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Nokia Lumia 525

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Nokia, we all are aware off is a very well-known company when it comes to cell phones. Nokia is till date launched many successful cell phones in smartphone industry and its continuing doing it. Nokia has successfully launched many Windows supporting smartphones. Nokia Lumia 525 is smart, well upgraded, windows based phone with exclusive music and mapping services available. It’s one of the best budget phones available in market when compared with the features its offering. Being such successful phone Nokia Lumia 525 is facing some problems, the users are complaining regarding the poor performance about the phone. The users are facing problems like the phone won’t start or even reboot and even screen blacks out at times. All this problems are unacceptable by users.

Nokia lumia 525

Nokia smartphones are being purchased all around the world and so does the complaints are coming from all around the world, there are many same complaints from many users. The users are complaining that at time even when the press the power button the wont start, even they wait for a long time expecting the phone to start but it won’t, so they have to try several times and then only it would start. This is very tiring and mostly irritating at times. The users have even complained problems like Lumia 525 would be showing plenty of battery but overnight the battery dies out or when the phone is on charging and it indicates it’s fully charged and you unplug it and start using it later on battery turns down drastically. This may be a software issue but it needs to be fixed. Users have also faced problems like if they switch off the phone and keep it in charging and when charged unplugged form charging the phone won’t boot until trying many times. The

users have also come across the problem of deadlock screen. The phone at many times gets hung up and then even may be there is a black screen and you can’t do a thing as you can’t see a thing, but the phone might be functioning in the back but you can’t see it. To check it out you can try calling yourself from other cell. Many users are complaining regarding this type of problems of Nokia forums too.

Following are the certain solutions to all this problems:-

1. If phone is complete dead you can try is restarting your cell phone. If it won’t restart wait for some time and then restart it. You can try other method of restarting your phone by pressing Volume Down + Power key button.

2. IF this method restart also does not work there is option of hard reboot or reset which would bring your phone in reset mode. This can be done by using Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key + Volume Down keys. Now as the cell phone resets it would go under Factory settings.

3. Problem of automatic reboot is usually due to over usage which makes your cell phone very hot. So the solution here is let your phone cool down at times and you won’t face this problem anymore. Sometimes if possible it’s better to manually turn off your cell phone once in a day and let it be cooled down off for about 5 – 10 minutes and then turn it on again and use it.

4. Sometimes the problem can be hardware related like a loose battery and so connection is not made so check out your cell phone battery properly.

5. Sometimes the battery is completed dried out so let it charge for a way longer time than your normal charging it might work.

6. The phone won’t start up and only display windows phone and its looping during start up this problem may be because you inserted new memory card and it’s not supporting your phone try removing it and then reboot your phone it would work.

7. YOU can manually even soft reset your Nokia Lumia 525.follow this steps settings –> About Section –> Reset Phone. Make sure that your cell phone is n t under charging or do not even take out battery during this procedure or it won’t work.

8. Check out your power button because if it’s loose the phone gets turned off automatically with a slight push.


If you are the owner of Nokia Lumia 525 and if this problems look any familiar try this all tricks stated and your problem can get solved and if doesn’t than I would suggest you to go to your nearest Nokia Service centre. And if you not facing any of these problems well you enjoy using your Nokia Lumia 525 smartphone.

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Nokia we all are well aware of is one of the best developers of smartphones in the world. Nokia has successfully developed many smartphones till date. Nokia Lumia 525 is a well featured smartphone which is Windows based, with 4 inch super-sensitive screen, it works fantastic and it comes in a very affordable price range. Windows based have better battery life when compared to Android based smartphones. The Nokia Lumia 525 have a removable lithium ion battery packs with 5.3 watt-hours and 1,430 mAh, which is less compared to many other phones out there. But the users are recently complaining that their battery dies out early in Nokia Lumia 525. Battery life is the only one most important thing in any smartphone.

Nokia lumia 525

If you facing a problem of battery life on your Nokia Lumia 525 you should definitely complete reading this article and yes I am going to tell you about all the steps you should consider doing in order to increase your battery life.

1. Always charge your phone smartly don’t remove it from charging unless it’s fully charged.

2. There is a feature of “battery saver” on Nokia Lumia 525 use it, it would automatically help you save charge when the phone charges is about to turn low. In order to activate this feature go to setting and there go in Battery saver option.

3. Always set the screen timeout at a short time.

4. Adjust the brightness go to settings and change it from the automatic and set the brightness level to low level.

5. Make a point to mute all the unnecessary sounds. Like example you can mute sounds such as key press sounds. If your phone is set to ringing mode, then you can try turning down the volume a few notches and same you can do for message ringtones.

6. Make use of headphones more rather than loudspeaker, use loudspeaker selectively.

7. Make sure to switch off the Bluetooth when not needed. And same goes for WI-FI because they consume more battery. IF you using Wi-Fi at your home or at work which is already saved it will be more battery efficient to stop your cell phone from scanning for any other new networks .So you can go to advanced settings in Wi-Fi and uncheck the option that says “Notify me when new networks are found.” .

8. There is option of account and sync in setting you can turn off that feature this feature saves up a lot off battery but you want get any notifications of the accounts in there like your any mail account you been accessing on your cell phone. If you that cannot be done, than you can do is reduce the time span from 30min to 1hour for mails notifications.

9. Now if you using your phone to just listen music or any other features apart from receiving calls or messaging that you should turn your cell phone to flight mode. This can be going to settings and then click on data and networks and click on airplane mode.

