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Top Apps for Android

Keeping your Android Smart-phone updated with new applications is as important as getting a new OS update for your Smart-phone. This is because new applications just like new updates come with unseen features as well as updated performance. However Google Play gets regularly updated with loads of applications out of which some are essential to have while as some useless stuff is also present. But you don’t need to worry, we are here for you. After a deep scan, we have collected these bunches of best applications for this month of January 2015. Keep updating and stay connected with our weekly updates.

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Top 5 Android Apps March 2nd week

1. iAnnotate: This is a complete PDF files reader as well as manager. You can not only open PDF files but also share them via this application. It is built of professional PDF editor tools like typewriter, iAnnotate pen, highlighter, etc. This application is just awesome for students and professionals to keep their documents on the go. You can download this must have productive application right here.
2. Alt-C: It often becomes a burden to copy text and links from your PC to Android Smart-phone and vice versa, especially when a person is busy, this process seems annoying. So, to remove this burden Alt – C app has arrived to serve you, just install this application on both the devices and confirm the pairing by using QR code. However there is no need to create any account for using this app. You can copy the text on your PC by Alt + C and send to your Smart-phone easily.
3. iCrushiFlush: we are aware that a loads of chatting and flirting apps are available, but this application makes a difference so we had to bring it forth. All the applications available for same purposes flaunt your contact details and identity at the front but this app totally masks your identity and lets you meet will new people all around the world. You can use it as your regular messenger also because its messaging service is also cool.
4. Gallery Doctor: Although the functionality of this application is small but it can prove to be very useful for photo lovers who seize their every moment of life in pictures. This application automatically detects the corrupt, miscoded and malicious images in your gallery and deletes them. It doesn’t matter whether your gallery holds more than thousands of pictures, this application just do its work of cleaning.
5. Runtastic Running Pro: This app will make your sports and fitness tasks much more precise and interactive. With the use of GPS, it tracks down you physical activities, like running, biking, etc It also tracks the cardio progress, calories, thus implementing your attitude towards fitness. The usability and UI of this app is totally amazing and easy to use, thus ready to be your fitness pro.

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With the onset of 2015, the gamers are developing some high physics games based on sports and racings. However, the adventurous games are still maintaining their special position with interesting stories and high quality graphics full of dangers. Here we are providing you with the fresh dose of games for this week of March 2015. These games are very interesting and fun to play being the mixture of sports, races and mysteries; this is an all round weekly gaming pack for you. Keep enjoying and be happy.

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Top 5 Android Games March

1. NFL Quarterback 15: This is the finest and most up to date super bowl game for 2015 brought to you by FULL FAT. You can simply select your favorite team and start the super bowl fever. You will discover all 32 NFL teams present in the game to be selected. You will play in the University of Phoenix stadium, enjoy passing, touch downs, etc. With improvements, your skills will upgrade. A lot of tougher challenges are to be discovered in the game.

2. Out There: Enjoy this mysterious game where you have to play the role of an astronaut wrecked in some unknown place in space. You will have to keep yourself and your shuttle safe from unknown enemies, keep refilling oxygen from garden planets. You will meet spatial organisms which are much intelligent than humans. You will explore secrets related to human existence and fate.

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3. Weird Park: Scary Tales: Explore this fairy play game full of puzzles, you need to solve the puzzles, discover hidden objects and bring back the children taken to evil clowns tower. You will indeed enjoy this movie type games full of beautiful scenes, twisted levels and loads of hidden objects to be discover. The storyline of this game is totally amazing and interesting to solve.

4. Table Top Racing: The ultimate console type racing game is here with highly intensifying graphics. Take your favorite car; upgrade it in the garage, and battle worldwide to be the best. Race through the world famous racing tracks and explore the racing experience full of obstacles, circuit limits and shortcuts. This game has been made compatible with Android devices and in- app purchases are found but they are not obligatory to purchase.

5. Racing Rivals: This ultimate racing game let’s you race with live opponents; you can challenge your rival or be challenged by them. Live chat feature is also available in the game. Just get involved in betting game where stakes are high so better prepare your ride fully before getting started. You can participate in weekly competitions and earn huge rewards and bonuses. You will be able to ride your favourite sports muscle cars in the game which includes McLaren, BMW, Dodge and much more.

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The fast paced application development continues to provide worth using applications whether it’s about productivity or entertainment. The developers are working hard and giving their best to get the best applications, so that people are satisfied with their performance. Iphone application development is also undergoing fast paced advancement and some new apps arise every week. So, after going through web, we have summed up the 5 best applications best suited for the fast paced people of this modern age.

Apple iPhone 6

1. Detour: This fascinating application can work for you as a historian, as well as tourist guide. With this app in your Smartphone you can get to know about the history of giant cities just like San Francisco. It lets you access the tours of cities online as well as study the complete history of the selected city. It’s a good tool for tourists, researchers as well as students who want to explore the world.

