comes with fingerprint scanner which was rumoured to land for a long time from now. Also the camera placement has changed a bit as compared to its previous model. No dual Camera will be offered, instead the device will offer laser focusing to capture great quality image.

The device will be powered by Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor. To speak about the RAM it offers 4GB of space. The Smartphone is one of the handset which offers world’s first USB C-Port feature. The company is planning to reveal the rest of its specification and features by 27th July through virtual live-streaming.

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Trying to make a difference in the gaming industry by releasing their most awaited product , The Chinese startup company OnePlus claimed to change the face of gaming . But, it turned out to be an April fools day prank when it finally released the product . It turned out to be a palm sized drone which comes with a controller, and what a perfect day to release the gadget. The company mentioned it on their website that this was an April fools prank wishing the customers a “HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY “ But they also mentioned that they have produced a limited quantity for people to buy which will be available on their online stores at  $19.99 USD. This has been confirmed by CNET .

OnePlus One

Where as drones are considered there are bigger player’s in the market with better configuration’s and user friendly device providing the product in different types and size . So will OnePlus make it big with it’s DR-1 Drone ? though it’s just a prank , that’s a question which will be answered in the near future . Where as the gadget is considered , it doesn’t look very satisfying but you never know , big thing’s come in small packages

As far as the specification’s are considered it has four rotors that adjust automatically to the speed of the wind and changes according to the atmosphere . It has a controller provided with it and it’s not built to function with your OnePlus smartphone . The DR-1 Drone measures 70mm which is 2.75 inches all over and can be carried in your palm . It weigh’s just 12.5 gms and is portable inspite of have advance technology and features. You will have to charge the battery for 20 mins between flight’s , it can fly for 7 – 8 mins not very satisfactory though but considering the size of the gadget that should do .

Hopefully OnePlus releases something worth buying and stand tall to it’s customers expectation’s