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Motorola Nexus 6

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Motorola Nexus 6 is the latest sensation from Google-Motorola amalgam to be available in due course of time. It will be flaunting a 5.96inches AMOLED display with resolution of 1440*2560pixels and pixel density of 493ppi making a high definition and crisp clarity on images, games and videos.  It is a premium Android v5.0 Lollipop Smartphone from Google put forth to be the invader of current high standard Smartphone line up. This buttery Smooth Lollipop works on a 2.7GHz Quad core processor coupled with 3GB RAM makes its application compatibility as well as running flexibility very efficient. It houses a 13MP auto focus primary camera and will be made available in 32 and 64GB internal storage variants, both seeming adorable. A 3220 mAh Li-Po battery will be placed in this Smartphone which is hoped to make it work round the clock.

Motorola Nexus 6

This giant sized Smartphone is more likely to be called a Phablet, looking at its size. So, one handed use of this Phablet is going to be a bigger challenge and is more likely to suffer accidental drops. For that purpose the sure of high grade protective cases is recommended to save your precious Smartphone. Here we have enlisted some of the best protective cases for Nexus 6 you will love to put on your Smartphone.

1. Spigen Slim Armor Case: It is slimmer as well as stronger case composed to bi layered TPU along with polycarbonate case. The exterior of case is rightly designed to provide better looks as well as easy to handle grip design. Moreover, its drop and shock resistance is enhanced by its air cushion technology. It’s 0.6mm protruding lip around the display gives protection against scratches.

Nexus 6 Case Slim Armor

2. SUPCASE Nexus 6 Case: This is an easy to install case provided with precisely edged cut outs for all the buttons and necessary slots. Its durability originates from its thermoplastic polyurethane commonly known as TPU and poly carbonate casing. Its sides are concaved at the back to give sporty glimpse and available in multiple colour choices.

SUPCASE Nexus 6 Case

3. i-Blason Nexus 6 case: It’s a light weight sporty protective case designed from shock absorber TPU and exteriorly filmed with rubbery material for enhanced and comfortable grip. Extra extended cushions at corners provide greater drop protection. Moreover all the features, buttons and slots are easily accessible via precise cut outs.

iBlason Nexus 6 case

4. TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU Bumper: This slim and light weight case for Google Nexus 6 is developed from TPU and rubberized silicone skin. This soft silicone exterior provides premium feel as well as good grip; a protruding lip around display is also available for protection against scratches and other display damages.

TUDIA Ultra Slim LITE TPU Bumper

5. Abacus24-7 Wallet Case: It is a leathery wallet case especially designed for Nexus 6. The superior drop and shock protection is provided by TPU along with leathery exterior sheath giving protection as well as premium leathery looks. It has got spaces for holding credit/ debit cards and ID cards, etc. It is kept encased tightly by magnetic closing knob.

Abacus24-7 Wallet Case


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Phones are now part of our daily life’s without which we can’t imagine getting by our daily life. With daily releases in application people have used the devices for so many different ways and reasons that no one can imagine. When it comes to flagships phones there are a few out there in the market, best in the business commonly referred to. We bring you a set of 5 ultra-high end phones that stand head and shoulders above all for various reasons. Here is our pick.

Top 5 ultra high end Android smartphones in the month of November 2014

5. Sony Xperia Z3:

Sony Xperia Z3 is created by Sony one of the best mobile developers in this world. Sony has always stumped the world with some of their very best .Sonys Xperia series has certain specification which runs along the whole series like common wide screen, better rear camera and high end graphic and all this qualities are in Xperia Z3. With 5.2″screen 424 PPI Adreno 330 GPU your image games and video viewing capability enhances.
Sony Xperia Z3
To support all this high graphics and the device output a 2.5GHz quad core processor with 3Gb RAM is been added. The device supports 2G, 3G and the latest 4G technology thus you can get uninterrupted network from all possible connection. Company didn’t stop here they added a 20.7MP camera at back with dual led which gives some of the awesome images. The company could have included a very good camera but in front like most others but instead choose 2.2MP.the device comes with two option 16 GB and 32 GB internal memory and company has provided a provision to increase the memory using SD card. The most important is 3100mah non removable lithium ion battery to support this giant. Overall phone has got pretty good features and the user review is also quite awesome.

4. Motorola Droid Turbo

Recent release in this high end market is the Motorola’s droid turbo released on October 2014 with few of the best features and at a cheaper rate. The device has 2.7GHz quad core Snapdragon processor with Adreno 420 GPU for enhanced graphics with a 3GB RAM to support the entire system and keep it running at very high speed this hardware combination allows you to perform multiple operations. Device comes with a 5.2” screen with a pixel density of 565 PPI few of the highest pixel density provide by the company for better viewing.

