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This is one of the amazing months that you really need to keep your phone up to date. There is a great improvement in the gaming industry that is why the current games are designed with the latest technology ever. Our well versed list of the top games and apps is from all the categories and genres the games. The games are designed using the latest technology hence they have got improved graphics hence rendering a realistic imaging during the gaming sessions. Here are the top 5 games that you won’t miss out on

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Windows Phone Games for 1st week of February 2016

Two Dots.

This is one of the most addictive games brain teasing games in this New Year occasion. This is a puzzle game that has got tantalizing and unique graphics for you to play in this month. It is very simple to play this game since all you have to do is to join the dots. Having numerous levels makes it amazing to play it. This game is downloaded and played for free in the windows store.

World of Tanks.

Coming second to our list is the world of tanks. If you are a hardcore gamer then this is the optimum game for you to play. This is an action game that is equipped with a high number of tankers used by the super hero countries. It has got amazing level and also provides for you a chance to play as multi players. This game is equipped with amazing graphics making it very interesting to play all the time.

Bloons TD battles.

This is also another highly rated action game for you to play in this month of January 2016. It has got a very simple game play where you are only required to pop up the bloons. In this game the monkeys are the characters hence you will have top complete against your fellow monkey. You have to outwit him so as to win in this game. This is one of the highly rated game that is downloaded for free in the windows store of your device.

Elements: Epic Heroes.

This is also another game that has really hit the gaming industry. If you are a great fun of epic games then this is the game for you to play in this month of January. This game basically entails fighting the dark forces that had invaded your vicinity. This game has got amazing graphics thus rendering them the best game to play in this month of January.

Can Knockdown 3.

This is also one of the fantastic games to play in this 1ST Month of the year. This game is really full of adventure and really requires you to be witty so as to knock down the cans. It has got a very simple game play where you have to knockdown the cans using a ball. This is one of the addictive games to play that is downloaded for free in the windows store.

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2015 was one of the successful years for the app developers who have vowed not to be incompetent in developing the best apps for your windows phone device. As we are opening up the beginning of the year the app developers have incorporated a lot of creativity with innovation to come up with amazing apps.You are actually supposed to do away with the old apps and install fantastic new apps for your windows phone device. Here are the top 5 apps that should not miss in your windows device.

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Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of February 2016

Wattpad: Free Books and Stories.
Wattpad tops our list because of its functions and marvelous features. This app allows you to have access to a number of interesting story books for you to read. If you are a great fun of reading books then this is the app for you to own. This app is equipped with amazing millions of stories to choose from. This is one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the windows store. Most of the stories are being read offline but connecting this app online gives you an advantage of updating it with more stories.

Photostastic Collage.
This is an image editing app that has got amazing features and specifically used for collaging your photos together. It has got fantastic features and tools that will enable you create a classic design of your photo. This is also one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the windows store.

Share it.
If you have problems in transferring data and files from your windows phone then here is a perfect solution for that. This amazing app allows you to share your files to other device. It has got a very simple navigation making it very simple to use. The speed of transferring the files is also high making it be the perfect app to use. You can also transfer your data to device using other operating systems such android and even IOS. This app is downloaded for free in the windows store.

Seven- 7 Minute Workout Challenge.
This is an amazing apps that provides for you a perfect guideline on the best simple workout that you can perform at any point. Its more categorized on the health app, that is why is more essential for you to own it in your windows phone. It also monitors your performance on the day in and day out work outs. This app is downloaded for free in the windows store of your phone.

Font Candy –Typography Photo Editor.
This is an amazing app that allows you to edit and customize your images with amazing effects .It is equipped with perfect editing tools making it awesome for you to use. It also has got a perfect and simple navigation which enables it to be used easily. This app is also downloaded for free in the windows store of your phone.

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Flashing of Lumia phones was actually thought to be very difficult but nowadays the procedures and steps are very easy and simple. All you need to have are appropriate software. You must also note that flashing of your Lumia device erases all the data in your phone. Here are the simple steps to follow when you want to flash your Lumia phone.

Nokia Lumia 930

1. Download the required Software and tools
You have to download the required to software for your phone flashing this software are the windows image designer which is integrated with the Microsoft FFU Download. This software is mainly required for the booting of the phone. You should also download the Another important tool that you must also have is the Operating System i.e. windows 8 OS

2. Archive Decompression.
Using the decompress the archive which will later create subfolders for Driver, Navifirm and WPID in the LumiaFlashTools.

