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After Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android Nougat is all set to make public appearances. With latest version releasing, Android promises to introduce new features which will create a buzz among the users. While, many users are officially using the new version for little while from now! The official version is for limited users, who participated in the Android Developers Preview build. But the same can’t be said about Nexus 6P owners! Yes, Google has put the version on hold for a little time now, due to few battery optimization issues.

Huawei Nexus 6P

Download Android 7.0 for Nexus 6p

The image of Nexus 6P’s is out and already trending on several Smartphone blogs. The factory piece is ready to download the flash –all.bat pleasure. Users might find the piece with code: NRD90U. The version is expected to release in September with a few patches. The security patches and bugs will be cleared by month of September itself, and not by August.

The OTA Image for Nexus devices contains binary image files which allow updating Nexus manually.Without the need of wiping of the device completely, please read the policy carefully before you select the check box and download the images.

Download Factory Image | OTA Files

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A premium offering right from the start, Google upped the game with this year’s offering. Partnering for the first time with Huawei, Google launched the perfect sequel to the Nexus 6. Featuring a Snapdragon 810 v2 chipset with 3GB of RAM, 12.3 MP camera, fingerprint reader and 3450 mAh Li-Po battery, the new Nexus features the perfect balance of high-end features, premium look and a great software experience with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Huawei Nexus 6P

How a smartphone battery works

Let us start with the basics, shall we? Your Huawei Nexus 6P comes with a Lithium-Polymer battery. Lithium-Polymer batteries have an inherent deficiency in low voltages, and actually drain faster when charged over 90% and go below 20%. While these statistics are up for debate, your phone battery life will work optimally when charged between 20% and 90%, instead of fully charging and draining the battery.

  1. Using a Dark-Coloured Wallpaper and Theme

Your Huawei Nexus 6P comes with an AMOLED touchscreen, where it is best to use a dark-coloured background. AMOLED screens only illuminate coloured pixels, while black pixels stay unlit. Dark wallpapers ensure lesser number of pixels being lit, hence less battery power required to light them up. Likewise, a dark-coloured theme, such as the default Android Marshmallow theme will also ensure that lesser pixels are illuminated.

  1. Using Lock Screen Notifications

Lock screen notifications help to conserve a lot of battery life, since they let you view only a tiny part of the screen without switching the whole screen on. This is particularly useful when you receive a lot of notifications such as spam SMS. Lock screen notifications are available by default on the new Nexus 6P.

  1. Using Shorter Screen Time-Out

If you want to conserve on power, a shorter screen time-out on your Nexus 6P will go a long way. From a practical standpoint, it makes more sense, since it ensures that the screen is turned on for a short period of time. The most practical time is between 15 and 30 seconds. Anything greater will keep your screen on for extended periods of time, straining the battery.

  1. Manually Controlling Screen Brightness

The Auto Screen brightness feature is a nice functionality, but in reality, it is way brighter than necessary. Since the screen consumes most of the battery, manually controlling it to a low level, and then changing as required will ensure superior battery life.

  1. Turning Off Additional Connectivity Features

It is best to turn off GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G data connectivity when not using them. Location data and services is a great battery hog, since they constantly sync your location, either over the data connection, or via the GPS.

  1. Using Doze

The latest iteration of Android comes with a unique feature called Doze. The feature activates a hibernation mode when the phone has not been used for a prolonged period of time. It severely checks the wastage of power, letting your phone lose only 5% of its battery life, instead of the normal 20-25%. All apps are not forced to use this new technology, but you can check which ones support the feature.

  1. Disable Auto Sync

Disable Auto Sync for your Google account. Auto sync turns on your app in the background to sync data at a set interval, usually 15 minutes. Unless it is important to have Auto Sync enabled to receive critical information, it is best to disable the system to preserve some more juice in your battery. Most apps let you manually refresh data when you launch them, instead of doing the same multiple times throughout the day. For apps such as Calendar, the system lets you downloads the data when you open it, and notifies you at the appropriate time.

  1. Use Battery Saving Apps

There are multiple apps like Greenify, which helps to automate the process of enhancing battery modes. It analyzes misbehaving apps and then hibernates them, preventing them from slowing down the phone, and draining the battery without losing functionality.

  1. Disable Google Voice Search

The “OK, Google” voice search feature is one of the coolest features in your Nexus 6P. However, it can play havoc with your battery life, particularly if you use it rarely. You can go to Google Settings from the app drawer and disable it.

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Nexus 6P is now available at the Google store, but you have to pre-order it. For people in the US, you can also buy it on Huawei’s own online storefront. Huawei is selling the phone directly with a shipping date of late Oct, although the price is the same as Google but before taking that as an alternative, you might want to consider its pros and cons.

Google Play

Would like to buy it from Google Store or Huwaei Store

Here Are the Reasons:-

Huawei is not charging tax in most states, its distribution centre is in California, although there is some news that they have charged in Illinois so it might be that they charge for some selective states. Yet, it is better than Google because Google charges sales tax in 45 states in the US. Since both manufacturers are drawing from different stocks chances are if you are a lower order number on Huawei then you might get your phone a bit sooner. Huawei also has a payment plan where it gives you credit check and its interest rates are about 10 to 20 %. Google, on the other hand, will only provide you with a payment plan if you sign up for Fi.

Also Consider these points:-

  1. Unfortunately, Huawei does not give you the white colour model and the 128GB model is not available in any colour.
  2. If you choose Huawei as your alternative you won’t get the free $50 Google play credit or 90-day play music voucher, it may be sent to your email id when you activate your phone.
  3. Huawei does not give the Nexus protect insurance plan, so you have to only manage with Huawei’s hardware warranty.
  4. Even though Huawei is having a shipping free option that will take 5 to 7 business days but the company may charge a restocking fee if there is a return policy.

Yes so that’s the whole news about Nexus 6P, do tell us which manufacturer did you prefer?