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We all know Nokia is already to launch the next series of Nokia X called as Nokia X2. Nokia X2 has lot to offer also the company has changed the user interface as per the User reviews and have added home-screen button with their back button. As per the news, Nokia is said to launch this device with a dual boot service. A dual boot device means you can use two OS windows and android on same device same which used on our PC or Laptops with Linux and Windows. There were many such tries to develop such kind of environment by all the leading stars but have never succeeded. This news of dual boot has made users/customers crazy and an eagerness is seen amongst them. This news shouldn’t be considered unless we actually see or Nokia says so.

Nokia X

Why such a rumour can’t be credible?

Earlier both the owners of windows and android have announced not to shake hands and work as a team to get such a common platform for the device market.

As Nokia is now owned by Microsoft its grateful to still have Nokia X range because it will decrease the need of Microsoft’s windows OS for phones. This will also make sure that user use more of Microsoft services instead of Google play services.

There are many technical issues faced with respect to hardware support. The device hardware as for now isn’t capable enough to have such a OS changeover as per user will.

If this hardware issues works out we as user will be left with no internal memory for our use as both the OS will require to be in the internal memory thus this will cause device to lag and then in turn lead to device getting hang.

What actually can be possible?

This rumour is too good to be true but the thing that’s possible is Microsoft OS allows Google play services to work on its devices i.e. The OS will be compatible with the android (.apk) files on your nokia device.

Blackberry owners incorporate this method where it allows user to install android application on their blackberry devices that possess Blackberry 10.0 OS and above. In this, the system interface and all the facilities are as per the blackberry but they have made android application compatibility with their market to let more and more user switch to blackberry lighter and newer OS.


This dual boot news is definitely a no go as in for now but as the technology is advancing, so are the need we never now a common user platform arises one day that will allow all types of OS to work within selves without any change over or any other software or hardware issues. If this doesn’t work OS developers have to work out some crossover software like blackberry did for user to keep them engage in their devices.

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This is a complete tutorial for installing CyanogenMod 11 on your Nokia X Series of Smartphone’s presented to you by PhoneLane. Nokia X being the most predominant and the lone series of Smartphone’s with forked version of Android installed on them, so they have got their Software under inviligation by the developers for developing different kinds of updated ROM’s. Likewise this CyanogenMod 11 has been made compatible for porting on nokia X family and is originated from Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat. This update brings a new look to your Smartphone along with many other improvements. Yet the improvements are not complete because developers are still working on it and they have just released whatever they are done with.

Nokia X

Before going through the installation of CyanogenMod11, your Nokia X should be rooted which can be easily performed via a variety of applications like Z4Root, etc. Your Smartphone should be charged above 80% so that your Smartphone won’t get bricked in the middle of the installation process. This will completely void the warranty of your Smartphone and we are not taking any responsibility of any kind of damage causing to your Smartphone.

Download Requirements:

  1. CM11
  2. Gapps
  3. Nokia X USB Drivers.

Follow each step with extra attention for the successful implantantion of CyanogonMod 11 on your Smartphone.

  1. Enable USB debugging by going via following path, System > Developer options > Enable USB debugging.
  2. In the meantime keep all the Nokia X drivers installed on your PC.
  3. Plug in your USB cable in your PC and your Smartphone and transfer CM11 and Gapps files in your Smartphone’s root storage.
  4. Disconnect it from your PC and turn off your Smartphone and boot it into recovery mode by pressing Power and volume up button simultaneously.
  5. Now out of different options available in recovery mode tap on Data Wipe out or Factory reset and perform this operation. After wise tap on Wipe cache and Dalvik cache in Advance option section.
  6. Finally click on “GO Back” first and then on “Reboot System Now”

This is it, you have installed the latest CyanogenMod 11 on your Nokia X / X+/ XL, etc successfully. You can now enjoy the new looks and features of CyanogenMod to the fullest.

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One of the best things about smart phones is that you can download latest apps and then enjoy them on your smart phone. There are many health related apps that can be downloaded or you can also download games. There are apps that are related to news, weather, books and many more such activities.

The same is the case with Nokia X which is recently launched Android based smart phone launched by the Nokia. However the only drawback is that it cannot be connected to Google Play Store. Hence you need to look for third party app stores for downloading your favorite apps. Here are some of those options that can be tried explained in detail.