3. Driver Installation.
Inside the driver subfolders you are going to install the required drivers this will enable your pc to detect your Lumia phone .Here are the installation of the drivers’ procedure:
You must also disable the driver signature enforcement

  • Under the driver in the LumiaFlashTools you will execute the install.bat file.
  • The above step opens up the device driver installation wizard window where you will click the next button for the installation of the drivers to begin.
  • When the driver installation is complete click the finish button.

4. Download the Rom
Here you will be required to download the ROM of your Lumia device. ROM is an FFU file available in the Microsoft servers .In order for you to download it you must have the Navifirm+ software.
1. Execute the Navifirmplus.exe software in the Navifirm+ subfolder located in the LumiaFlashTools folder.
2. The account setup window will popup but you will click on the cancel button since you don’t have to pay for the account.
3. Key in the product key and then click on enter. After this click on the Unmark All button and select the FFU file.
4. After the above procedure click the download button to download the ROM files.
5. Ensure that the downloaded FFU file is green in color. If the downloaded file is red then you have to repeat the procedures because you have downloaded a wrong file
6. Install the Downloaded ROM.

In this procedure you have to install the downloaded ROM by following the below procedures:

  • Switch off your phone and restart it again by pressing and holding the power button .Immediately the Microsoft or Nokia Logo appears release the power button and press the volume up button. Release the volume up key when a white lighting and gear wheel image appears. Then connect the Lumia phone to pc.
  • Execute the start.bat file located in the WPID folder under the LumiaFlashTools folder. The windows Phone Image Designer will pop up.
  • Select the flash a windows phone image onto your phone and click the next button.Thus the software now detects you Lumia device as x.MSMx.x.x.x. In case the Lumia device is not detected then you will have click on the refresh button and then on the Change button.
  • After the above procedures a superimposed window will pop up where you will have to open the FFU files downloaded and run it.
  • Click the flash button proceed in the installation of the selected software.
    After the above procedure you device will start automatically and you can disconnect your device from the pc. Your device is now ready for use

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Due to the rapid rise in the technological levels apps are being developed day and night .It’s quite tiresome to determine the best app for yourself that’s why we come in handy to help you determine the best app of the week. You must keep yourself up to date on the best app to own. Apps are very essential for your phone since they make your work easier and even life simpler. Not all apps are genuine that’s why you have to take care of the malwares when downloading this app. Our list is well researched and that is already catered for .Here are the top 5 apps for windows this 1st week of October.

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1. Press Reader
This a very important app that you won’t miss out on it this month .It gives you ultimate and top news of the world .Get informed of all that is happening all around you and even the rest of the world .This app also allows you to get the top and latest news on every country in the world .You can also download the latest magazines and newspapers from all over the world. This is a latest app having an average rating of 3.9 and over 200 reviews making it amazing for you to own this month. Just login in the window store and download this app for free.

2. Songza
Here comes a new and amazing app for you to play your favorite music through it .If a music fanatic this is the app for you to own .It has got amazing graphics with new and improved features. It allows you to listen to music unlimited and save you favorite music playlist. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 2500 reviews it’s basically the best app for you to own this 1st week of September. It’s a free app and therefore just login in the windows store and download it.

3. Free Flicks /Free movies Unlimited.
If you are a movie fanatic then this the app to own .This is also among the latest apps for you this 1st week of October. This app has got amazing features such as: allowing you to access a database of thousands of HD movies and you can also play to TV directly using your phone or any windows device. This app is acquired for free in the windows store. Having an average rating of 4.5 and over 2000 reviews makes it absolutely the best app for you this week.

4. IM + Instant Messenger
It’s a high time you need to change your style of chatting by downloading the IM + Instant Messenger. This app has got eye-catching graphics and supports all the other IM services such as google +, Facebook, twitter, yahoo etc. This actually all in one you don’t need to download the other IM service apps. This app is obtained for free in the windows store.

