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Here’s What To Expect at Ces 2017 : Updated

New year marks the beginning of loads of improvement and innovation spreading across the world. CES 2017 is an ideal way to showcase products....

Nokia Lumia 630 photos and specifications

We have already seen some of the leaked information about Nokia's upcoming device Lumia 630. Now evleaks has leaked press image of Nokia Lumia...
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Nokia wins yet another ruling against HTC in Germany

World already knows about legal battle between Nokia and HTC that continues in Germany. Nokia has won a German patent injunction against all Android...
Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 525 vs Nokia Lumia 520 comparision and specifications

Nokia unveiled their new entry level device, the Nokia Lumia 525 which is an upgrade (this is what they are calling it) to the...
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Nokia Android Smartphone: Holy Grail !!!

Many of the Smartphone users had wished at some times to have a Nokia Android Smartphone. And you will be really shocked with the...
HTC One Mini

Nokia wins patent hearing HTC One Mini banned in UK

HTC was managed a gigantic blow today after a court decided that the HTC One Mini infringed one of Nokia's patents and shouldn't be...
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Google working on New Camera Api, support for Raw Images

Many users must be knowing the latest addition to Nokia Smartphones is Lumia 1020. This Smartphone supports RAW camera files. Google is presently working to add...
WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp messenger download for Android, Windows, Symbian, S40, Apple iOS, Blackberry...

WhatsApp messenger is the best alternative from your mobile phones traditional messenger. This messenger app needs data network connection to work. You can share...