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Everyone knows how it is hard to get on track with their expenses especially when they don’t have much time to do so. Calculating your salary and budget them to your expenses not to mention unforeseen events that comes every now and then. But what if the smartphone you kept inside your pocket can help you do the job to be done? Now here are five apps for iPhone and Android that guarantees to help you track your expenses.

Smartphone can Help You Track Your Expenses

Smartphone can Help You Track Your Expenses

1. Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker is the easiest and user friendly expense tracker app in the store. With the tap top your fingertips, you can adjust and manage your expected and current expenses and calculated from your salary. Get track on your daily to yearly expenses. Categorize and personalize your own lists. Track your expenses using different graphs and view how your salary and expenses decrease and increase through the months. Spending Tracker really helps you get the job done.

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2. Expense Manager

Expense Manager

As many people are looking for these expense and budget tools, why not stop for this? Expense Manager is rather a simply made app but its intuitiveness and stability along with being a feature rich app. It might really just be the one you are looking for. Track expenses and income, split transactions and record recurring expenses. While you’re at it, why not take photos of your receipts? There really are a lot of features to use for free.

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3. Mint

Mint Personal Finance and Money is an app that gives you tools you need to manage income, savings, expenses and budget. It also allows you to sync your accounts from bank accounts and mutual funds. Using this app, you will only be able to manage your income and expenses but also see your checking, savings, 401K and credit card with a tap away. Learn your transaction patterns and manage it better.
Furthermore, with over 20 Million people trust Mint, safety and security is they have that you can rely on.

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4. Expensify


Expensify is a mobile app by, an online service that allow you to track expenses and budget. This app is great for business men of all sizes. Capture photos of your receipts and choose what category they fall to. With its smart scan, it automatically scans the contents of the receipt and does most of the job for you. Very Easy and convenient, wait lost your receipt? Expensify lets import credit card transactions and create IRS guaranteed eReceipts for all purchases under $75.

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5. Mvelopes


Mvelopes is not your typical daily planner or your expense manager as it is something that helps guides you to think of ways about money for a while. This app helps you keep on the path to financial wellness. Manage your expenses, earnings and funds and track your daily spending. Mvelopes help you be more informed about budget decisions and things that affect your mindset about spending. It is an all-around app for everyone.

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As we all know, managing budget could be too tricky, that is why people made tools for use common people to use. Try them out and find help on your spending.

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Just in a period of time for your next holiday shop till you drop spree: Mint, the largely popular money management unit is now available on Windows Phone 8 along with IOS and Android platforms.The Mint app shows all your financial records in one place and makes it very easy to handle and stick to budgets. Once you link your account to Mint, your money transactions start to appear as they’re carried out. Financial records are shown by multi-touch graphs.Make your account summaries, set financial reminders and bill due dates.One can even apply for loans directly from the app. Mint also arrived today for Windows 8 tablets and PCs. Also being able to link mint users to more than 20,000 different banks, loan , credit card and investment accounts, Mint Windows users get a clear and specific view of their bucks using real-time updates via Live Tiles.
The Mint You Need and Love: Mint for Phones may have a whole new easy look and user friendly feel, but it’s still the Mint you need, know and love.

mint app

The Mint app able users to:

  • Track accounts anywhere, anytime. Latest account information is easily obtained on Windows Phones, laptops, tablets and PCs.
  • Monitor spending. Money Transactions are auto categorized to simplify management, giving minters the ability to handle their financial record , create customized budgets and manage monetary funds.
  • New ways to save. Mint guides easy-to-follow steps to save more funds based on customers spending.
  • Edit or Enter pending transactions. Add records at the time of purchase and quickly see available bank amount and credit balances.
  • Mint helps users achieve a better and stable financial future for themselves and families. It way toward achieving big goals, such as saving for an emergency or paying off credit card debt.
  • Accounting your funds on-the-go just a whole lot more awesome.

Are you ready to start building a stable financial future?

Download the free App today and make your savings a lot bigger.

Mint helps users achieve a better and stable financial future for themselves and families. It way toward achieving big goals, such as saving for an emergency or paying off credit card debt.
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