Motorola DROID Turbo 800

Droid turbo consist of internal memory with a selection option between 32 GB and 64 GB accept this there are no memory slots for expanding. The 21 MP rear camera with dual led is an added benefit. The device is water resistant one of the key features of this phone.

3. Motorola Nexus 6

Google’s official device manufacturer Motorola produced its last device for before handing it to Lenovo Nexus 6 or some may call it nexus X. The device has been awaited for long by its fans and like other Nexus phones the device is said to be market turnover. The device is backed with a 2.7 GHz quad core snapdragon processor with a 3 GB RAM and an Adreno 420 GPU for better display.
Motorola Nexus 6
The device comes with a “6” screen just like a mini tab with a 493 PPI pixel density and 1440×2560 pixels this numbers basically proves that you will receive sharper images and video. The device has a 13mp rear camera with flash and clicking images on Motorola is fun as it has many options to play with. The secondary camera provided 2MP which is nothing but we can work with it. All these great features are useless if we don’t have enough battery and memory and for that Motorola has provided phones with an internal memory of 32GB AND 64GB which is quite enough accept this no extra SD card support is provided. With nano-sim and 3220mAH battery backup the device is one of its kinds.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s Note series has always been in hearts of all the youngsters with best in class hardware, it always one of the most anticipated by masses of all classes. It works on a 2.7GHz quad core processor with a 3GB RAM for quick and multi-thread processing. The device is supported by a 32 GB internal memory with an option to expand to 128 GB using micro SD card. The 176 g device has many new features including S-pen stylus, fingerprint scanner, OTG.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As this is a high end device the performance should be the best and for that company is providing up to 4G capability with a battery support of 3220 mAH which helps this ~6″ device work for long hour. The device has 5.7″ screen with 515 pixel density which provides sharper images. Samsung also provides a 16MP camera at the back with led and unlimited option while catching some of the fantastic moments the front camera remains disappointed as they have added 3.7Mp front camera but its more than what others have offered in this category.

1. Apple iPhone 6 plus:

We all are found of the tech company Apple and all its products are widely loved and used irrespective of prize. IPhone 6 plus launched on September, 2014 with loads of features and very distinctive prize. The device is compatible for 2G, 3G AND 4G technology which is quite awesome iPhone 6 plus is 172g heavy and has finger print scanner and 5.5” screen with 401 PPI. Now let’s check what makes Apple devices outstanding.
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
The device is equipped with 1.4 GHz dual core Arm processor with PowerVr GPU with this comes a 1GB RAM for processing all the data quickly. We all know Apple is famous for its screen and camera and indeed iPhone 6 plus has very vivid and colourful screen but the center of the attraction its 8MP rear camera with dual flash catches all your moments in a very high quality and the Display it on a 5.5” screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels. Company is providing this phone in 3 variants base on memory 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Apple has decided scrap 8Gb iterations of iPhone 6.


All the above mentioned phones consist of all the basic amenities possessed by their inferior but we have mentioned only the once that are new in them. This list will also distinctively tell you advantages of the phone if you are looking for power iPhone 6 or Motorola droid turbo will work but it’s about style note 4 and iPhone 6 will have an upper hand.

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Its Official now, Motorola Google Nexus 6 is set to step on October 29th, and make its first public appearance. Most of the rumors turned true about the Smartphone. This Motorola Google Nexus 6, will be first to sport Android’s very latest 5.0 Lollipop Operating system. This Nexus 6 will have stuff of great features to note. A lot of expectations have been set with Motorola Google Nexus 6. The officials of Google had recently posted blog regarding ‘Nexus 6’, saying they are currently working on the Smartphone.

Motorola Nexus 6

Nexus 6 PC Suite download

This Latest Smartphone Google Nexus 6 is created with Motorola. This Smartphone will have combined good features of Nexus and Motorola. As per rumors the Smartphone, flaunts aluminum frame with 6-inch of High definition of Display. To speak about its camera features, it has 13-Megapixel with focal point of f/2.0 aperture. The battery life too is powerful, it offers 3,220mAH of power, with just 15-minutes of powerful charging can give powerful support for hours and hours. The ‘Turbo Charger’ will surely give great stand-by time and support to other features.
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The latest Android Lollipop version will make its first appearance on Motorola Google Nexus 6, Nexus 7 and 10 in coming weeks to come. There is no news at current, that Nexus to land on Play store or so. The pricing of this Smartphone is yet to be released out. This Smartphone offers Qualcomm 805 Snapdragon, with 2.7GHz Adreno 420. The Screen size is around 5.9 which is approximately 6-inch with pixel resolution of 2560 X 1440. The Smartphone is said to release in two version, one with 32GB and other with 64GB. It is not only dust proof, but also waterproof. The water resistant technology is said to be created with latest technology. Time will only reveal more features about this Smartphone.

