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Nokia X2 an Android Smartphone build after Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia Xl. Nokia X2 offers Dual SIM functionality. Nokia X2 is loaded with all recent latest features and specifications, the Smartphone runs on JellyBean 4.3 with Nokia software 2.0. It comes with 4.3-inch of LCD display screen with Scratch resistant glass. The pixel resolution of 800 X 480 gives quality of output. The Smartphone is powered by Qualcomm 200 Snapdragon processor with a clock speed of 1.2GHz and 1GB of RAM. The processor gives flawless multitasking and smooth performance.

Nokia X2

More digging on Nokia X2 specification and features, the Smartphone offers good connectivity options like 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and many more. The camera specification is no less, it offers 5MP as rear camera and a 0.3MP as front facing camera. The memory section too is descent with 4GB of internal memory storage, which can be expanded further with MicroSd card. The battery power of 1800 mAH is pretty powerful.

To make your Nokia X2 more useful, installing PC Suite and USB driver and connecting your device with PC or laptop is must. PC suite can act as one solution for too many issues. Updating firmware, getting backup, transferring content, restoring are all possible with a few simple click. Syncing with cloud service too is quite easy. Nokia X2 PC Suite provides complete security with better performance. With PC suite you can also make your device act as a modem and share internet with other device. Seriously, one can do numerous things with PC Suite!

Nokia X2 PC Suite download


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Recently, Nokia N1 Tablet went on sale in country China. The Finnish Company sold off its first batch of 20,000 units of tablet in few minutes which created a record in technology market. To be quite precise the tablets took 4-minutes and 2-seconds to complete its stock of inventory. Nokia has created a history again! Nokia seems to be following the track of Xiaomi. Last year, it was Xiaomi which created magnificent record of selling 25,000 units online making site crash, and this year Nokia seems to be in action.

Nokia N1 Android Tablet

Nokia N1 Tablet sold in China Fastest Ever

People in China, who are waiting to grab this Nokia N1 tablet, can wait till January 15th. If you find hard to wait by January 15th, you have got no option as Nokia Tablet N1 is not available anywhere around the globe.
The N1 Nokia tablet has got some brilliant features which are making the sales rise more and more. Also the great sales are busy crushing the benchmarks set by other Smartphone manufacturer. It recently, destroyed the sales mark set by iPad Mini 3.

According to GFXBench Manhattan, the N1 Nokia Tablet scores 589 compared to 553 frame –iPad Mini 3. The T-Rex off-screen test also declared N1 as winner which scored 1,691 frames as compared to iPad Mini 3 which scored 1,598.
The Nokia N1 tablet offers latest Lollipop Android version, with 7.9-inch of screen with 2,048 X 1,536 pixel resolution. The camera features too are interesting, with 8-Megapixel of rear camera and 5-Megapixel of front camera. The 2GB of RAM is sufficient with 32GB of internal memory supported by 5,300mAh battery life.


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We all know Nokia is already to launch the next series of Nokia X called as Nokia X2. Nokia X2 has lot to offer also the company has changed the user interface as per the User reviews and have added home-screen button with their back button. As per the news, Nokia is said to launch this device with a dual boot service. A dual boot device means you can use two OS windows and android on same device same which used on our PC or Laptops with Linux and Windows. There were many such tries to develop such kind of environment by all the leading stars but have never succeeded. This news of dual boot has made users/customers crazy and an eagerness is seen amongst them. This news shouldn’t be considered unless we actually see or Nokia says so.

Nokia X

Why such a rumour can’t be credible?

Earlier both the owners of windows and android have announced not to shake hands and work as a team to get such a common platform for the device market.

As Nokia is now owned by Microsoft its grateful to still have Nokia X range because it will decrease the need of Microsoft’s windows OS for phones. This will also make sure that user use more of Microsoft services instead of Google play services.

There are many technical issues faced with respect to hardware support. The device hardware as for now isn’t capable enough to have such a OS changeover as per user will.

If this hardware issues works out we as user will be left with no internal memory for our use as both the OS will require to be in the internal memory thus this will cause device to lag and then in turn lead to device getting hang.

What actually can be possible?

This rumour is too good to be true but the thing that’s possible is Microsoft OS allows Google play services to work on its devices i.e. The OS will be compatible with the android (.apk) files on your nokia device.

Blackberry owners incorporate this method where it allows user to install android application on their blackberry devices that possess Blackberry 10.0 OS and above. In this, the system interface and all the facilities are as per the blackberry but they have made android application compatibility with their market to let more and more user switch to blackberry lighter and newer OS.


This dual boot news is definitely a no go as in for now but as the technology is advancing, so are the need we never now a common user platform arises one day that will allow all types of OS to work within selves without any change over or any other software or hardware issues. If this doesn’t work OS developers have to work out some crossover software like blackberry did for user to keep them engage in their devices.

