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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 screen display was designed with the Gorilla Glass 5 Corning’s which makes it not to be tough. This type of display is required to be protected from scratches. This is one of the latest and expensive smartphones in the telecommunication industry that needs to be protected from any form of damages.Samsung also introduced their own Note 7 screen protector glass to make sure Galaxy Note 7 remain in pristine condition. There are so many screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but among the many protectors, we always have got the best basing on the quality and features that screen protectors have. Here are the five best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for you to buy.Our list does not include the official Samsung Note 7 screen protector.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Best Screen Protectors For Samsung Galaxy Note 7

1. Armorsuit Military Shield.
This is one of the best screen protectors because of the latest technology that the screen protector was designed with. Armorsuit Military Shield screen protector was designed and equipped with Japanese PET film which renders an exclusive user experience when used. It’s also one of the cheapest screen protectors, and it’s found in the various online stores for ordering.

2. Degbit Screen Protector.
Degbit Screen Protector has always been one of the preferred screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It thoroughly covers the curved screen display of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ensuring that the display of your phone is fully covered. Degbit Screen Protector is found on the several online stores for purchase. This is considered to be a little bit expensive.

3. RinoGear Premium HD Invisible Clear Shield.
This is also one of the superb screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 due to its exclusive features. This screen protector for Galaxy Note 7 is very clear and thus rendering a high-quality display. Purchasing this screen protector gives you an offer for getting an unlimited replacement of the screen protector in case the one purchased is old. This screen protector is affordable that goes at a low price.

4. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin.
This is one of the accessories that you won’t miss to own it. If you want to provide maximum protection to your phone, then this is the best protector for you to go for. This screen protector was designed and made with the latest technology that makes it not turn yellow since it was not made from tempered glass. This technology makes it be one of the unique screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone. IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Protector is also one of the affordable screen protectors for your phone.

5. Dalinch 3D Glass Screen Protector.
This screen protector acquired the name 3D because of its curve in nature design to allow it fully fit on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 protecting it to the maximum. This lets you carry on with your duties with no worries that your Smartphone will get damaged. This screen protector is found on the various online stores for you to purchase. It great to protect your phone with the protector from damage and scratches so that you won’t replace it.