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Lumia 540 showing black screen

Sometimes you may face problems with your Lumia 540 showing black screen that won’t turn on. So, you need to know the possible options using which you can get familiar with a solution restoring the normal screen. In this respect, you can even consult with an expert who can reveal manifold useful tricks that would make the process easier to get back to the usual screen functioning perfectly. Make sure you are able to carry out the system in the right way without which it would become difficult to manage a good solution. Therefore, get familiar with the features first that would help you to get the method done successfully.

Microsoft Lumia 540

Lumia 540 showing black screen, dead, wont turn on

Tricks to Follow

Here are given the major points that would aid you to get back to the normal condition of the Lumia 540 screen:

  • First, restart your cell phone and if it doesn’t then wait for some time. Then again restart your phone and you see whether it’s working fine. Another way to restart your phone is pressing the volume down key and the power key together that may work as the effective way.
  • If this restart technique doesn’t work then you can go for the hard reboot option where the handset would get rebooted restoring the normal function. Here you need to press the volume down key+ volume up key+ power key+ volume down keys. Finally, your mobile would go under factory settings along with the reset options.
  • Automatic reboot usually happens when your phone gets overused. It takes place due to excessive heating of the mobile and such reboot process is done to cool down the temperature bringing it to the normal one. If possible it’s better to witch off the phone manually and keep it for about 5-10 minutes until it gets cooled down. This would help you to avoid any unexpected issues for your Lumia 540.Then you again turn it on and can enjoy better functionalities that you make you feel confident.
  • The problem may even arise due to a hardware malfunction such as loose battery connection. Hence, it’s your responsibility to check the connection ensuring that the problem doesn’t continue further.
  • Don’t forget to check the power button, as it’s loose connection would lead to get the phone automatically switched off followed by a slight push.

Overall, these are the steps you can try out in order to get the back the phone to its normal function.

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If you are a hardcore gamer then the games in the 1st week of November are the one you won’t really want to miss to play them .The recent technological and innovation advancement in the world of technology has kept the game developers on toes. They have gone ahead to come up with more thrilling games that are equipped with amazing graphics for you to play. Over 100 games compatible with Windows phone have been designed but not all of them are best and are at the top. Here are the top games for your Windows phone in this 1st week of November.

windows phone logo

Top 5 Windows Phone Games in 1st week of November

1. Tom’s Jetski
This is one of the top funniest game in the horizon with Talking Tom and Talking Angela as the main Characters .This is a riding game on fresh waters with tom or Angela .It is equipped with deadly and cool missions for you to play .This game provides a platform for you to challenge your friends .It equipped with eye-catching graphics for you to play. This game is downloaded for free in the Windows store.
2. Trivial Pursuit and Friends.
This is an amazing brain teasing quiz game for you to play. Having perfect graphics and an excellent background sound makes it the most thrilling game for you to play. This game has got high ratings making it be the best for you to play in this 1st week of November. This game is downloaded for free in the Windows store.
3. Runemals
This is an amazing adventure puzzle game where you are required to match various color groups within 10 seconds .During the game play you will collect various unique animals .This game allows you to earn awesome XBOX achievements. It one of the top game that as a hardcore puzzle gamer you won’t wish to play. This game is absolutely free to play and download in the Windows store.
4. Dream Treats: Match Sweets.
This another amazing puzzle matching game from the developers of frozen freefall game. This is an amazing addictive game with over 100 levels for you to play. It has got eye-catching graphics with a pleasant background sound making it amazing to play. All you have to do is to connect three or more sweets to create a match so as to earn various top bonuses .During the gameplay you will have to unlock various power-ups. This game is downloaded and played for free in the Windows store.
5. Herobots-Build to Battle.
This is an amazing action adventure that as a hardcore gamer you would not wish miss it .In this game you are required to build robots and use them to protect your home form Zombies ,Ninja ,Poseidon ,Monk and Spartan. This game provides you a platform to challenge all the other friends all over the world .It has got very easy controls to master. This game is downloaded for free in the Windows store.
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Microsoft had recently held largest customer conference in India, the CEO of the company had announced the launch of the new Lumia products in India. He had declared the availability of the new models Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL shortly in India. It is anticipated that these devices shall be made available to Indian customers from December 2015 itself. Though the pricing component and exact date of the launch was not made public.

lumia 950 xl

Some of the specification are now known. Microsoft Lumia 950 will have the features as noted.

  • The device shall have AMOLED display of 5.2 inch size and will carry resolution strength of 2560 X 1440 pixels with a density of 565 ppi.
  • The device shall be powered by a hexa-core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
  • There will be a strong supportive battery of 3000 mAh calibre.
  • The Lumia 950 shall feature rear camera of 20 M,P strength which will have triple LED RGB flash with latest OIS ie. Optical Image stabilizer capacity. The secondary frontal camera also shall be of 5 MP capacity.
  • The device has a unique feature of biometric authentication.
  • The memory storage is also quite good at 32 GB

Whereas the other model from Microsoft the Lumia 950 XL shall differ slightly in the specification

  • The Lumia 950 XL shall feature IPS display of 5.7 inch size which is marginally bigger but will have the same resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels thus with slightly lower pixel density of 518 ppi.
  • The device will also have better octa-core processor of 64 bits from Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with 3 GB RAM.

