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Just like the previously launched Nokia X family members, this new Nokia XL has also got the same rooting procedure. Rooting Nokia X family is just a piece of cake because it’s hybrid of Linux and Android with quit big loop holes. After rooting Nokia XL you will be able to install play store and other Google related applications on it.
Here we will provide you with the step by step guide for rooting your Nokia XL and it is 100% secure method. However Phone Lane isn’t responsible for any kind of damage taking place to your Smartphone during this process. You are responsible for anything wrong with your Smartphone software

Nokia XL

Please read the each step carefully and likewise follow it the way it’s prescribed. Here we go.


1. Keep your Nokia XL data backed up because during rooting there is maximum risk of losing your valuable data.

2. Keep your Smartphone battery charged above 80% to ensure safe rooting.

3. Enable USB debugging in settings of your Nokia XL.

Download Requirements:

1. Framaroot 1.9.1.

2. Nokia X-G apps

3. Root explorer.


1. As you have already downloaded Framaroot, now install it on your Smartphone and navigate ‘’install super su’’ and then tap on “Gandalf” option.

2. Your screen should prompt a message showing super user and su binary launched successfully. Now you are almost done with rooting, all you need to do is just reboot your device.

Congrats: your Nokia XL rooting is complete but still you can’t run Google play until you perform the actions given below.

For running play store on your Nokia XL follow these steps:

I) Simply extract Nokia X-G apps in your Smartphone and install Root explorer and enable root excess to it.

ii) Copy the already extracted files into system> app folder and provide it with both read and write function for owner

iii) Press ok and reboot your device. Now Google play store will run on your Nokia XL flawlessly.

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After the successful launch of Nokia X by Nokia on 24 February 2012 Nokia has came up with its higher version Nokia XL which maximises the features of Nokia X family to its full potential. Unlike its elder sibling Nokia X it features 5.0 inch screen while as Nokia X has got only 4 inch screen. Little improvement in RAM has also been seen in Nokia XL which has been upgraded from 512 MB to 768 MB.
Other much more features have been improved like flaunting a 2MP front camera for video calling, etc and 5MP back camera. It’s just like that Nokia is experiencing a roller coaster ride since past few years but we can’t deny that their product have still got that spark which melts the hearts of Nokia fans worldwide. Nokia XL has still got the moves which make us to buy this Smartphone. Discover the top 5 reasons for buying Nokia XL Smartphone here.

Nokia XL

1. Dual interface Taste: You might be already known with the fact but let me remind you Nokia XL is not just an android Smartphone. It has got a windows phone interface but from core it functions on an android platform. You will never get a chance of tasting the two giant platforms in a single Smartphone. It is highly appreciable and stunning move from Nokia which can’t be ignored. Nokia XL just changed the whole scenario and imagination of people and its competitors and proved that there can’t be just the same single UI of Android platform which every manufacturer is showing off out there. Nokia has surely gone successful in reminding its competitors that android is still AOSP project which can be trimmed the way we want to get the best out of it.

2. Long Lasting: The battery life of Nokia XL has been considerably increased than the rest of the Nokia X family members. Rest of the members were resting on 1500mAh battery but now Nokia XL has got 2000mAh battery which is quite good. The most amazing thing about its battery life is that it gives 12 hours of continuous backup even if you are browsing the web all time. Out of all the Smartphone’s from all the companies under this range, Nokia XL gives the best battery backup than the rest of the all.

3 Built Design: Nokia XL has moved 1inch forward than the rest of its X fellows, It sports a 5 inch large display with crisp display quality. Moreover it weighs 190 g and is 10.9mm thick. It comes in variety of colours so that you can choose the colour of your own taste. Bothe volume button and power button have been placed on the right brim of the phone. It has just got a compact slab built design which will surely adore all of you

4. Price: Out of the all the mid range Smartphone’s present in the market, this is the most affordable and power packed performer you can ever get. It’s currently available in the market at price range of 10141 rupees and with features far better than a 20k Smartphone. It’s amazing to get QUALCOMM snapdragon s4 play along with cortex A5 processor. It’s the must have Smartphone for tech lovers and people who want to do tasks without lagging.

