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New year marks the beginning of loads of improvement and innovation spreading across the world. CES 2017 is an ideal way to showcase products. In many ways it’s a benchmark and its ideally placed just after new years to look forward to innovative products in more than 100+ categories. We at PhoneLane are always excited about Consumer Technology Association or CES as it fondly called. Here are some of the categories that peak our interest and we look forward to your comments about it.

CES 2017: Here is what we Expect

SmartPhones at CES 2017:
CES is not really known for smartphones release that hasn’t stopped from Mobile Companies to release some of their known brands. Come CES 2017 we are expecting few launches

  • LG announced its line up of K-smartphone Series which consist of K10, K8, K4, K3 and Stylus 3. Android Nougat will show up in some of the phones.We are yet not clear on which phones will support them.
  • Sony is expected to announce a 4k versions of their Xperia phone series with more than 3 GB of Ram, it will exciting to see if they have made any changes to Xperia design language which Sony usually refrains from.
  • Big news is Samsung will unveil some Foldable screen phones, rumour mills have been picking on this for quite some time. Samsung hasnt revealed anything as yet on official channels. It’s the next big thing in smartphone world as frankly we feel the current display technologies are run their course of time and fail to excite us anymore. Samsung revealed trailers showcasing a line up of Galaxy A3 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017) with water-resistant to add extra bit of variation to the successful line of phones.
  • CEO John Legere of T-mobile has already put up an ad, to engage people in asking WHATS NEXT?. Hopefully we do get some really good plans as part of the announcement.
  • Asus Zenfone VR is expected to show up at CES 2017. It support Google Project Tango augmented Reality Platform.It will be interesting to see evolution of Zenfone as brand which caters to almost all smartphone categories now. augmented reality will add another feature to Zenfone series making it comparable to Samsung Galaxy Series. It something that Samsung has done very effectively adding variants to its existing smartphone series.
  • TCL is bring Blackberry smartphones back. TCL will design, manufacture and provide customer support to these new range of phone. We are not sure if customer support will be provided to buyer of Indonesia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Users looking forward from this regions are advised to read up to ensure they have proper support function before purchasing
  • Nokia freshly been rid of the contractually obligation from Microsoft is ready to make a foray back into smartphone business with already many popular sites quoting about the various models to be shown during ces 2017. Nokia also promises some Virtual reality device to be shown. We are excited about Nokia’s return cause frankly no one builds better quality phones like Nokia ( remember 3310 :P).
  • Huaweii last year released Mate 8 which met some relative success in smartphone market. We expect another iteration of Mate series to be launched.
  • Xiaomi the wonder kid of mobile world has stated it too will make an appearance. No product details have been specified.We expect a some path breaking innovation from their end to be showcased.
  •  ZTE is expected to Launch smartphones, one that we are keen to know is Hawkeye which is kickstarter funded, cost as low as 199$
  • As predicted we have seen launch of Smartphones from Asus smartphone ZenFone AR Tango is launched with some amazing specifications. We have complete breakdown of Specification of Zenfone AR as well Zenfone Zoom 3. Click here
  • ZTe launched two smartphones. Blade V8 pro which houses dual 13-megapixel cameras first for ZTE phones. Second one is a Kickstarter crowdfunded smartphone with eye tracking technology named HawkEye, this phone surely gonna have our attention during the coming weeks. For Complete specification of Blade V8 pro and Hawkeye  Click Here


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We have already seen some of the leaked information about Nokia’s upcoming device Lumia 630. Now evleaks has leaked press image of Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone. Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone is successor of Nokia Lumia 620 and it is be going to be latest mid-range smartphone from Nokia. Nokia Lumia 630 will come with on-screen buttons and third live tile column support. Nokia is already having many successful smartphone in their Lumia series and Lumia 630 is going to join this series soon.

Nokia Lumia 630 leaked

Nokia Lumia 630 also got some specification leaks from rumors. According to that Lumia 630 will come with 4.3 inch WVGA display screen. It will be powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor which is clocked at 1.7 GHz and 1 GB RAM support. At rear side of device, it has 8 megapixel camera. It has 2000 mAh battery. There is 8 GB inbuilt internal memory that can be expanded with its microSD card slot.

