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Microsoft is all set to raise itself to higher and higher stage. Now, Microsoft has made its update available to both Web office Apps and to Office 365. Previously Microsoft failed to provide requested functionality with real-time collaboration. Recent updates has added different dimension that brings real-time collaboration to Office Web Apps. With this, documents in Excel format, Word and PowerPoint stored in Sky Drive can be edited with other collaborators at same time. More advancement is expected to shine in coming months as Microsoft officials are planning to increase its Web Apps push.

More than this, Office 365 Home Premium subscribers will also get advantage. Whether they are paid license user or not, they will get special benefits. The benefits will include 60-minutes on Skype and 20GB of additional storage on Sky-Drive. While for Business side holders of Office 365, all enterprise users will get Yammer Enterprise and also with this they will be able to give other user Yammer access.

Microsoft office 365

Now its crystal clear Office 365 is being completely renewed. More Microsoft account will be getting sync with Office 365. The system will get compatible with PC’s, Macs and mobile gadgets too. Microsoft has officially announced that they will be including Yammer Enterprise too with all Office 365 Enterprise plans. The Yammer enterprise has several advantages; it not only allows co-operation but also collaboration with different people. Few features are messaging service; document chatting, Email exchange and mobile application usage. This will be rare combination which will solve many issues that occurred in past.