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Nokia X2 an Android Smartphone build after Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia Xl. Nokia X2 offers Dual SIM functionality. Nokia X2 is loaded with all recent latest features and specifications, the Smartphone runs on JellyBean 4.3 with Nokia software 2.0. It comes with 4.3-inch of LCD display screen with Scratch resistant glass. The pixel resolution of 800 X 480 gives quality of output. The Smartphone is powered by Qualcomm 200 Snapdragon processor with a clock speed of 1.2GHz and 1GB of RAM. The processor gives flawless multitasking and smooth performance.

Nokia X2

More digging on Nokia X2 specification and features, the Smartphone offers good connectivity options like 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and many more. The camera specification is no less, it offers 5MP as rear camera and a 0.3MP as front facing camera. The memory section too is descent with 4GB of internal memory storage, which can be expanded further with MicroSd card. The battery power of 1800 mAH is pretty powerful.

To make your Nokia X2 more useful, installing PC Suite and USB driver and connecting your device with PC or laptop is must. PC suite can act as one solution for too many issues. Updating firmware, getting backup, transferring content, restoring are all possible with a few simple click. Syncing with cloud service too is quite easy. Nokia X2 PC Suite provides complete security with better performance. With PC suite you can also make your device act as a modem and share internet with other device. Seriously, one can do numerous things with PC Suite!

Nokia X2 PC Suite download


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This is a complete tutorial for installing CyanogenMod 11 on your Nokia X Series of Smartphone’s presented to you by PhoneLane. Nokia X being the most predominant and the lone series of Smartphone’s with forked version of Android installed on them, so they have got their Software under inviligation by the developers for developing different kinds of updated ROM’s. Likewise this CyanogenMod 11 has been made compatible for porting on nokia X family and is originated from Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat. This update brings a new look to your Smartphone along with many other improvements. Yet the improvements are not complete because developers are still working on it and they have just released whatever they are done with.

Nokia X

Before going through the installation of CyanogenMod11, your Nokia X should be rooted which can be easily performed via a variety of applications like Z4Root, etc. Your Smartphone should be charged above 80% so that your Smartphone won’t get bricked in the middle of the installation process. This will completely void the warranty of your Smartphone and we are not taking any responsibility of any kind of damage causing to your Smartphone.

Download Requirements:

  1. CM11
  2. Gapps
  3. Nokia X USB Drivers.

Follow each step with extra attention for the successful implantantion of CyanogonMod 11 on your Smartphone.

  1. Enable USB debugging by going via following path, System > Developer options > Enable USB debugging.
  2. In the meantime keep all the Nokia X drivers installed on your PC.
  3. Plug in your USB cable in your PC and your Smartphone and transfer CM11 and Gapps files in your Smartphone’s root storage.
  4. Disconnect it from your PC and turn off your Smartphone and boot it into recovery mode by pressing Power and volume up button simultaneously.
  5. Now out of different options available in recovery mode tap on Data Wipe out or Factory reset and perform this operation. After wise tap on Wipe cache and Dalvik cache in Advance option section.
  6. Finally click on “GO Back” first and then on “Reboot System Now”

This is it, you have installed the latest CyanogenMod 11 on your Nokia X / X+/ XL, etc successfully. You can now enjoy the new looks and features of CyanogenMod to the fullest.

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When it comes to comparing two smart phones there is this one epic battle that is happening these days. It is between Nokia X and LGl70. Nokia is trying hard to achieve its lost glory and this is the reason it has entered into the Android based phone market. Here are some features of these phones and how does one smart phone performs better than the other one.

Nokia X vs Lg L70

Display, Memory and Data features

The Nokia X is a Micro-SIM based phone that comes with IPS LCD Capacitive touch Screen that has got 16M colors. If Nokia X has got 4 inch screen then the LGl70 has got 4.5 inch screen. Nokia X has got 4GB of internal memory that can be extended up to 32GB with the help of an external micro SD card whereas LGl70 has also got the same 4 GB internal memory that can also be extended up to 32 GB. Nokia X supports GPRS and EDGE to a certain speed limit which is little less. LGl70 supports high speed GPRS and EDGE.

Camera, Operating System and Battery Specifications

Nokia X comes with a 3.15 MP rear camera and there is no front camera option which is available. The LGl70 comes with 5MP rear camera and there is a VGA front camera which is available. Nokia X comes with Jelly Bean that is v4.1.2 Android operating system where as LGl70 comes with the latest Kitkat that is v4.4.2 Android mobile operating system. If we talk about the battery specifications then we can say that the Nokia X comes with a Li-on 1500 mAh battery which offers 408h of standby time and 13h of talk time. The LGl70 comes with a Li-on 2100 mAh battery. Though LG’s battery sounds more powerful but the fact is that Nokia X’s battery offers more stand by time as well as talk time.