10. Always make a point to close the apps you are not using and are on in background unknowingly.

11. There is an option of double tap to wake on your Nokia Lumia 525 which turns on the display screen when you double o the screen, you can in activate this feature if you not using it as this consumes more battery than normal on screen option.

12. Nokia Lumia 525 has feature to upload your games scores and achievements on x-box live, if you don’t care about this you should disable this feature on you cell phone. Same goes for x-box Music if you not using this feature disable this too.


This are the tips which if used can help you save a lot of charge and extend battery life of your Nokia Lumia 525. Make a point of using them every now and then possible. And enjoy your extended battery life.

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Nokia Lumia is dominating the technology market with its unique windows operating system. This is the result of the popularity of the phone that many more models and versions of Nokia Lumia are coming up in the market each running day. As the windows phones are different from the android versions of phones so it is also quite obvious that the features of the windows phones will be very much different than the androids phones. Also the PC suite for both the operating systems is very much different than each other.

The windows phone Nokia Lumia uses the PC suite Zune for its working. Nokia Lumia 525 is a new version in the market. The Zune software can be downloaded and installed in the windows personal computer for various purposes. Also there are chances and ability for the download of the PC suite of Lumia 525 on a personal computer running on the applications of MAC

PC suite software to sync Windows PC and Mac

Nokia lumia 525

The new software Zune for Nokia Lumia 525 is easy to get downloaded and also easy to get installed on the personal computers of Windows and Mac. But Windows PC and Mac PC have different ways to download and install Zune. As Nokia Lumia 525 is itself a Windows phone so the download and installation of the Zune software is much easier than the download and installation of the Zune software on a Mac PC.

Windows PC: Downloading Zune software on a Windows operating system is quite easy. The desktop or the laptop should have the operating systems of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. A user can install the CD provided with the phone on the desktop. In case the CD is not there then, the user can go to the website On the website the user can simply search for the Zune software and then can download it on the personal computer and then can ultimately install it. The download and installation can be completed by the guides provided by the website on their interface. After the installation is completed, the phone can be connected to the personal computer for sharing of files of images, videos and many more. The software can also be used for the downloading of the songs, movies and many more. Sometimes the software can also be used in the running of the internet on the personal computer from the phone.
Download Nokia Lumia 525 PC suite software to sync Windows PC

Mac PC: When the personal computer of the user is not compatible to the windows phone Nokia Lumia 525, then it becomes difficult for the user in transferring and sharing of files from the PC to the phone or the phone to the PC. To have the Zune software downloaded and installed on the Mac PC of the user, the PC has to be of the OS X version 10.7 or later. The user can simply go to the website and to the Mac applications and download the software.
Download Nokia Lumia 525 PC suite software to sync MAC

Nokia Lumia PC Suite or Zune software
Download for Windows
Download for Mac

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Both the mobile phones, Nokia Lumia 525 and Samsung Galaxy Core Advance are of the latest features and specifications. But there are certain features in Nokia Lumia 525 that are not there in Samsung Galaxy Core Advance. Again, there are certain features in Samsung Galaxy Core Advance that are not there in Nokia Lumia 525. This is because different features are made for different people. A person should have a detailed comparison of all the mobile phones before purchasing it in order to get the desired features in the phones purchased.

Nokia Lumia 525 VS Samsung Galaxy Core Advance

Weight: Samsung Galaxy Core Advance has a weight of 145 grams. In comparison to it, the phone Nokia Lumia 525 is much lighter than Samsung Galaxy Core Advance that has a weight of 124 grams.

Color: Nokia Lumia 525 is available in various colors of black, white, yellow and red. Samsung Galaxy Core Advance is presently available in the market in the colors of deep blue and pearl white.

Touch Screen: Nokia Lumia 525 has IPS LCD capacitive touch screen with 16 colors. On the other hand Samsung Galaxy Core Advance is equipped with a TFT capacitive touch screen. It also has the same 16 colors.

Size: Nokia Lumia 525, has a screen size of 4inches. Samsung Galaxy Core Advance has a bigger screen of 4.7 inches for better browsing internet and better viewing of the videos.

Density of pixels: Both the phones Nokia Lumia 525 and Samsung Galaxy Core Advance have pixels of 480 x 800. But the difference between of the two phones is due to the density. Nokia Lumia 525 has a pixel density of 233 ppi. The pixel density of Samsung Galaxy Core Advance is 199 ppi.

Protection: Nokia Lumia 525 has a better protection of screen than Samsung Galaxy Core advance. Nokia Lumia 525 is protected by a scratch – resistant glass.

Operating System: The most important difference between the two phones is on the operating system. Nokia Lumia 525 is a windows phone with the latest operating system of Windows 8. Samsung Galaxy Core Advance operates on the android system. The android phone has the latest version of 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Samsung Galaxy Core Advance also supports Java for many applications and games.

GPRS: Samsung Galaxy Core Advance has been provided with the feature of GPRS. Nokia Lumia 525 has a class B feature of GPRS.

NFC: Samsung Galaxy Core Advance is equipped with the feature of NFC. But Nokia Lumia 525 does not have any NFC feature.

Camera: Both the phones Nokia Lumia 525 and Samsung Galaxy Core Advance have a camera resolution of 5 megapixels. But Nokia Lumia 525 does not have any front camera and Samsung Galaxy core Advance has a VGA front camera.

CPU: Nokia Lumia 525 has a processor of Dual – Core 1 GHz. Samsung Galaxy Core Advance has a processor better than Nokia Lumia 525 of Dual – Core 1.2 GHz.

Browser: Nokia Lumia 525 browses on HTML5 in comparison to Samsung Galaxy Core Advance that browses on HTML.