The first option is to download apps from Nokia Store

Though Nokia Store is not that much popular but still it has got many different types of apps that are perfect for Nokia X users. There are many free apps also available and there are few which are paid. The downloading procedure is also very easy and the user interface is also quite user friendly.

Try some third party app stores

One of the best third party app stores is called as Yandex. This third party app store is considered as one of the biggest third party app stores in Russia.

Nokia X+

You can also root the device and then install Google Play apps

This is also another unique way of doing things. For this you need to root your Nokia X device and then install Google Play Store. The entire internet is filled with tutorials on rooting procedure. But if you are not able to do the same then you can contact a person who is technically sound and can guide you with the root and installation procedure. But you need to make sure that the important data inside the phone is backed up before root procedure so that the important information does not get lost.

Try the Amazon app store

Though Amazon app store offers less apps and games but these are sufficient to satisfy a normal human. You can easily download apps and games by connecting to the internet.

You can also try downloading apps from Slide ME and F-Droid

Both of these are acting as strong contender to Android Google Play and are considered as one of the best third party app stores. The slide ME also supports PayPal which means if you want to download paid games and apps then you need to create an account with PayPal which is very easy and simple.

Most of the apps on F-Droid are free and the best part about apps and games from F-Droid is that there are absolutely no ads or tracking which is being done. It means you can enjoy your games or apps in a smooth manner without those popping ads.

All of the above mentioned app stores are considered as one of the best third part app stores for Nokia X and you can try any of them as per your wish.

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Nokia X is one of the latest smart phones launched by Nokia and it is the first Android based smart phones launched by Nokia. This smart phone comes with wide variety of elegant and latest features but the only problem that it encounters is the malware and virus problem.

Sometimes you receive data from unknown sources and sometimes you connect to the internet with your smart phone. All these things results into a suspicious malware or virus attack. Here are some important and useful points on how to remove this malware and virus from Nokia X.

The first step is to remove the file which has been infected

The first and the foremost important step are to install good quality anti-virus software on your smart phone. When you are going to scan your smart phone with the help of that anti-virus software you will easily be able to track that virus or malware.

There are many anti-virus software applications that are available from app store. One such excellent anti-virus software is called as AVG and it is available free of cost. The download procedure is also very easy as all you need to do is to follow a step by step approach for completing the download and installation procedure.

You need to remove the file which has been infected by deleting it permanently from the smart phone.

Nokia X

Infected files can be repaired

If the file which has been infected is very important then you can try to get it repaired with the help of anti-virus software. This thing is not effective every time because of the virus is strong the file cannot be repaired. But you can give it a try and save the important file by repairing it.

Apart from all of these above mentioned steps you also need to make sure that the anti-virus application is regularly updated. If you cannot update the anti-virus manually then you can active the auto-update option and the anti-virus application will get automatically updated quite easily.

Apart from AVG there are many more anti-virus applications available and you can easily download them from the internet or through the app store. But you need to make sure that the application is only downloaded from a trusted and reputed website or source.

You also need to make sure that the apps are thoroughly scanned before downloading

These online viruses have become so strong that they infect the apps which are to be downloaded. Hence always make sure that the apps are thoroughly scanned before downloading.

You also need to make sure that you don’t receive files from unknown sources. Sometimes these sources are infected with viruses and the same gets transferred inside your smart phone.

After following all of the above mentioned steps you will see that your Nokia X smart phone will become virus free but if you find out that the virus or malware is still there then there is no option but to contact the nearest Nokia store for operating system up gradation.

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Nokia X is a new Android based smart phone launched by Nokia Company. Though this is a very nice smart phone but the sometimes it restarts on its own. If you are also facing the same problem then you might need to follow few steps to get rid of this problem. These are just simple and basic steps which will make your Nokia X phone work like new. Here are some important steps that can be followed and can prove to be highly beneficial for your Nokia X smart phone.

Follow some basic steps

The initial basic steps include removing of battery and memory card from the smart phone and then out it back and then restart the phone. Chances are that the problem will be solved but if the problem still exists you may need to go for some other alternative.