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Just like the previously launched Nokia X family members, this new Nokia XL has also got the same rooting procedure. Rooting Nokia X family is just a piece of cake because it’s hybrid of Linux and Android with quit big loop holes. After rooting Nokia XL you will be able to install play store and other Google related applications on it.
Here we will provide you with the step by step guide for rooting your Nokia XL and it is 100% secure method. However Phone Lane isn’t responsible for any kind of damage taking place to your Smartphone during this process. You are responsible for anything wrong with your Smartphone software

Nokia XL

Please read the each step carefully and likewise follow it the way it’s prescribed. Here we go.


1. Keep your Nokia XL data backed up because during rooting there is maximum risk of losing your valuable data.

2. Keep your Smartphone battery charged above 80% to ensure safe rooting.

3. Enable USB debugging in settings of your Nokia XL.

Download Requirements:

1. Framaroot 1.9.1.

2. Nokia X-G apps

3. Root explorer.


1. As you have already downloaded Framaroot, now install it on your Smartphone and navigate ‘’install super su’’ and then tap on “Gandalf” option.

2. Your screen should prompt a message showing super user and su binary launched successfully. Now you are almost done with rooting, all you need to do is just reboot your device.

Congrats: your Nokia XL rooting is complete but still you can’t run Google play until you perform the actions given below.

For running play store on your Nokia XL follow these steps:

I) Simply extract Nokia X-G apps in your Smartphone and install Root explorer and enable root excess to it.

ii) Copy the already extracted files into system> app folder and provide it with both read and write function for owner

iii) Press ok and reboot your device. Now Google play store will run on your Nokia XL flawlessly.

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Nokia X series phone is the first Android compatible phone which means you can run plenty of Android apps on your Nokia X, X+ and XL phone. Now if you can download any game which was meant for Android then you should check the list of the games provided for your Nokia X series phone.

Nokia X

1. Angry Birds
Top grossing game for Android is Angry Birds, game is very simple but it’s really appealing and you will spend hours playing this game. Nokia also has Angry Birds version on its symbian OS but now with enhanced graphics and updates of this game you will experience another level of Angry Birds on your Nokia X series phone.

Angry Birds

2. OpenSudoku
Sudoku is most renowned game globally and most of the news paper now comes with this game on it. But now Sudoku has reached one level up and which allows you to go through new puzzles installed by Sudoku makers. Game is simple and has same rules like of other simple Sudoku games. So download today and start gaming.


3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
This is one of the best racing games available for Nokia X series phone. You will be a racing against your opponent and if you have skills then clear the stage by beating all and earn reward points. You can use your earned reward point to unlock new cars or to customize the cars to match your need to outclass the opponent. Graphics of the game are very good and if you have skill then you can perform stunts too. If you are racing freak then you will not miss this game.
Asphalt 8 Airborne

4. Battle Nations
If you like combat strategy game then you should definitely take a glance at this game as this game is full of strategies to be made to win the game. You will experience 500 missions to accomplish and this game is most praised by gaming blogs as well. You will make a strategy to accomplish the task and if your strategy fails then mission will be failed, so keep your calm and unleash the best out from you to play this game.

Battle Nations

5. Candy Crush Saga
New craze among the people is this game called Candy Crush Saga. Game is very simple but still it is growing as most downloaded game. You can also integrate this game with your social networking site Facebook and can invite your friends to play this game. Play the game and score top and post it in your Facebook account and challenge your friends to beat your score. Game has nothing in graphics but its turning to be a popular time waster and this game has potential to keep you busy for long hours.
Candy Crush Saga

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When Android launched in smartphone they first approached Nokia to use their OS in their smartphone but deal was not set and Nokia was not able to use Android platform on its smartphone. Now world is just talking about Android OS and Nokia is still dwelling with Asha platform, Windows and other proprietary OS.  After successful response of Android OS from all round corners of world, Nokia developers was working hard to compete Android OS and finally they arrived to a point where Nokia’s new OS will run all Android apps which means it’s almost an Android OS. Along with the new OS, Nokia had announced three smartphones Nokia X, X+ and XL in MWC 2014 event and surprised world with the news. Everyone had state of mind that news is rumor but after clarification from Nokia, people were stunned. Nokia is coming up with three powerful smartphones which will run on Nokia X platform 1.0 version which compatible for most of Android apps.