Nokia can reveal more information on their upcoming Nokia Lumia 630 in Mobile World Congress (MWC). We will be continuously monitoring MWC event and as there will be any new information available for Lumia 630, it will be updated over here.


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World already knows about legal battle between Nokia and HTC that continues in Germany. Nokia has won a German patent injunction against all Android smartphones made by Taiwanese manufacturer that includes all editions of HTC One smartphone. After investigating, Germany found that HTC is infringing on Nokia’s patent EP 1578613 B1. After that court has banned import and sales of all the infringing HTC devices in Germany. This is a big win for Nokia.

Nokia Logo

HTC will also have to compensate for losses due to previous infringements. Nokia has not determined any amount for it but it will be determined soon. Ruling was for the way and apparatus used to enable a mobile station to adapt its revision level based on network protocol level. In other words, we can say that the way new device communicate with old networks. Now, it will be interesting to see that what will HTC’s next step after this defeat by nokia.

It is not the only injunction that Nokia has won against HTC in Germany. This is 3rd injunction that Nokia got against HTC and it is within two months. Their first injunction was for using USB to connect a phone to a computer. Second one was for connecting two phones over Bluetooth that we know as NFC. Currently all is going in Nokia’s favor. We will keep our eye on this news and if there is any update then we will update news with the same.

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Nokia unveiled their new entry level device, the Nokia Lumia 525 which is an upgrade (this is what they are calling it) to the current Nokia Lumia 520. It is really interesting and yet confusing to see that Nokia have given us an upgrade to the Lumia 520 since it is the main driving force for the Windows Phone and Nokia’s market share. According to recent surveys, the Lumia 520 has 25% of the Windows Phone market share and it will be interesting to see how the Nokia Lumia 525 manages to fare among it. Lets have  Lumia 525 vs Lumia 520 comparision to check out how,what Nokia has upgraded the phone.

Nokia Lumia 525 vs Nokia Lumia 520 comparision,specifications

Nokia Lumia 520


We are really astonished and rather have the same reaction which we gave Apple when they did not make any changes to the design and body of the iPhone when then unveiled the iPhone 5. Here Nokia has not made any changes to the Nokia 525 and it looks exactly like the 520 and if you looked both of them side by side, we bet you a 100 bucks an outside person will not be able to make out any difference among the two. It has the same polycarbonate shell with the same colours and the same screen. Now that’s disappointingly “Apple” from Nokia. 😛

The Lumia 525 actually in the right case is nothing different than the Lumia 520 except for the OS version and more RAM. It still has the same 4” IPS LCD display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels at 233 ppi. We were expecting at least a qHD display here, but guess that is fine for an entry level device. It also has the same Snapdragon S4 Dual Core at 1 GHz and Adreno 305 GPU. It still has the same 5 MP Camera that records 720p HD videos. We were expecting at least a camera capable of 1080p Full HD and a flash this time around for the camera. Also there is again the absence of a front camera on this device. Not only that, but the battery is also the same 1430 mAh battery. So consider this as a Nokia Lumia 520 only.

Now here is the big stuff, what makes this device newer and better than the 520. For starters there were reports that the phone used to lag a lot sometimes, so Nokia has fixed that issue by adding 1 GB of RAM in the device this time around. So now you won’t have to worry about any-more lags and also much better multitasking on the device. Now comes the biggest part of all. This device comes out of the box with Windows Phone 8 “Black” also known as the GDR3 update. Now that is awesome. It comes with all the cool tweaks and stuff on the phone like the new camera app, the great multitasking interface, the ability to lock the screen rotation as well as a new glance screen. We will check all that out next.