5. Supervision of Tech genius Nokia: As already seen in symbian platform Nokia held it to the end with great trust and responsibility. Nokia has got this thing very nice that they are much more secure than any other brand. They are working hard on making your own app store for your Nokia X family so that you don’t have to wander on suspicious websites. In short, it’s obviously clear to you that why should you go for Nokia XL rather than going for any other Smartphone.

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Nokia XL is the top phone from Nokia Android series as it has hardware much more powerful than other two phones in this series. With its huge screen you will love to play games or watch movies. For gaming efficiently on your phone you need to have screen atleast 5-inch and this is present in Nokia XL. Below are the names of some games which is perfect for Nokia XL.

Nokia XL

Dead Trigger 2
It is one of the most popular releases of 2013. It is an action game, where you play as first person shooter. You are on a mission and you need to complete that mission carefully as there are lots of surprises in the game. With new updates in the games, it is been added with some new content and mission. Graphics of the game is imaginary but feels very good to shoot the enemy with different weapons availed in the game. Download this game to unlock the surprises hidden in this game.
Dead trigger 2

If you love football then this game is just meant for you. EA sports have released its latest FIFA 14 and this is an award winning game on console. On your Nokia XL you will enjoy this game pretty well; definitely you will not feel same like you feel while playing on console. You can enjoy playing football with any one of 600 teams in 33 leagues. Join the team of your like and start scoring, free version game is little aggressive so this creates issue to execute your plan during match.

Clash of Clans
If you like real-time strategy games then you should go through this game as this provides you to play in multiplayer online real-time strategy game. Idea behind the game is you construct a village and defend your creation from other players which can be real players. You can play alone or you can join clans for fighting a battle, you can also build your army to attack real players. While the game was launched it was simple but with the upgrades it went on much efficient. Download this game and enjoy real-time strategy game.
Clash of Clans

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 is top grossing game in Android and iOS phones and now Nokia XL can run Android files then you can enjoy this game on your phone too. Temple Run 2 is game where you are chased by a big monkey and you need to save your life. While running and saving yourself, you can collect coins and power ups which help you in different ways. On the way you will find hurdles which you can pass by jumping or sliding. With the help of motion sensor you can tilt your phone to run effectively by saving yourself.
Temple Run 2

Subway Surfer
Another top grossing game for Android and iOS phones, which now you can get in your Nokia XL as well. Subway surfer is also same like Temple Run 2 but here you will run in subway and save yourself from hurdles like train signals and many more. You are chased by Police and dog because you are caught against using graffiti in metro line. You get many power ups and coins which you can use for unlocking new levels and for purchasing stuffs necessary to run.

Subway Surfers

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When Android launched in smartphone they first approached Nokia to use their OS in their smartphone but deal was not set and Nokia was not able to use Android platform on its smartphone. Now world is just talking about Android OS and Nokia is still dwelling with Asha platform, Windows and other proprietary OS.  After successful response of Android OS from all round corners of world, Nokia developers was working hard to compete Android OS and finally they arrived to a point where Nokia’s new OS will run all Android apps which means it’s almost an Android OS. Along with the new OS, Nokia had announced three smartphones Nokia X, X+ and XL in MWC 2014 event and surprised world with the news. Everyone had state of mind that news is rumor but after clarification from Nokia, people were stunned. Nokia is coming up with three powerful smartphones which will run on Nokia X platform 1.0 version which compatible for most of Android apps.