Though the memory storage shall be same at 32 GB the battery shall be marginally higher with 3340 mAh capacity.

Both the cameras rear and front camera shall be of same MP capacity and with identical features as in the other device.

We need to wait and watch for the customer’s response to these two new models of Lumia from Microsoft.
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Microsoft has launched a high-end Smartphone called Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The Smartphone had few rumours flying in the air for some time now. All thanks to the extensive leaks by leaksters, but the time has come, when the handset is all set to make a public appearance. The officials have decided to launch Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The next exciting thing is Smartphone will run on Windows 10 Mobile. The company’s retail store in Poland has started taking pre-orders for both these Smartphones.

lumia 950 xl

The Microsoft Retail Store will be offering Lumia 950 with a price tag of 2 799,00zl and 950 XL for 3099,00zl. The handset will be available from 28th November, the dates are not yet confirmed might change as it is yet to be confirmed by officials.

If you want to refresh the specification and features of Lumia 950 and 950 XL, here’s a quick view:

Lumia 950:

  • 5.2-inch of screen
  • AMOLED Screen with 2560 X 1440 pixel screen
  • 150-gram of body with 8.2mm thick
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 with 3GB of RAM and 32-GB of internal memory
  • 3000-mAH battery power
  • Lumia 950 XL
  • 5.7-inch of screen
  • Protection of Gorilla Glass 4
  • Total weight of Smartphone is 165-gram with 8.1mm which is a bit slimmer than Lumia 950 XL.
  • Snapdragon 810 Octa-core processor with same amount of RAM and internal memory
  • 3340-mAH battery power

Both Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL comes with 20MP of rear camera with triple LED flash, and truly dedicated camera shutter. Also with 5-Megapixel of front facing camera with 1080p video.

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The windows phone is one of the powerful phones that supports a lot of app. Its operating system enables you to launch apps very faster. Having a rapid rise in the technological levels you can’t be able to determine the best app. Apps are being developed day in day out and it might be tiresome to determine the best app by yourself. If you are owning the windows phone here are the best top rated and new apps you can download during this September in the 1st week. The apps are very powerful and some of them very essential to own.

Windows Phone 10 one platformTop 5 Windows Phone Apps for  1st week of September 2015

1. The Messengers for windows
This is an app that allows you to connect and send messages in Facebook in the easiest way. This is a social app has got top ratings of 4.0 in average. Having this app enables you to chat and communicate effectively in Facebook. It provides notifications from your Facebook account. This makes it more interesting and the best app for you this September.

2. Free movies Unlimited
This also one of the top rated new app in September for you. This app enables you to have access to thousands of movies. The movies in this app are arranged well depending on the category of the genres, country and even time of release. It has got top rating of over 4.5 and over 400 reviews making it being ranked among the top in our list. This app also provides you with the chance to even watch the trailers of the movies before downloading the movies. This app is acquired for free in the windows store.

3. Music download unlimited
This is one the best music down-loaders in the month of September the first week. It has got an average rating of 3.9 with many reviews. Having this app you can download music and even stream the music videos in the fastest way ever. This app is acquired for free in the windows store. Just log on in the windows store and download yourself an amazing and fastest music down-loader.

4. Anime Tube plus
If you are an animation movie lover then this is one of the apps to own in this September. This app allows you to download and even watch your favorite animations and even the latest ones. You can also watch your favourite cartoons in here. Having an averaging rating of 4.8 and over 100 reviews makes it appear among the top app for you this September. This app is downloaded at no cost in the windows store making it even easier to download.

5. Free anime unlimited
This also one of the apps that allows you to watch and download high quality animations and cartoons this September. This app has got amazing features such as browsing the categorized animations using keywords and even saving the animations. Having an average rating of 4.6 and over 500 reviews makes it be the top app for you this month. It has got similar features to that of anime tube plus but its unique in terms of its display. This app is downloaded only for free in the windows store.

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Some time back Microsoft had released Skype 5.6 for Android phones. The company promised the users of the app a better pleasing experience. Now the company Microsoft has unveiled a newer version of Skype that gives the users new experience not only on Android but also on iOS also. This new version is Skype 6.0 Skype 6.0 comes in a new look for Android phones while keeping the trend of the Material Design visual language from Google. It is simply elegant and delightful for the Android phones. The floating action button in this makes it extremely easy to start a fresh conversation or beginning video calling. The floating action button also enables the users to send video, message or indulge in chatting. The app enhances search so that the users can get to their contacts quickly and much faster. It would also be easier to handle the messages, quick enough to see unread messages and segregate the read and unread messages in the phone.

Skype logo

Microsoft Update Skype for Android, iPhone, iPad

Skype 6.0 for iOS also gets new look with refreshed interface, the redesigned Skype is easier to use in both the phones iPhones and iPads. It is simpler to navigate and the users can get to the conversations faster. It is easier to share the photos with the app so also users will find it easy to make calls and exchange messages. The enhanced search can enable the users to reach the contacts and groups faster and swifter. All the features of Skype for iPhone will be available on the iPad also.