Processor and sensor details

Nokia X has got a Dual-Core 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor where as the LGl70 has got a Dual-Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8210 processor. Both of these smart phones have got a Accelerometer sensor as well as proximity sensor. The FM radio option provided with Nokia X is a stereo FM radio and with LGl70 you can expect normal FM radio option. The another rpoint where Nokia scores more are the color features as Nokia X is available in many different color options such as Green, Red, cyan, yellow, black and white. Whereas the LGl70 is available on only two colors and those are white and black. Hence if you are planning to hold a colorful smart phone in your hand then consider opting for Nokia X otherwise LGl70 offers more features and is more advanced

All in all both smart phones are good as far as affordability and reasonable price are concerned. But if we talk about features and performance then the LGl70 scores more than the Nokia X. Hence if you are planning to buy any of these smart phones then consider opting for LGl70 as it is a feature rich smart phone and is available at an affordable price tag.

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Is your fast lane beast suffering from rapid battery drainage? Yes! I am obviously talking about your cute colourful candy bar Nokia X!

Actually Nokia X is more about hardware and less about its specifications. There is no need to get surprised, it’s a budget phone and you have to compromise in its quality one way or another. Nokia manufacturers have nurtured their Nokia X hardware with intensive care under its price limit. But this forked android is lagging far behind in some essential features.512 MB RAM will surely conflict with the smooth running of applications. Its own video player cannot play high resolution video clips (no even 720p).Every time we have to visit third-party websites to get android applications; this might be exposing our Smartphone to vulnerable viruses floating on internet. Thus, these conflictions lead us to know that our Nokia X needs improvement in every aspect.

Nokia X

Talking about its battery, it has only got 1500mAh battery. What can we expect from 1500mAh battery? It is surely going to get empty after 4-6 hours of continuous usage. Nokia has failed to give better performance in battery backup of their first forked android but they have resolved this problem in their upper versions of Nokia X which are yet to arrive like Nokia XL. Nokia X being a budget phone had to suffer in some aspects so Nokia can’t be blamed at all .We has to utilize our low performance battery in filtered way so that we can make increment in its talk time.

Now here are some important tips and tricks which can extend your Nokia X battery life. Perform these actions, update your phone setting in this way and you will surely get benefited:

1)      Charging: Whenever you charge your Nokia X Smartphone, charge it completely. It increases battery lifetime and recycles the already stored charge in it. In layman’s language we say making it refresh.

2)      Display Brightness: Keep it as low as possible. But it is being advised not to keep it too low that it may harm your eyes.

3)      Speakers: Loudspeakers also take a genuine share from the battery of a Smartphone. So always use wired headsets because they consume less and minimise the use of loudspeakers.

4)      Bluetooth: It drains the battery of your Smartphone like a vampire. So, always make least use of Bluetooth and don’t use Bluetooth headsets at all because they not only drain faster battery but their longer usage is also dangerous to your health.

5)      Background Data: Always close background data when you are not running internet because it keeps draining your battery in background running applications like whatsapp, facebook ,skype, etc .

6)      Backlight Timer: Set a short time for backlight to go off when your phone is idle.

7)      You can also set your Smartphone on Flight mode when you don’t have to receive calls and notifications. But it’s not recommended much because it’s hardly possible for any one in these days to opt out of attending calls and messages. Its part of our lifestyle now.

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Congratulations!!! Finally the most anticipated Nokia X has got its custom 1st ever custom ROM. Before installing custom ROM, It is very important to know you phone’s interior architecture. Nokia X is operating on Nokia x software platform 1.0 which is actually forked version of android 4.1 developed on Android Open Source Project (AOSP).This Nokia X platform can run almost 75% android applications which was made possible only because of brilliant effort from Finnish software giant Nokia. Nokia x was lagging behind because of few drastic anomalies which could not be ignored .Like It had got no support from any of the services provided by Google. It could never have been possible to run Google play store or Hangouts on this forked version of android4.1.0. A giant leap from xda members made it possible to get complete Google services worked on Nokia X by creating its vanilla custom ROM.A senior member of xda called as dhacker29 designed a custom Android 4.1.2 ROM for nokia X .This firmware is actually build from code Aurora branch jb_rel_2.0.3.Most fascinating thing is that no problems have been detected till now after installing custom vanilla ROM .It has shown improvement in noise issues during voice call, better network and better application support.

