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Nova launcher is currently most popular launcher for Android Smartphone’s most fundamentally know for its smooth and soothing user interface. It gives you flexibility to customize you Smartphone’s icon themes, colours, animations and many more things. The most important secret of its success is high end performance and easy to use. It has got some incredible features other than just being a simply best launcher. It can restore or recover the launcher settings and screen lay out which you have previously set. It’s priced at a worth buying price and everyone loves to use it irrespective of whether it’s free or pricey.

Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher has got a prime update which you can purchase anytime. It gives you access to new screen gestures, unread counts, app hiding feature and much more. Unexpectedly some of the Moto E users have claimed few performance issues were caused due to Nova Launcher. So far a minimum number of issues have been noticed due to Nova Launcher so it cannot be blamed since it’s almost bug free. Talking about Moto E, it is a high specification Smartphone recently released by Motorola. The processor is clocked at 1.2 GHz speed and also contains 1GB of RAM which is sufficient to run Nova Launcher. The problem can thus only arise due to some bugging in updated version during installation. You should try to uninstall nova Launcher completely along with Prime Licence and clear cache in your task manager. Then reboot your Smartphone and again launch your Nova Launcher along with Licence. This will surely make a difference. If this won’t help, then go for the other version of Nova Launcher which acts stable on your Smartphone.

There are different versions of Nova Launcher causing different issues on Smartphone. You just have to choose the most suitable version for your Smartphone too. You will certainly find one because your Smartphone is also 1GB RAM possessing so there will be no problem of memory. There are few things you should do to keep your Smartphone fast and Smooth so called healthy. Always make a habit to clear cookies of browsers after every few days and always clear cache caused by different application. Always use most productive application and only those applications which you use often. The installation of unwanted applications keeps your processor and RAM busy which causes lags in Smartphone. For instance, there are varieties of social applications available for chatting, etc. These applications keep functioning in background which chokes your Smartphone speed. If you are using them all I.e., you are social networking addict then you should keep killing some of these applications which you don’t want to use. These tips will help you increasing your Smartphone experience to a larger extent, just give them a try.

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With the launch of Nexus 5 and Kit Kat, Google has come up with the new launcher which is nothing but Google Experience Launcher which you will find only on Nexus 5. For now, Nova Launcher is only available in Nexus you will not get it on any other device the reason I personally feel here is Google wants users to buy Nexus 5 and wants the positive reactions from users before making it available for other devices or in Play Store for public use.
The new launcher provides an experience of a cleaner app drawer,transparent navigation button,always on Google Now listening and notification bar with leftmost screen.Personally, I find this launcher good for me as it makes Google now more accessible. The developer of this launcher went ahead and developed swift new version which is damn good among the other launcher till now I have seen which is Nova Launcher Prime. You all must be thinking what’s there in this launcher as I’m praising it so much.I will take you through it.

nova launcher

  • Dock Swipes : Get additional use out of your dock apps by setting swipe-actions
  • Hide Apps: Keep a muddle free drawer by hiding ne’er used apps.
  • Unread Counts:. Unread Count of SMS and Emails, missed calls and Gmail.Counts show within the dock, desktop, drawer and folders.
  • Unlimited custom tabs: Organize apps into tabs and folders within the app drawer
  • Quickly begin Nova Actions or Apps from gestures on the desktop, like pinching, swiping or two-finger swiping.
  • Folders in App Drawer

This all feature it is having but you might say what’s new in it. Here is your answer

  • Added button to nova Settings
  • Updated text
  • Updated Icon
  • Fixed some licensing problems

You can download the Launcher from the Link Below :
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