You can also update the latest software by pressing *#0000#. When you press this code the screen will get a prompt that the installation for the latest software is available. You can tap on ok and the installation process will start. After the installation process is over you need to restart the phone and you will see that the problem is solved.

Nokia X

Always make sure that too much app is not running in the background

There are many times when there is too much app which keeps on running in the background. As a result the smart phone hangs and restarts. The ideal option is to use only one or two apps at a time. If you are not using these apps just exit out of them and you will see that the smart phone will work in a smooth way.

Another option that can be tried is to format the memory card if it is overloaded. You can backup your important data on your computer with the help of data cable or Bluetooth and then format the card. In order to format the memory card you need go to memory settings and then press format memory card.

You can also restore your phone settings

By restoring your phone settings you can make your Nokia X smart phone in perfect working conditions. There are two ways with which you can reset your phone. The first one is called as hard reset and the second one is called as soft reset.

This problem can also occur if there is a virus inside the phone and hence in order to get rid of the virus you need to install a good anti-virus in your smart phone and then get the entire phone scanned properly. The virus will be detected and then you can delete the virus. Always restart your phone after running the anti-virus and you will see that your problem will be solved.

Hence by following all of the above mentioned useful points you can easily solve your Nokia X restarting problem and moreover it is always good to clean up your mobile for fast and smooth processing.

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When it comes to comparing two smart phones there is this one epic battle that is happening these days. It is between Nokia X and LGl70. Nokia is trying hard to achieve its lost glory and this is the reason it has entered into the Android based phone market. Here are some features of these phones and how does one smart phone performs better than the other one.

Nokia X vs Lg L70

Display, Memory and Data features

The Nokia X is a Micro-SIM based phone that comes with IPS LCD Capacitive touch Screen that has got 16M colors. If Nokia X has got 4 inch screen then the LGl70 has got 4.5 inch screen. Nokia X has got 4GB of internal memory that can be extended up to 32GB with the help of an external micro SD card whereas LGl70 has also got the same 4 GB internal memory that can also be extended up to 32 GB. Nokia X supports GPRS and EDGE to a certain speed limit which is little less. LGl70 supports high speed GPRS and EDGE.

Camera, Operating System and Battery Specifications

Nokia X comes with a 3.15 MP rear camera and there is no front camera option which is available. The LGl70 comes with 5MP rear camera and there is a VGA front camera which is available. Nokia X comes with Jelly Bean that is v4.1.2 Android operating system where as LGl70 comes with the latest Kitkat that is v4.4.2 Android mobile operating system. If we talk about the battery specifications then we can say that the Nokia X comes with a Li-on 1500 mAh battery which offers 408h of standby time and 13h of talk time. The LGl70 comes with a Li-on 2100 mAh battery. Though LG’s battery sounds more powerful but the fact is that Nokia X’s battery offers more stand by time as well as talk time.

Processor and sensor details

Nokia X has got a Dual-Core 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor where as the LGl70 has got a Dual-Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8210 processor. Both of these smart phones have got a Accelerometer sensor as well as proximity sensor. The FM radio option provided with Nokia X is a stereo FM radio and with LGl70 you can expect normal FM radio option. The another rpoint where Nokia scores more are the color features as Nokia X is available in many different color options such as Green, Red, cyan, yellow, black and white. Whereas the LGl70 is available on only two colors and those are white and black. Hence if you are planning to hold a colorful smart phone in your hand then consider opting for Nokia X otherwise LGl70 offers more features and is more advanced

All in all both smart phones are good as far as affordability and reasonable price are concerned. But if we talk about features and performance then the LGl70 scores more than the Nokia X. Hence if you are planning to buy any of these smart phones then consider opting for LGl70 as it is a feature rich smart phone and is available at an affordable price tag.

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Temple run 2 and Subway surfers are the best and most downloaded games for Android running phone. Now Nokia X series phone can run most of the Android games so all this game is also compatible with your Nokia series phone. Android running phone has Google Play Store to download all your games and apps but as Nokia Android is not a Google project this phone lacks with the Play store feature.
Temple run 2 is top grossing free games and most familiar game for smartphone. Initially Temple Run 2 is next instalment of Temple Run game with superior graphics and different characters to play with. Initially Temple Run 2 was simple but later with the updates it went more difficult and went on adding new features in it.