New Stuff:
The new GDR3 update on the Nokia Lumia 525 which brings it a whole new stuff to the phone. For starters the phone now has the new Nokia Camera App that has bundled all the camera apps of the past and all the lenses as well into one single app from where you can access all the settings of the camera as well as many customization options as well. Secondly is the Drive Mode in which you can switch off calls and texts when driving and connect your phone to the Bluetooth of the car and be hands free. Another great thing about this is the Screen Rotation lock where you can lock the rotation of the screen in either portrait or landscape mode, whichever you prefer. Also there is the multitasking menu where you can simple go to it and press the “X” on the open tabs to close apps simply. So no more hassles about pressing the back button again and again for that.

We would not say that the Lumia 525 is a disappointment considering that it is well made for an entry level Lumia phone, but still we were expecting some nips and should have been upgraded. For starters a new design would have had been nice even if the screen size remained the same. The current design is awesome but a new refreshing look would have had made it easier to spot it and distinguish it from the Nokia Lumia 520. Camera could have had been better and if not then at least a VGA front camera and a flash for the back camera would have also done it. Finally the hardware specs; the RAM increase is fine, but the 1.2 GHz processor on the Lumia 625 and a bigger battery would have had sweetened the deal even better.

So in conclusion we find the Nokia Lumia 525 not much different than the Nokia Lumia 520 but in comparison there are a few differences between the two. As for the verdict, if the price range of the Lumia 525 stays nearby the Lumia 520, then the GDR3 and the 1 GB RAM is enough impetus to prefer for the Lumia 525. Also the new version of the OS even manages the battery better, so the same battery will now last about an hour more than the Lumia 520. Just a small specs recall below.

Nokia Lumia 520 specifications:

  • Display: 4” IPS LCD Capacitive
  • Resolution: 480 x 800 @ 233 ppi
  • Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4
  • GPU: Adreno 305
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Storage: 8 GB, expandable by 64 GB using Micro SD
  • Battery: 1430 mAh
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • OS: Windows Phone 8 Amber GDR2.

Nokia Lumia 525 specifications::

  • Display: 4” IPS LCD Capacitive
  • Resolution: 480 x 800 @ 233 ppi
  • Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4
  • GPU: Adreno 305
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Storage: 8 GB, expandable by 64 GB using Micro SD
  • Battery: 1430 mAh
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • OS: Windows Phone 8 Black GDR3.

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Many of the Smartphone users had wished at some times to have a Nokia Android Smartphone. And you will be really shocked with the news that, Nokia planning to launch a Smartphone device with a customized version of Android! The code name of the product is Normandy, which will be able to run many apps run through an Android Smartphone.  Normandy will be a low cost device similar to the Nokia Asha series,or we may say, it is an Android version of Asha series only. It is targeted to an emerging markets, but also having a very tight budget for this project Normandy.
In the month of September, when it was announced by Microsoft of purchasing Nokia, many users felt that there will not be any chance of release of Android phone by Nokia. But now it’s said that the project Normandy has been planned before acquisition began with Microsoft.

Nokia Logo<h4> Nokia Android Smartphone </h4>

Though the Normandy is Android Smartphone by Nokia, users must not expect too much from it. As there is a lack of some basic hardware too like 3G or GPS FM Radio, as well as it gives very low access to Google play store as well as other Google services too.

Though the deal between Microsoft and Nokia of acquisition is a done deal, Microsoft requires several months more to take over the Nokia. So, yet it’s not decided that, whether Microsoft allows for the launch of Normandy in the market to avoid the wastage of time as well as of money which is used for the development of this phone during this acquisition period or it may scrap the project Normandy completely and will face the loss for it.

In any of this scenario, it is difficult for the Nokia to make a large difference with its first Android phone. And in the future the widespread Nokia phones will run Windows, and Windows only in the upcoming future. As the Normandy can be considered as an entry level device in the market full of Android devices. Android lovers were always waiting for the release of Android phone by Nokia, it seems that, Normandy will make their dream true, but the percentage of the acceptance of this device in such competent Android Market can not be determined by now. And whether the Normandy will be released in 2014, is still up in the air.