Nokia X


Nokia has proved that they come up with very good design phone every time and Nokia is said to be the toughest phone in the world. Let’s have a brief look what Nokia have in its new flagships. Nokia X is entry-level Nokia Android phone and Nokia X+ falls in little higher end and XL falls in mid-level range. Nokia has one thing in common in all smartphones which they have launched recently; all the Nokia phones are now colorful like Lumia series phones. So carrying forward that legacy, new flagships will also have colorful plastic body. Nokia X is 4-inch phone, body of the phone is not huge and perfectly fits in hand. Nokia X has dimensions of 115.5 x 63 x 10.4 mm, 73.2 cc (4.55 x 2.48 x 0.41 in) with this measurement you can conclude it will be very handy and slim phone. Nokia X+ has same looks and design like Nokia X and has same 4-inch black display at front and colorful backside. Nokia XL is large phone in Nokia X series which has 5-inch display and rest all the body features are similar. Big black screen at front and rear is colorful back panel. All the three flagships are rectangular in shape but differs in size. Above the screen you fill find sensors, earpiece and front camera which is absent in Nokia X and Nokia X+. At of bottom of  screen there is one back or home button in all three flagships. Rear of the phone has camera at centre along with Nokia trademark, only Nokia XL has camera with flash in it. A USB connector slot and above the phone has 3.5mm audio jack. Left of the phone has nothing but right side of phone has volume and power button on it. Design of all the three phones are good and are made rightly according to the price of phones.

Nokia X+


Display of Nokia X and Nokia X+ is same 4-inches while Nokia XL has big 5-inch screen display. All the three phones have same resolution of WVGA but differ in pixel density of screen. Nokia X and Nokia X+ have 233ppi density whereas Nokia XL has 187ppi density. All the three phones have adopted IPS LCD technology for bright and vibrant display. Display of the phones is not much impressive like we see in Lumia series of Nokia. Keeping the price in mind Nokia has provided good display for their entry-level phones. Display has no special features like Gorilla Glass protection or scratch resistant glass which means you will have to handle your phone with very gentle care.

Hardware & Performance:

Hardware is installed smartly in new Nokia flagships, we saw last year itself that Nokia has come with powerful hardware in Nokia Lumia 525 which was entry-level phone with good power in it. Keeping the basics same Nokia X series also run with serious powerful engine in it. Nokia X slightly differs in hardware configuration than Nokia X+ and XL. Nokia X series phone has Snapdragon S4 play chipset installed in it; all three phones have same 1GHz dual-core A5 Cortex processor. Nokia X has 512MB RAM for multitasking and multiprocessing whereas other two has 768MB RAM. Nokia X has slight lower hardware configuration than of Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. When we talk about storage in phone all three X series has 4GB inbuilt memory and is further expandable with the help of microSD card.

Dual-core processor and RAM are sufficient to take care of heavy computing and multitasking. So just forget about lags and stutter in performance.

Nokia XL

Camera, OS and Battery:

Camera on Nokia X and Nokia X+ is 3.15 inch which can capture good images at 2048 x 1536 pixels and has other features like panorama, face detection. Video recording is also possible with 3.15MP camera at 480p resolution. Camera of Nokia XL is 5MP which capture good and clear pictures; video shot with 5MP camera of Nokia XL is at 480p resolution.

OS is talk of the town from couple of days as Nokia has just invented something outstanding. Nokia X series phone will run on Nokia X platform 1.0 which is also known as Nokia Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. You will be able to run almost all Android apps, but this not official Google project so you will not find Play store, Google drive and Google services on Nokia X series. Nokia has used One drive for cloud storage and has Nokia Store for apps.

Battery plays important role in smartphones and Nokia X series too has good battery installed. Nokia X and X+ has same battery strength of 1500mAh which provides good talk time and standby time, while on Nokia XL you will have 2000 mAh strength which has even more talk time and standby time than other two phones.


Phones from Nokia X series are really good as you do not have to shell out more money for powerful smartphones. It has all version phones like phone with 4-inch display and 5-inch display so one can make easy choice for their suitable phone.

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There are many leaks and rumors regarding Nokia device with Android operating system but this is the first time that Nokia Normandy Prototype  leaks in a live photo.The Normandy handset from Nokia was in talk from last many days and finally this device made a small appearance. Android OS is taking over all the other mobile phone operating system and so this device will make a big change for Nokia. Its a good news for Nokia fans that they will get to use Android operating system on their preferred mobile brand.

Nokia Logo

Photo leaked of Nokia Normandy leaked on Twitter is showing boot screen. Photo leaked with boot screen is actually hiding the Android interface from Nokia Normandy. This is going to be the first Nokia mobile with Android operating system into it. According to rumors, this new phone will be live at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2014.

Rumours have also given the specification for this new device.Following are the rumoured specifications

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 SoC.
  • 4 inches FWVGA display and
  • 5 megapixel of the primary camera.
  • Operating systems Android 4.4.1 KitKat out of the box.

There is no official confirmation for this from Nokia but if we believe rumous then this is going to be a very interesting device.