Temple Run 2

The game is all about you saving the life of the game character while escaping from a big bad Gorilla. You will get many power-ups, coins and booster on your way which makes your game interesting. Phone runs on sensors, when you tilt your phone a bit player moves from left to right and vice-versa. Only four characters were added initially but now there are ten characters to choose from. Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee, Francisco Montoya, Zack Wonder, Montana Smith, Usain Bolt and Santa Claus you can add them to your game buy purchasing characters and enjoy the surprise by yourself.

Subway surfer is another run chase game; a boy was introduced initially who is chased by a cop and a dog for applying graffiti on subway route. Game is very interesting as the player can surf on the tracks and have to save himself by upcoming obstacles. You need to duck or jump over the hurdles and most amazing hurdles is to save player from the train coming from front.

Subway Surfers
You can run on the train, tracks and platform which ever is convenient to save yourself. While playing this game you will find many power ups and coins which should be collected to purchase different accessories necessary to play game. You can change your character by purchasing another character which does the same, but all have their unique style. Every update of the game introduces something new like new stages or city, new graphic and characters with new difficulties in the stage.

You can download this app from the Nokia Store or you can get it shared by your friends as now your Nokia is compatible with .apk files too. But most secure and easy way to download this game for your Nokia X series phone is just visit to the link provided below and get it downloaded easily.

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Nokia X series phone is the first Android compatible phone which means you can run plenty of Android apps on your Nokia X, X+ and XL phone. Now if you can download any game which was meant for Android then you should check the list of the games provided for your Nokia X series phone.

Nokia X

1. Angry Birds
Top grossing game for Android is Angry Birds, game is very simple but it’s really appealing and you will spend hours playing this game. Nokia also has Angry Birds version on its symbian OS but now with enhanced graphics and updates of this game you will experience another level of Angry Birds on your Nokia X series phone.

Angry Birds

2. OpenSudoku
Sudoku is most renowned game globally and most of the news paper now comes with this game on it. But now Sudoku has reached one level up and which allows you to go through new puzzles installed by Sudoku makers. Game is simple and has same rules like of other simple Sudoku games. So download today and start gaming.


3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
This is one of the best racing games available for Nokia X series phone. You will be a racing against your opponent and if you have skills then clear the stage by beating all and earn reward points. You can use your earned reward point to unlock new cars or to customize the cars to match your need to outclass the opponent. Graphics of the game are very good and if you have skill then you can perform stunts too. If you are racing freak then you will not miss this game.
Asphalt 8 Airborne

4. Battle Nations
If you like combat strategy game then you should definitely take a glance at this game as this game is full of strategies to be made to win the game. You will experience 500 missions to accomplish and this game is most praised by gaming blogs as well. You will make a strategy to accomplish the task and if your strategy fails then mission will be failed, so keep your calm and unleash the best out from you to play this game.

Battle Nations

5. Candy Crush Saga
New craze among the people is this game called Candy Crush Saga. Game is very simple but still it is growing as most downloaded game. You can also integrate this game with your social networking site Facebook and can invite your friends to play this game. Play the game and score top and post it in your Facebook account and challenge your friends to beat your score. Game has nothing in graphics but its turning to be a popular time waster and this game has potential to keep you busy for long hours.
Candy Crush Saga

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Is your fast lane beast suffering from rapid battery drainage? Yes! I am obviously talking about your cute colourful candy bar Nokia X!

Actually Nokia X is more about hardware and less about its specifications. There is no need to get surprised, it’s a budget phone and you have to compromise in its quality one way or another. Nokia manufacturers have nurtured their Nokia X hardware with intensive care under its price limit. But this forked android is lagging far behind in some essential features.512 MB RAM will surely conflict with the smooth running of applications. Its own video player cannot play high resolution video clips (no even 720p).Every time we have to visit third-party websites to get android applications; this might be exposing our Smartphone to vulnerable viruses floating on internet. Thus, these conflictions lead us to know that our Nokia X needs improvement in every aspect.

Nokia X

Talking about its battery, it has only got 1500mAh battery. What can we expect from 1500mAh battery? It is surely going to get empty after 4-6 hours of continuous usage. Nokia has failed to give better performance in battery backup of their first forked android but they have resolved this problem in their upper versions of Nokia X which are yet to arrive like Nokia XL. Nokia X being a budget phone had to suffer in some aspects so Nokia can’t be blamed at all .We has to utilize our low performance battery in filtered way so that we can make increment in its talk time.

