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All Smartphone manufacturers strive to get unique and unique with their each product. But this strange application’s idea innovated by Motorola Mobility to have a microphone tattooed on to your neck is completely new. But what was the reason to switch on tattoo. The reason stated by them on this was, in noisy environment it’s very much difficult to get clear conversation using mobile phone. A new and trendy way to cut down this background noise is to welcome a new development.

This new development is about a microphone plastered on your throat, which will help you to attend call directly, which perfectly makes sense. As today’s generation goes crazy on getting a tattoo done, then why to say no? must surely be a soft idea behind this innovation.

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The device can be configured to transmit command to your phone also useful when your hands are full under noisy environment. To charge the device, power can be supplied by variety of methods it includes solar panel technology, capacitive technology, nano technology or electro-mechanical technology. The tattoo can be programmed to respond user’s vocal intonation, specific word or words, a melody, vibration or harmonic tone. It can also give response to those inputs sending variety of notification or command to user’s device.

This also includes lie-detector to describe in technical words, “the electronic skin tattoo include galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user. If user gets nervous on engaging to speak falsehood may exhibit different galvanic skin response than more confident tone.”

This will surely won’t help those people like me, when I call my boss to say I am sick with flu but actually I am resting on my cozy sofa with a novel in my and remote in my hand.