A Smartphone with such great features, it is essential to have PC Suite at this point. PC suite becomes quite essential not just to connect Smartphone with PC or Laptop, but also to handle and manage the content. PC Suite is an application which needs to be installed on your Personal Computer or Laptop, after installing you can carry out several needful activities like backup, restoration, synchronization and so easily.
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The pricing details are yet to hit headlines. The Smartphone is expected to release on 29th October, and predicted to be shipped on November 3rd.  The Smartphone is also expected to be available on online store. Users can also order through trusted online stores.

Motorola Nexus 6 PC Suite

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Motorola Nexus 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus are the two latest flagships from Google and Apple respectively. Both these tech firms have reached the peaks of advancement and are producing some real top class highend Smartphone’s for people of this generation. However Apple is being doing since a long time and Google has also stepped in it. Both these Smartphone models are the extremities of luxury both the operating systems can provide. Whether it’s Android OS or iOS, the best of both is seen in these Smartphone’s and also the best of these two Smartphone developers is encased in the configuration of these Smartphone’s. So, here we will provide the complete architecture of these Smartphone’s and check out which one has got the best material incorporated in its genes. You can consider this as your genetics class of these Smartphone’s.

Motorola Nexus 6 Vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus

1. Build Quality and Design: Nexus 6 casing has been designed of contoured Aluminium. However all the other older variants were poly carbonate derivatives and this is the big change from Motorola considering the look and durability of the Smartphone. As compared to its size, its weight has also been balanced and doesn’t feel like a bulk when handled. iPhone 6 Plus has also been designed in keeping the view, it’s easy handling and maintaining its curvy edges. The metalized case has been kept 7.1 mm thick only to allow users to handle this Smartphone with ease. The main concept is to give the light weight metallic look in their Smartphone’s. Apple is being doing it since ages and it was a new experience for Motorola and need to be explored.

2. Display Configuration: Motorola Nexus 6 flaunts a 5.96 inches AMOLED display providing resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and pixel density of 493 ppi. However iPhone 6 Plus houses a 5.5 inches LED backlit IPS LCD display providing screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of 401ppi. Looking at the numeric data here it’s clearly evident that Nexus 6 has got 0.46 inches extra big display as compared to iPhone 6 Plus and has got moderately higher pixel density. So, Nexus 6 will be providing much highly exceptional display clarity but iPhone 6 Plus has got a good resolution also it cannot be neglected.

3. Camera Quality: This factor is the most investigated factor seen nowadays and plays a crucial part in overall performance of a Smartphone. Nexus 6 is implanted with a 13 MP primary camera taking snaps with resolution of 4128 x 3096 pixels while as iPhone 6 Plus has got an 8 MP primary camera with picture resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels. Both the Smartphone’s have got good variety of additional camera features. For video calling and selfie Motorola Nexus 6 has got 2MP front shooter but iPhone 6 plus is seen with just 1.2MP front shooter. In this section also Nexus 6 has got better camera quality than the iPhone 6 Plus. However the main motive behind the limited camera pixels of Apple is known best by them. They are the real giants indeed. Or the 8MP camera is found sufficient by Apple for having in your Smartphone with some nicely trimmed features.

4. Performance: Nexus 6 is pre-installed with latest version of Android OS v 5.0 Lollipop and Apple iPhone 6 plus comes with iOS 8 upgradeable to the latest v 8.0.2. Nexus 6 runs on a Quad core Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 GHz and Apple iPhone 6 plus houses a dual core Apple A8 chipset clocked at 1.4 GHz. The Nexus 6 application running efficiency is very vast with its 3 GB of RAM and its efficiency and speed can be judged by its super fast processor. However, 1 GB RAM is present in iPhone6 Plus which makes it run quite fast, efficient and smoother. This is the case of stability of an operating system and iOs is obviously more stable than android consuming less RAM and hence Apple provides their Smartphone with required amount of RAM.

5. Network and Connectivity: In this case both the Smartphone are top class compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G networks. And network connectivity modes including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. So this case is a tie with both the Smartphone’s possessing identical capabilities.