5. Hulu Plus
This is also a latest app that allows you to stream live latest hit shows, watch your latest TV episodes and even the movies trailers .If you don’t have this app yet then you have to acquire it as soon as possible .This app is downloaded for free in the windows store

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For hardcore gaming, the best phone with a better than ever display is windows phone. It has a really strong OS for the processing of game applications. This phone promises to hold your interest. It is quite a known fact that the top rated games would be in the Windows Microsoft store. Well, it is a hard headed job to find the best and newest games through Windows Microsoft store. Although it is Windows store and regular updating is no surprise, but for your benefit, this article brings out the ten on ten games. Most spectacular and engaging games in the Android devices are the ones that have made it to the list of best ten. It’s no wonder that you will see most awesome scenarios while playing these. Whatever be you niche of gaming, our list will do justice and you can choose however you desire.

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Top 5 Games For Windows Phone for 1st Week August 2015

1. Extreme Landings

This is a simulation game that is extremely fascinating. This is a game that basically involves testing your pilot skills. This is a simulator game that involves accomplishing 36 missions and 168 challenges. Its graphics are awesome. You will undergo a special training on how to start the engine and how to start and land a flight. It has got strong graphics that will give you a real flying experience as a pilot. This game is downloaded in the Windows Microsoft store for free.

2. Real Skee Ball
This is also another addictive game that will bow your minds off and you can’t wait to play it. This is a casual flick sport game. All you have to do is to roll the ball by swiping you fingers so that they may fall into different holes. The game is equipped with 3D graphics that makes it more amazing to play. It’s a free game in the Microsoft store.

3. Ice Age Avalanche
This one of the most addictive adventure game .If you are a fun of animation videos then this is the game to play. It all involves rescuing animals after a continental drift. You have to work hard for you to earn the acorns .It has got strong and amazing graphics that will make you to play it.

4. Real Cricket ™ 15
For the lovers of the game, this is an invention, a boon. You don’t have to go out in the scorching sun for an experience your living room sofa would do the deal. This cricket here has a real life outdoor feel to it so it gives you that annihilating pulse. This does not cost a fortune at iTunes with only $4.99.

5. One More Line
This is a timing game created by the SMG Studio game developers. It’s also an addictive game that when you play one you will yearn to play more. It has got improved graphics that enable the game to be eye catching. This game has the highest record of gluing users and it does it with its extraordinary ‘user interface graphics’.

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Games on Windows have become so popular that it has come to a point where age is no barrier. The web is full of games. Games frequently played on Windows and which is high profile are mostly battlefield games and Air Force Squadron games. The list is endless and the plots are nail-biting right to the end. The new era of games have a lot of bloodshed compared with games such as Super Mario etc and are poles apart. But the “In” games for 2015 are:-

Windows Phone 8.1

Candy Crush Saga

This game although time consuming, as it goes from one stage to another, challenging your friends and sending lives and other goodies, while keeping your sweet tooth buzzing and your finger extremely busy, is one such game that would never be outdated and has made its way into 2015 as well.

Pirate’s Path:

This game provides an endless path for the player to go on, searching for unique items to build up points for self and moving further.The game has different levels of play that a player can choose as per wish. As the character in the play moves ahead in the age-old paths, the player has to make points by collecting all the valuables in sight, to be promoted to the next level.

Fairway Solitaire:

This game provides an entertaining gameplay by combining golf with solitaire. The normal solitaire play is accompanied by having to take the longest drives to win a game. It forms an addiction for some players who are glued to their smartphones searching solutions of the game and hanging on for newer and latest versions at all times.All the tactics of playing cards remain the same as before, with the player having to get over with the displayed cards by putting them into the stack offered, in a limited timeframe before the game gets over.

8-Ball Pool

Now who would say no to 8-Ball Pool? I guess no one. Take aim and shoot away, 8-Ball Pool brings in a lot of excitement where you play against opponents and are rewarded by free spins everyday and a scratch and match games, if your spin wheel comes to rest on it. The new trend in 8-Ball Pool for 2015 is the ongoing competition, where the players are awarded bonus coins at the end of the week, depending on your winnings.

Glow Dots:

The player in the game is provided with a series of glowing dots of different colors. The dots of the same color have to be connected together to earn points. The screen should not be fully filled with the dots when they are handled well.The dots of the same color are blown off, earning points for the player.As the player makes more points, they go closer to reaching another new level, one after the other.