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HTC was managed a gigantic blow today after a court decided that the HTC One Mini infringed one of Nokia’s patents and shouldn’t be sold in the UK. From December sixth, the Taiwanese mobile phone producer will successfully banned from stocking the handset in the UK. Nokia asked for an order on October 30 over European Patent number 0998024, which professedly blanket a wide number of HTC handsets that utilization Broadcom BCM4239, BCM4330, BCM4334, and Qualcomm WR1605 chips.
The court concurred that some, however not the sum of these chips infringeed the patents. Influenced devicees incorporate the HTC One, One Mini, One Max, HTC 8s and Desire 601. HTC contended that it might be cataclysmic in the event that it could no more offer the HTC One, its leader Android handset in the UK. The court acknowledged that a deals square might make HTC helpless between now and March one year from now, when it will reveal a successor to the HTC One, and has given the organization until December 6 to offer its choice.

HTC One Mini

HTC planned and started it during an era when HTC knew it was confronting a case for infringement of the Patent. In short, the HTC One Mini was considered a period when HTC knew it was supposedly infringeing Nokia’s patents. This makes it a significantly more harming device than the more senior HTC One, which will be successfully ended one year from now. While the offer is pending, Bloomberg reports that HTC has consented to stop imports of the claimed items into the UK. In the event that HTC can’t win its bid – if it decide to submit one – its conceivable that a bigger number of devices will be vanishing from store.

Nokia had recently won a directive that implied HTC needed to modify its receiver inside the One, however this is a critical above and beyond. We’ve reached HTC and have been told that it will have more data to impart to us in the nearing hours, so stay tuned. We’ll upgrade when we hear more.

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Many users must be knowing the latest addition to Nokia Smartphones is Lumia 1020. This Smartphone supports RAW camera files. Google is presently working to add this camera support for better output from the camera . There are developing Android application programming interfaces(API). Google’s initial plan was to bring this new camera API with Kitkat but that did not work for them. Google must have planned of this API because of Image Quality which iPhone gives.
What happens to Nokia Lumia 1020 when you click the picture it creates one high-res uncompressed picture and other compressed file i.e they  offer output at high resolution in uncompressed formats. I think this new camera API might have Burst mode, removable camera support and face detection.These features are not native as many android phone supports it. The Camera API is Forward and Backward compatible with earlier devices. Full-capability devices provide per-frame management of capture hardware and post-processing parameters at high frame rates.

android kitkat

What is RAW..? This question might arise in your mind. So let me tell you what exactly it means RAW is an image format which many photographers must be familiar with. RAW output provides the total uncompressed image info leading to a way larger file size, however additionally a file that enables rather more headroom for post-processing. Smartphone cameras usually output JPEG files, that are compressed, principally finalized pictures. RAW is minimally compressed and unprocessed, thus shooting in RAW provides the creative person way more flexibility when the image is shot. Programs like Photoshop will do way more with a RAW file than with a JPEG. If apps were able to access RAW, they could have given Single-Shot HDR photos by performing a range of image enhancement.

Fo the time we have to sit back and watch which manufactures will come up the device that will have Android 4.4 Kitkat alongside New Camera API. Right..?

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WhatsApp messenger is the best alternative from your mobile phones traditional messenger. This messenger app needs data network connection to work. You can share files, music, video, images and location with your contacts. It will allow you to create a number of groups with a number of contacts, at present you can select 50 contacts per group. Recommended to activate unlimited data plan to use WhatsApp messenger. Now a days lots of people using WhatsApp on their phone so you have to rarely use your mobile phone’s traditional messenger. WhatsApp messenger works on almost all mobile phone platforms. I have your device are also listed to take an advantage of WhataApp messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger

List of mobile operating system which supports WhatsApp messenger:
Android OS: Direct Download | Download from Google Play
Blackberry OS: Download from Blackberry Store |  Go to address from your mobile web browser and download directly
Apple iOS: Direct download | Download from iTunes
Windows Phone: Download from Windows Martket Place
Symbian S60: Direct Download
Nokia S40: Go to address from your mobile web browser and download directly