6. Storage capacity: Nexus 6 comes in 32 GB and 64 GB storage variants while as iPhone 6 plus comes in 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB storage variants. Both the Smartphone’s are devoid of storage expandability via SD card. So, it’s up to your need to choose the perfect storage variant for you.

7. Battery Backup: Nexus 6 is packed with a non removable 3220 mAh battery providing 24 hours of 2G talk time while as iPhone 6 Plus houses a non removable 2915 mAh Li-Po battery also providing 24 hours on 2G. So here both the Smartphone’s are equally stable on their provided batteries and will expectedly provide a good day of usage.

Taking overall look at these Smartphone’s, it’s clearly seen that Nexus 6 is housing a high configuration display, camera and processor but the fact still remains that we are talking about the Smartphone’s of two highly different operating systems and

their need of configuration also differs when it comes to processors and storage needed. So, iPhone 6 Plus can’t be judged inferior here only because it’s OS is more stable.

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Google has finally unveiled their highly awaited Smartphone Nexus 6 to be expectedly hitting the market in this month of October 2014. This Smartphone will be a giant upgrade from Google in terms of performance as well as size. Looking at its size everyone would prefer to call it a Phablet instead of Smartphone.  Not only its size is the most talked thing but the processing capability might take it beyond the limits. With the release of this Smartphone, a lot of former Smartphone’s under its price line would definitely have to suffer the bottle neck effect. Taking an all round glimpse about this Smartphone will get you to know about it much more unseen. So, here we have scrutinized the best 10 things, this Smartphone is going to provide us with.

Motorola Nexus 6

1. Lollipop: The first and foremost thing which got this Smartphone a great share of publicity is that it is coming with the factory launched Android v 5.0 Lollipop. This giant software upgrade will definitely give this Smartphone, a wide range of breathable features and looks. As far as the popularity of this new OS is concerned, it’s being called as the biggest and best update since ice cream sandwich. So, it’s obvious that buying this Smartphone for the reason of tasting lollipop is worth it and makes it obligatory when it comes to the power packed performance of this Smartphone.

2. Great display Quality and design: Nexus 6 is exceptionally alleged to be housed with a 5.96 inches AMOLED display along with display resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and pixel density of 493 ppi. This is the most exceptional and exotic display providing bigger screen enjoyment along with unpredictably high clarity. Who would have though Google and Motorola are planning such tight stuff? This is totally extra ordinary and marvelous.

3. Enhanced Camera: Formerly Nexus 5 possessed 8 MP primary camera and that has been increased to 13 MP now in case of Nexus 6. Besides increasing the power of its camera, some new features like optical image stabilization, dual recording, etc have also been introduced. Besides this primary camera, it houses a 2 Mp front shooter for video chatting and other stuff which seems good when taken a look around within other beasts.

4. Unique Speaker System: This is for the first time that instead of back and side speakers, Nexus 6 will be flaunting two stereo speakers at the front. This simply implies that Google has definitely talked out increasing sound quality and loudness of this Smartphone. As it is seen in majority that most of the Smartphone’s face low sound problems, Google might make the difference here.

5. No storage Worries: Nexus 6 will be rolling out in two storage variants of 32GB and 64GB storage capacity. Both these variants have got considerably good storage and depend upon the need of user to choose one. However, no expand-ability option will be provided.

6. Super fast processor: This Smartphone is ready to provide nitro boosted performance with its Quad core Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7 GHz. This real super fast processor will totally run every bigger than the biggest application Smoothly and to add to its compatibility and number of allowed applications to use, a 3GB of RAM is provided so that user never falls short of memory.

7. Good Sensor Implantation: Looking at the advancements of Google in this category the sensors provided in this Smartphone aren’t their best but still are good. May be their best will be in higher variants of Nexus line up. The provided sensors are accelerometer, proximity, gyro, compass and barometer, however we badly miss heart rate sensor.

8. Best network compatibility: As per the present available network systems, this Smartphone is also compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G frequencies and the available connectivity options seen are Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and WI-FI.

9. Exceptional features: The most exceptional of all the features is it’s Qi enabled wireless charging technology, and commonly seen active noise cancellation with dedicated mic support. However wireless charging is the great achievement seen in this Smartphone.

10. Excellent battery capacity: Motorola has packed this Smartphone with a 3220 mAH Li-Po battery which is able to give 24 hours of talk time. This Smartphone will be provided with quick charging technology which will allow you to completely charge your Smartphone within 15 minutes.