Nokia X


Nokia has proved that they come up with very good design phone every time and Nokia is said to be the toughest phone in the world. Let’s have a brief look what Nokia have in its new flagships. Nokia X is entry-level Nokia Android phone and Nokia X+ falls in little higher end and XL falls in mid-level range. Nokia has one thing in common in all smartphones which they have launched recently; all the Nokia phones are now colorful like Lumia series phones. So carrying forward that legacy, new flagships will also have colorful plastic body. Nokia X is 4-inch phone, body of the phone is not huge and perfectly fits in hand. Nokia X has dimensions of 115.5 x 63 x 10.4 mm, 73.2 cc (4.55 x 2.48 x 0.41 in) with this measurement you can conclude it will be very handy and slim phone. Nokia X+ has same looks and design like Nokia X and has same 4-inch black display at front and colorful backside. Nokia XL is large phone in Nokia X series which has 5-inch display and rest all the body features are similar. Big black screen at front and rear is colorful back panel. All the three flagships are rectangular in shape but differs in size. Above the screen you fill find sensors, earpiece and front camera which is absent in Nokia X and Nokia X+. At of bottom of  screen there is one back or home button in all three flagships. Rear of the phone has camera at centre along with Nokia trademark, only Nokia XL has camera with flash in it. A USB connector slot and above the phone has 3.5mm audio jack. Left of the phone has nothing but right side of phone has volume and power button on it. Design of all the three phones are good and are made rightly according to the price of phones.

Nokia X+


Display of Nokia X and Nokia X+ is same 4-inches while Nokia XL has big 5-inch screen display. All the three phones have same resolution of WVGA but differ in pixel density of screen. Nokia X and Nokia X+ have 233ppi density whereas Nokia XL has 187ppi density. All the three phones have adopted IPS LCD technology for bright and vibrant display. Display of the phones is not much impressive like we see in Lumia series of Nokia. Keeping the price in mind Nokia has provided good display for their entry-level phones. Display has no special features like Gorilla Glass protection or scratch resistant glass which means you will have to handle your phone with very gentle care.

Hardware & Performance:

Hardware is installed smartly in new Nokia flagships, we saw last year itself that Nokia has come with powerful hardware in Nokia Lumia 525 which was entry-level phone with good power in it. Keeping the basics same Nokia X series also run with serious powerful engine in it. Nokia X slightly differs in hardware configuration than Nokia X+ and XL. Nokia X series phone has Snapdragon S4 play chipset installed in it; all three phones have same 1GHz dual-core A5 Cortex processor. Nokia X has 512MB RAM for multitasking and multiprocessing whereas other two has 768MB RAM. Nokia X has slight lower hardware configuration than of Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. When we talk about storage in phone all three X series has 4GB inbuilt memory and is further expandable with the help of microSD card.

Dual-core processor and RAM are sufficient to take care of heavy computing and multitasking. So just forget about lags and stutter in performance.

Nokia XL

Camera, OS and Battery:

Camera on Nokia X and Nokia X+ is 3.15 inch which can capture good images at 2048 x 1536 pixels and has other features like panorama, face detection. Video recording is also possible with 3.15MP camera at 480p resolution. Camera of Nokia XL is 5MP which capture good and clear pictures; video shot with 5MP camera of Nokia XL is at 480p resolution.

OS is talk of the town from couple of days as Nokia has just invented something outstanding. Nokia X series phone will run on Nokia X platform 1.0 which is also known as Nokia Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. You will be able to run almost all Android apps, but this not official Google project so you will not find Play store, Google drive and Google services on Nokia X series. Nokia has used One drive for cloud storage and has Nokia Store for apps.

Battery plays important role in smartphones and Nokia X series too has good battery installed. Nokia X and X+ has same battery strength of 1500mAh which provides good talk time and standby time, while on Nokia XL you will have 2000 mAh strength which has even more talk time and standby time than other two phones.


Phones from Nokia X series are really good as you do not have to shell out more money for powerful smartphones. It has all version phones like phone with 4-inch display and 5-inch display so one can make easy choice for their suitable phone.