Nokia X

Here We Go:

Follow the steps given below carefully to flash your nokia x stock ROM and install custom ROM on it:

Simply download all the software’s given below from any source you like.
1 Data Package Manager 4.2
2 Nokia Care Suit
3 UserGroupsConfiguration (needs to be unzipped).

Before getting started please remove your sim card and sd card from your nokia X.

Open Nokia Care Suit and run Data Package Manager. Be careful at running Nokia Care Suit, if it fails to get authenticated then Select File>work Online>Ok.

People who have already downloaded custom ROM will need to transfer those files in c;/Program Data/Nokia/Packages/Products/RM-xxx(xxx will be your own product type).

Now you are ready to flash you Nokia X stock ROM:

Start Nokia Care Suit Software and open Product Support Tool for Store 5.0.Now choose Work Offline and remain in No Connection mode.

Go to Product Support Tool for Store 5.0 > File > Open Product.
Now choose your product by matching its product code (RM-xxx as illustrated earlier)

Now Go to Update List and choose the stock ROM which you have already downloaded and then click start.

This needs a lot of patience .Now you have to wait for sometime till the verification process is completed and flashing starts.

Don’t worry if it misbehaves a little or shows error this is because the connection is lost at the time of flash start up.

Now plug in USB port into your PC.
Switch off your nokia x and simultaneously press volume down and power button and keep it pressed for a while (at least 15 seconds) till your phone vibrates .Release screen lock/power off button and after a while release volume down key also.

Connect your phone now with your PC through already plugged in USB.

It might again start misbehaving like showing error messages but don’t worry you just need to simply change the USB port. While flashing your Nokia X this message might appear” you have chosen not assigned product for this device do you want to continue” Press OK.

Congratulations your Vanilla Android 4.1.0 Jellybean Nokia x is ready…..

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Android is overall ruling software these days in smartphones almost all companies are now launching their phones android based. Nokia Company has now officially announced its much awaited first Android based smartphone named Nokia X followed with other two smartphones of X series including Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. All these here X family phones are low budget smartphones and they come with user interface style of Nokia Lumia and have 1 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor with many other inbuilt featured software’s while one of these software is  social application  Facebook messenger that we all are well aware of Facebook.

Nokia X Dual Sim

Facebook Messenger is well featured user friendly inbuilt application in Nokia X series smartphones. These app is very easy to use and as we open the application a window pops up saying enter your username and password or sign up if you not already a Facebook user thus simple and easy interface like android Facebook messenger we all aware about. Then as you successfully log in the window pops up stating Contact Sync. Now this software provides you option like sync all your contacts or sync only existing contacts or even if you don’t want to sync there is option not sync, you can select any of these three option as per your need and as per you have selected from this option sync would start in background and you main app screen would come up and you can use it as you want with many features available.

There are many features available like:

  1. Newsfeed where you can see the latest updates of stories from all the people and various Pages that you have followed on Facebook
  2. Message feature helps you to send private message to any of the user on Facebook and even you can read them on this app.
  3.  Event feature is also available, this is social utility that helps you connect people with friends and people, who work, study and live around them and join in any event organised by them or you can start up your own event.
  4. Friends option you can look who all your friends are and browse through them directly on their wall and check out their latest posts and updates
  5. If you drag to right side in the software you have the chat option where you can see the friends who are online and even there is option of favourite where you can add friends in that tab and only the selected friends would show up there enabling you to see whether they online or not rather than all the others friends
  6. The main screen has the time line and show’s update of all your friends and the screen keep on updating with latest updates
  7. The overall performance of the app is faster and you can go to settings and change them as per your requirements.


The Facebook messenger app in Nokia X series is very user-friendly with all the features that are available on the Facebook desktop website thus enabling you to easily access your Facebook account from your cell phone and thus making your social connectivity with your friend better and thus giving you experience similar to your website.

Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home APK download for Nokia X, X+ and XL
Facebook Messenger
Facebook Home

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Nokia is entering in Android market with its first Android powered device ‘Nokia X’. They revealed Nokia X in MWC and soon after that, they made it available in Malaysia. Nokia want their customers to have Nokia X as soon as possible and so they announced it via Malaysian retailer for RM 399 (about $120). There are already many orders placed for it and still counting. It will be interesting to see that how Nokia X fights with already existing Android powered smartphones in market.

