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Games, a long time before this word was only divided as indoor or outdoor. But now game getting added as application on Smartphone’s and tablets have given different dimension for this. Games with great effects are sure visual treat. When you have your other friends to share this treat with you, then multiplayer games gives different essence for games. Now thanks, to Smartphone and tablets the multi-player games gives you awesome experience to play with other friends. The war games, shooting games or race games are sure to try for on my list now. Trying these games to play with other in competitive way is great. At first I found a bit difficult to choose 5 best Android games. But then on trying hands on few I was able to list out top games. These top games have sure intense action that will seriously shoot your adrenaline in your body.

Let me list few my top multiplayer game:

Dead Trigger 2:

This game is seriously awesome man! In this game, you are placed in center of Zombie apocalypse. Then you find space not only to battle but you can also hide for your own survival against undead. To play this game you can not only make choice between joysticks but also touch control scheme too. This Android game is implementing and molded as a real-time story development. This game gets better and better with contribution of other players. The game gives edge to edge thrilling moments with amazing graphic effects. A big ‘yes’ to go for this multiplayer game.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

This game is highly rated under action series. This game features high quality graphics display and sound that probably none other game promises to offer. The complete package of Modern Combat 4 will surely drive you crazy. This action shooter game with multi player mode makes this game stand out differently in the crowd. The developers have stick to the words to focus on minute things to improve with quality of effects and graphics. The release date of Modern Combat 5 have been postpone to next year 2014 since developers want to achieve their vision fully.

Conduit HD:

Playing this game needs high voltage adrenaline. Suspense and thrillers at each step will surely make you feel to play more and more. I always wanted to be secret agent, but my dream was not fulfilled but thanks to this game. The story makes me feel the same. The story runs where you are recruited by mysterious organization as a secret agent. Being a secret agent you must know how to handle weapons, fight against aliens and fight with all sort of troubles to save your dearly planet. In this game you have to fight back with 14 distinct alien and human enemies using different types of 18 weapons, this sounds extremely fantastic. The firepower adds cherry on this game. The rating of this game is 4.5 highest in the series. Have heard this game will soon be having multiplayer version. Hope they soon come up with this. If you haven’t given a try, then better try for first two levels as first two levels are free of cost. But for now this will be best on single player category.

Shadowgun: Dead-Zone

How can this game stay out if we are listing top five multi-player games? Shadow-gun game is sure good example of Android multiplayer gaming. This is the only game losing a single second can be harmful. After looking its effect this surely has all potential to gain their decent position in gaming world. A breath taking situation when you are not only attacked by one enemy, but in this game you can play against 12 players simultaneously for a hard battle. The two game modes: Death-match and Zone Control with great characters gives wide range of weapons to go with. This version is fantastic then its previous version with awesome visuals and controllers. The support for controllers gives positive votes for this game. With several positive scores need to say this game will surely earn good ratings in coming days.

NOVA 3: Near Orbit

The multiplayer version is sure on my list. This game with single player was breath taking. The storyline of this game, shooter returns to earth after year of exile as human is seriously great with visual charm. Previously this game was single player game but with latest version multi-player is surely a do thing on my list. Have heard the plot of whole game is beautifully captured. The multi-player game is full in swing which allows you to fight against 12 different players on six different maps in different mode. The second installment of this game has several enhanced effects and the total game play is pretty solid. But the disappointment point is, there are few bugs to cover in this game. The game is bit buggy with poor controls on touch. But this can be rated as one of the coolest Sci-Fi FPS game.

According to my list of top 5 games, these were my best games. But there are other games too, which are racing to get high rating on this list. Let me list out few:

Clash of Clans:

The motto of the game, lead your clan to victory. This is epic combat strategy game where you battle with other players online. You have to keep strong eye while gaming to keep you safe from enemies.

Transport Tycoon:

This is an ultimate transport empire game. This game consist everything that real transport sort of game should have. This game has brilliant micro-detailing things to expand your transport empire.

Star Command:

The fans of Star trek will feel great. The game is planned to work around Star trek theme. This game allows you to build your own ship, explore universe and battle with several aliens to achieve glory. All you need to do is, prevent alien invaders from taking your ship causing destruction. Weird and very strange aliens will annoy you in this game. But after looking its tale, I feel to give a try for this game.