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Nokia X

Dual boot Nokia Android and Windows is it possible

We all know Nokia is already to launch the next series of Nokia X called as Nokia X2. Nokia X2 has lot to offer...
Nokia X

How to install cyanogenmod 11 on Nokia X series

This is a complete tutorial for installing CyanogenMod 11 on your Nokia X Series of Smartphone’s presented to you by PhoneLane. Nokia X being...
Nokia X+

Best third party app store for Nokia X, X+, XL

One of the best things about smart phones is that you can download latest apps and then enjoy them on your smart phone. There...
Nokia X

How to remove malware and virus from Nokia X?

Nokia X is one of the latest smart phones launched by Nokia and it is the first Android based smart phones launched by Nokia....
Nokia X

Nokia X restarts on its own

Nokia X is a new Android based smart phone launched by Nokia Company. Though this is a very nice smart phone but the sometimes...
Nokia X vs Lg L70

Nokia X vs. LGl70 : A brief comparision of Small Giants

When it comes to comparing two smart phones there is this one epic battle that is happening these days. It is between Nokia X...
Nokia XL

Temple run 2, subways surfers for Nokia X, X+ and XL...

Temple run 2 and Subway surfers are the best and most downloaded games for Android running phone. Now Nokia X series phone can run...
Nokia XL

Best Free Download Games for Nokia X

Nokia X series phone is the first Android compatible phone which means you can run plenty of Android apps on your Nokia X, X+...
Nokia X

Tips and tricks to save battery life in Nokia X

Is your fast lane beast suffering from rapid battery drainage? Yes! I am obviously talking about your cute colourful candy bar Nokia X! Actually Nokia...
Nokia X

How to install Custom Vanilla Rom on Nokia X (Normandy)

Congratulations!!! Finally the most anticipated Nokia X has got its custom 1st ever custom ROM. Before installing custom ROM, It is very important to...