Now here are some important tips and tricks which can extend your Nokia X battery life. Perform these actions, update your phone setting in this way and you will surely get benefited:

1)      Charging: Whenever you charge your Nokia X Smartphone, charge it completely. It increases battery lifetime and recycles the already stored charge in it. In layman’s language we say making it refresh.

2)      Display Brightness: Keep it as low as possible. But it is being advised not to keep it too low that it may harm your eyes.

3)      Speakers: Loudspeakers also take a genuine share from the battery of a Smartphone. So always use wired headsets because they consume less and minimise the use of loudspeakers.

4)      Bluetooth: It drains the battery of your Smartphone like a vampire. So, always make least use of Bluetooth and don’t use Bluetooth headsets at all because they not only drain faster battery but their longer usage is also dangerous to your health.

5)      Background Data: Always close background data when you are not running internet because it keeps draining your battery in background running applications like whatsapp, facebook ,skype, etc .

6)      Backlight Timer: Set a short time for backlight to go off when your phone is idle.

7)      You can also set your Smartphone on Flight mode when you don’t have to receive calls and notifications. But it’s not recommended much because it’s hardly possible for any one in these days to opt out of attending calls and messages. Its part of our lifestyle now.

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Congratulations!!! Finally the most anticipated Nokia X has got its custom 1st ever custom ROM. Before installing custom ROM, It is very important to know you phone’s interior architecture. Nokia X is operating on Nokia x software platform 1.0 which is actually forked version of android 4.1 developed on Android Open Source Project (AOSP).This Nokia X platform can run almost 75% android applications which was made possible only because of brilliant effort from Finnish software giant Nokia. Nokia x was lagging behind because of few drastic anomalies which could not be ignored .Like It had got no support from any of the services provided by Google. It could never have been possible to run Google play store or Hangouts on this forked version of android4.1.0. A giant leap from xda members made it possible to get complete Google services worked on Nokia X by creating its vanilla custom ROM.A senior member of xda called as dhacker29 designed a custom Android 4.1.2 ROM for nokia X .This firmware is actually build from code Aurora branch jb_rel_2.0.3.Most fascinating thing is that no problems have been detected till now after installing custom vanilla ROM .It has shown improvement in noise issues during voice call, better network and better application support.

Nokia X

Here We Go:

Follow the steps given below carefully to flash your nokia x stock ROM and install custom ROM on it:

Simply download all the software’s given below from any source you like.
1 Data Package Manager 4.2
2 Nokia Care Suit
3 UserGroupsConfiguration (needs to be unzipped).

Before getting started please remove your sim card and sd card from your nokia X.

Open Nokia Care Suit and run Data Package Manager. Be careful at running Nokia Care Suit, if it fails to get authenticated then Select File>work Online>Ok.

People who have already downloaded custom ROM will need to transfer those files in c;/Program Data/Nokia/Packages/Products/RM-xxx(xxx will be your own product type).

Now you are ready to flash you Nokia X stock ROM:

Start Nokia Care Suit Software and open Product Support Tool for Store 5.0.Now choose Work Offline and remain in No Connection mode.

Go to Product Support Tool for Store 5.0 > File > Open Product.
Now choose your product by matching its product code (RM-xxx as illustrated earlier)

Now Go to Update List and choose the stock ROM which you have already downloaded and then click start.

This needs a lot of patience .Now you have to wait for sometime till the verification process is completed and flashing starts.

Don’t worry if it misbehaves a little or shows error this is because the connection is lost at the time of flash start up.

Now plug in USB port into your PC.
Switch off your nokia x and simultaneously press volume down and power button and keep it pressed for a while (at least 15 seconds) till your phone vibrates .Release screen lock/power off button and after a while release volume down key also.

Connect your phone now with your PC through already plugged in USB.

It might again start misbehaving like showing error messages but don’t worry you just need to simply change the USB port. While flashing your Nokia X this message might appear” you have chosen not assigned product for this device do you want to continue” Press OK.

Congratulations your Vanilla Android 4.1.0 Jellybean Nokia x is ready…..