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Apps are very essential for any Windows phone to operate. They actually increase the value of your phone making you not move away from your phone even a single minute .Apps are always developed day and night and it’s important to keep your phone up to date with the latest apps .Not all the apps being released in the market are top best that is why it might be quite tiresome to determine the latest best app for your phone .Here are the latest best app that you won’t miss to install in your Windows phone Apps in this 1st week of November.

Windows Phone 10

Top 5 WindowsPhone App Download

1. Instagram Beta.
On top of our list is the Instagram Beta .This app allows you to edit your photos with amazing photo filters before posting them in Instagram. It has got awesome custom designs with photo filters to edit your photos with a linear radial Tilt-shift blur effect. It also supports the front and back camera with unlimited number of uploads of your photos .This is one of the top free apps in the Windows store.
2. Kik Messenger.
This is a simple phone messenger which is fast and reliable .It has got eye-catching graphics making you have a tantalizing feeling when typing and reading your notifications. It also gives your messages some privacy from the annoying snoopers. This is an amazing app with high rating and it is downloaded for free in the Windows store.
3. WindowsInsider.
This is an amazing app that allows you to get a pre-lease of the latest OS update on your phone. All you have to do is to register in the insider using your Microsoft account. This app has got a high average rating of 4.2 and over 4000 reviews making it the best app for your Windows phone .This is one of the top free apps in the Windows store.
4. The Weather Channel.
Here is weather app that helps you to know the weather condition anywhere you are .This app is very essential to help you plan for your school day, travelling day and even your work days. It has got very attractive graphics with hyper-precise forecasts, radar maps and alerts for you .This is very essential app to own in your Windowsphone in this 1st week of October. It has got an average rating of 4.1 and over 1000 reviews so far making be among the top 5 apps in this 1st week of November. This app is downloaded for free in the Windows store.
5. Flipkart.
This is an amazing app that allows you to shop online in the megastore for electronics, books, mobiles etc. in a safest way ever. It provides various ways payments such as :cash on deliver, credit and debit cards and even net banking .This app also allows you to browse for the products offline .Its also customized to give you personal alerts on various offers in the market. This app is downloaded for free in the Windows store.

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Microsoft has come up with it’s new productivity focused MS-DOS smartphone operating system , dismissing all the allegation’s of being less productive and innovative in their mobile phone domain. The Operating System is very familiar to the DOS era. MS-DOS Mobile has the similar classic look and the ability to launch the phone application and as well as the C:/ drive prompt.
The company has provided a couple of known DOS feature’s and commands which are phone specific to make the phone function’s smooth , simple and user friendly. The Nokia Lumia smartphones touch screen will run on the MS-DOS Operating System along the Microsoft phone range

ms dos

The commands that Microsoft has added in it’s MS-DOS Mobile allow’s you to open feature like camera , map , search/cortana , phone , email , market and some more , you just have to type the command and it opens the feature you need for example email [address] will launch the email client and you can send an email to the mentioned address . You can access all the Application’s and folder’s in the C:\PROGRAMS\PHONE that store all these apps and files.There are a couple of more iconic DOS feature’s like Ver : it displays the existing version , Time , Color : allows users to customize the background and foreground color and change the appearance of DOS , Clear Screen , Echo allows users to put a customized message on the screen , Date and a couple more . Though it might not sound very appealing or exciting it’s more like old vine in a new bottle .

Though Microsoft need’s to wipe away the generation gap between them and the users , it looks like they are really trying hard to compete with other smartphone mogul’s by adding some brownie points like Operating System like features that include WIN : this option launches the windows 3.1 version , ASCII/CGA CAMERA : enables a camera with CGA and ASCII modes and the classic game of ROCK , PAPER SCISSORS : the player can access the game by navigating to C:\GAMES\RPS\RPS.EXE. It looks like the Microsoft MS-DOS Mobile will give many user’s a nostalgic feeling allowing them to reminisce in their old memories .

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After Smartphone, tablet stepped to give new touch of technology. Then Tablet stepped to give new dimension to the technology era. Now, Microsoft is ready to unveil a new technology a combination of Smartphone and laptop so called ‘Laptop-phone hybrid’. A new chapter of technology is yet to reveal, apart from Windows 10 of consumer preview, a beta version of Windows 10 is soon to step on Smartphone. Microsoft will be presenting a new hardware that will find compatibility for Windows 10 operating system on Smartphone and tablet. Presently, the hardware is under development stage, more information is yet to land! The Microsoft officially will display a single code sort of software which will show an application running on tablet or Smartphone.

Windows Phone 8

According to reports, the Company has more plans, it will also be launching Window store on that device to get more advantage of the device. The Windows are with plan to release two separate store Window Store and Window Phone Store. An update of Window 365 will also be introduced on the upcoming device.

As per the reports, Microsoft will be building unified ecosystem. While Nokia power are pointing toward removal of word Phone from the built word ‘Window Phone 10’. Nokia Lumia 532 with both version will come with ‘Windows 10 ready’. The air filled with rumours will soon be cleared by the officials.