Microsoft has not clarified the details for Skype on its new Windows 10 Mobile, as the new smartphone OS is still in development stage.

Download Skype 6.0 for Android | iPhone | iPad

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The report from Business Insider mentions that the Apple has worked for years on the project where the team has reportedly developed many different versions of stylus for their iPad device. Though the market has not seen Apple branded tablet stylus the company has tried on three to four types of stylus in the last four years of the project. The anonymous source is expectedly very close to the people working on this project, it is also mentioned that the team was not sure why the project has not succeeded yet.

Apple iPad Mini 3

The latest rumour in line was that Apple is making a stylus to make their iPad device handier. Analyst from KG Securities who has a good track record of predicting the moves of the company, has mentioned that Apple would deliver stylus for the larger screen iPad.

There are many projects going on in the company Apple, and many of them may not see positive results also, but the release of the stylus would express a different face for the company. Steve Jobs, Late CEO of Apple, was of the opinion that stylus were clunky and could be easily lost. He therefore disliked the concept of stylus.

But people have shown immense interest in using the iPad device with stylus shows that there is a good market for stylus for the iPad. Some of the leading competitors already are using stylus foe their device. Microsoft has a pen for its tablet computers meant for drawing and annotating documents. While Samsung has stylus in their Galaxy Note series of smartphones for this function.

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In today’s techno savvy world the use of mobile phone and computer has become widespread. The present day youth is addicted to their smartphones. No wonder various apps are very popular with the customers.Now-a-days people from all age groups young as well as seniors are often seen glued to their smartphone, so much so that people have started keeping in touch with each other through their phones and apps like WhatsApp has proved to be very useful. WhatsApp has gained popularity very fast as the app is convenient, easy to use and free for the customers.


Microsoft has introduced their latest app from their Garage division, which is rapidly becoming popular amongst the school and college going fraternity. This new app is called Tossup. It is designed for an exclusive group of friends who wish to exchange ideas and fix when and where to meet.

The team from Microsoft’s Outlook division has developed this Tossup app, the idea behind this app is to make it convenient for everyone in the group to decide where to go and to plan what to do and how to spend the time together. One of the members from the team can send question to all other at a time, others can respond by voting yes or no on these decisions. The members can invite the other members to express their opinion on the concerned topic on the cards.

This app is available in Google Play Store, and it is yet another example of an app being launched on a platform other than Windows. The member can also invite the other members of the group to vote via email, text messages or Facebook.
Download Tossup Android | ioS

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The news of the acquisition of 6Wunderkinder by Microsoft is doing the rounds for a couple of weeks now. The news has been further affirmed by the confirmation of the deal in which Microsoft has purchased the company for the cost of $100 to $ 200 million. For those new to this app, it is worth noting that the app is productivity based and fits into the company’s theme. This app works on all major mobile and desktop platforms and certainly shall be one of the popularly wanted app. It is but natural that the existing users in Microsoft will have apprehensions about the working and how it will affect the app in the future.

wunderlist 2

However Founder and CEO of 6Wunderkindr have assured the users that they need not worry. He has promised the users that nothing will change right now. He has also flashed his verdict and he assures the users that the team in Berlin will continue to build and deliver Wunderlist, Wunderlist Pro and Wunderlist for business for all the devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows phones etc. In the forthcoming days, Wunderlist shall become a part of the Microsoft family and strive to introduce barrage of the features.
Microsoft in its role has been widening its productivity portfolio apart from buying smaller families. The company is also experimenting with the apps like Flow, OneClip and Office Now. It is pretty clear that Microsoft is creating individual apps that accomplish in a single task effectively.

In the past few months Microsoft has purchased the companies and rebranded the apps, they took over Acompli and rebranded email app to Outlook, they also purchased Sunrise and now Wunderlist. Only time will speak whether this OS the last acquisition or the company has set their eyes on more apps.

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The market is flooding with low ranged to mid-ranged phone’s . With every new day a new phone is expected to release , and now we have the Lumia 540 announced by Microsoft which will be up in the market next month an affordable phone available at a price of $150 before subsidies for the IMEA , Italy and the APAC region’s. Recent data has shown that Microsoft still has a fair share in Low budget phones, keeping in mind with these number Lumia 540 will serve well to further bolster number in a fairly competitive market.

Lumia 540

Microsoft Lumia 540 which sports a Dual Sim slot and lets you create different profiles for each of them also supports call forwarding . Lumia 540 is powered by Windows phone 8.1 and is upgradeable to Windows 10 when it’s out .Weighing 152 g and 9.35mm thickness the smart-phone flaunts a  5” 720p display with a 5 megapixel wide angle front camera and an 8 megapixel rear camera with an LED flash light and auto focus, making space for 8GB internal memory and 15GB One-drive cloud storage , the phone is powered by a 2200 mAh removable battery, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm snapdragon 200 chipset and 1GB of RAM. The Lumia family has been available in beautiful fluorescent and bright color and similarly the Lumia 540 will be available in glossy white , cyan , orange and matte black color’s