Nokia X Dual Sim

Nokia X is a budget android smartphone and so we cannot expect any extraordinary features from it, but its specifications make it worth for its price. Nokia X comes with a dual-core 1 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, which is supported by a 512 MB RAM. There is a 4 inch WVGA display screen and 4 GB of storage. It has a 3 megapixel camera at back.

Nokia X can be considered as a mixture of Android, Windows phone and a few elements from Nokia Asha lineup. You cannot access Google Play store with Nokia X. Nokia has their own app store from where you can download android application for your phone. You cannot sideload Android applications because there is no access to Google Play store. Nokia claims that 75% of applications can run without any modification.


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Nokia is going to launch their first Android powered smartphone in April and according to various sources, it is found, Nokia is sending Nokia X units to developers in India. According to rumored news, Nokia’s new device is going to be based on Android source code, but there is not going to be any built in Google services. So, users of Nokia X will not be having Play Store access. To overcome such condition, Nokia is building their own Application store from where users can download and install applications to their phone.

Apart from Nokia App store, they are also replacing Google’s services with their own HERE Maps location services and Microsoft’s Bing, Outlook and Skype. As Nokia is going to develop their own app store for their upcoming Android device (Nokia X), they must give it a name. As per the rumors report, the store is having Codename as Asha on Linux (AoL). It is also rumored that Nokia has considered many of the top applications from Google Play store their upcoming AoL store. Nokia Asha devices are already famous and it is in demand. With Nokia X, they are trying to make a smarter version of Asha devices which will be running android operating system.

Nokia Normandy Leaked

Nokia wants this phone to stand in mid rang device list and so they are trying to keep Nokia X price as low as possible. It is expected that Nokia X will come with the price tag of Rs 6500. Nokia X will come with somewhat similar looks as Asha 501. There is a 4 inch WVGA display screen. It has dual-core Snapdragon 200 chipset supported with 512MB RAM. At the rear side of the phone, it has a 5 megapixel camera. There is 4 GB expandable storage. It has DUAL SIM option and encompasses a 1500 mAh battery. It is expected that Nokia X will be announced in the upcoming MWC in Barcelona that is to be held this month.


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Nokia’s new upcoming Android powered smartphone is already in news from last many days. Their new device is also known as “Normandy” and Nokia X. It is going to be nokia’s first smartphone to have android operating system and it can open a new way for nokia devices. Till now, we were just having leaked information about its specification but now there is rumored price for Nokia Normandy. According to rumored news, new Nokia Normandy will come with price tag of $110 which is very competitive price in market.

Being a Android device, Normandy should have access to Google Play but its not true in case of Normandy. Instead of Google Play, Normandy will be running their own app store which will have famous android applications like Skype, Facebook, Twitter etc. Nokia has planed to unveil their new Android powered device in MWC that is to be held in this month.

Nokia Normandy Leaked

Nokia X is an entry level smartphone with a 4-inch WVGA display and dual-core Snapdragon processor supported with 512 MB of RAM. There is 4 GB of internal storage and if you want to use more then you can use external memory card with it. Nokia X is a Dual SIM supported phone and there are many color options given to users. There is no official confirmation for Nokia X price but if we believe rumored news then you will have to pay $110 for it. We would like to know your opinion that if $110 is worth for Nokia X. Please reply below in comments.


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Android is ruling the Mobile phone market these days. Sales for Nokia smartphones is going down day by day and to pick up market shares they have to come up with a change. Finally Nokia is going to appear with their first Android powered Smartphone. According to The Wall Street Journal sources, Nokia is working on their budget Android device because Nokia is going to be acquired by Microsoft. We can consider first Nokia Android device as a replacement for their current Nokia Asha devices which is one of the famous mid-range smartphone.

It is in news from last few months that new device from Nokia will come with name Nokia X. According to WSJ, new Nokia Android devices will neither have Google Play store nor other Google services. In replacement of Google services, they will avail users with Nokia application store with Android apps and services like Here Maps, Nokia Mix Radio and others. It is going to be interesting to see how such new service will attract users.

Nokia Normandy Leaked

Nokia X is an entry level smartphone with a 4-inch WVGA display and dual-core Snapdragon processor supported with 512MB of RAM. A 4 GB of internal storage and if you want to use more then you can use external memory card with it. Nokia X is a Dual SIM supported phone and there are many color options given to users. According to various sources, we can say that Nokia will unveil their first Android-powered device at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. There are many factors that can affect sells of Nokia X like price, market availability etc.