2. Letter space: Although iPhone’s are provided with note picking app by default but the UI and functionality is always limited to some extent. So, here this is an awesome note picking app for you which has got cool and robust user interface, also making searching of notes easy via hash tags, you can just swipe between notes you created proving to be the fast note picked for this fast paced world.

3. TL; DR Email: This Gmail compatible email organizer lets you read your emails in much easy way and you can reply back just like you are commenting of Facebook. This application is well suited for people who have got tight schedule and like to provide short replies to emails. However it does also enable to write longer texts too. You should definitely try this time savvy application.

4. Alfred: It’s a compact and awesome tool which lets you access your Mac from iPhone remotely. Via this application you can open different apps, listen and control music as well as lock it. Besides these features, you can also create shortcuts on your Mac from distance. Although this application can do only few things but further accessibility is yet to be gained in the upcoming versions of this app.

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Games have always been used by all the mobile users round the globe to entertain themselves as and when user feels. Games have been so important that today people select their device based on amount of games that can be played on their device. Keeping this in mind many game developers have introduced millions of games out of which many games have a concept based on trending movie. People have loved all forms of games from snakes on your old Nokia device to Transformers, Iron man, Real cricket, Candy crush, Quiz up and lots more. One game that is trending from quite some time is stick games. People play this all the time while travelling, when they are bored or frustrated as it a simple game and can be controlled by two finger. One thing that I most love in stick games is the look of character and that the reason I play on and on. Let us find the top 5 stick games that have top the chart based on downloads.


Stickman soccer
The game gives you a full on football experience with smooth and awesome animation, simple controls, unlimited replays, fast game-play and lots more. To experience these games all you have to do is select a national team of your choice and help them win also track their record. You can play various modes including bonus street soccer mode. The user can get two types of games with 11 players on each side or 4 players on each side. The game has three levels and you need to challenge your team on each level with 32 various national teams. The game has automatic and manual running option and user can select option based on your choice. The game has awesome touch controls and is quite responsive with all types of device. The game has a smooth animation with over 60 frames a sec. Overall game experience is quite good and people will enjoy competing.

Stickman Ice hockey
If you guys like playing Ice hockey this is the game you don’t want to miss. User chooses from 46 national and international teams to become the best team. User can play this game in 4 different levels with various season modes. The game has great graphics and user can fell the reality when a bone breaks or body checks performed in the game. Except quick and training mode, company has introduced 6-season mode and a bonus mode for the users to play with this means user can go on and on with this game. Company has maintained the simple and powerful touch controls. The look of this game is quite good the game experience with noise from the crowd takes it to all new level. User gets to customize rules and game-play stadium etc. making it more fun.

Stickman Base Jumper
For all those who want to understand the power of gravity and wind for them Djinnworks GmbH gets BASE jumper. User has to determine the jump based on air direction, distance and has to protect himself from crashing into wrong object. The user will be standing on top of the highest building where the game starts and has to jump down and glide to the air. The user will be provided a parachute that needs to be fired before landing to complete a level the landing time should be perfect also the game provides start point and end point also it shows any obstruction that jumper has to take care before jumping. The game has 30 levels to play with and fully animated considering all the aspect of physics in mind. The game has great graphics and two distinct mode (day/night) with lightning and other weather conditions.

Stickman Tennis
Fell like smashing stickman tennis does the same for you. The game is all about playing tennis where user gets the opportunity to play on different courts and with different players and have to win. Compete in 64 tournaments win trophies and improve you ranking game lets you do all this. The game has all the basic moves and some special moves like (top spin, slices, lob etc.) all this helps you at troubled time in the game. Game provides training mode to train your player and arm with various special moves. You can choose whether to play short set or long set also many more user control settings. User will love the graphics and will be more addictive to the game.

Stickman Ski Racer
Users have to run down the mountain and perform various stunts, collect coins to win points. Game is all about performing stunts and while doing that all you have to do is collect coins but to give more realistic developers have provided many obstruction (avalanche, weak bridges, night mode etc.). User gets to experience the 30 impressive mountain slopes and user can customise the character to make it look more attractive. The game is designed keeping all the principals of physics intact making it many a times difficult .Developers have also provided ghost support to compare your previous ride with the present one and to improve. Game has great graphics and the night mode is awesome with floodlights you can also view spectacular jumps and crashes while you move forward with the game.

Its very hard to pick one from the very best stick games but I definitely recommend to play all one by one to enjoy the efforts that developers have taken to get such a great game.

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Gamers might have got bored with playing the same stuff again and again but the wait is over and here comes your share of new gaming wave. With the gaming session going hot all over the globe, Phone Lane has gone through the gamer’s lane and bring some action packed, storytelling and wheels burning games for you. It’s definitely one of the best installments of games and these games will take your mind to a new mental state of excitement and feeling physics. So, let’s enjoy them all wholeheartedly and keep playing the finest selection of games from our world of happiness.

Android 5 Lollipop

1st week of March Top 5 Games

1. Grim Legends: Explore this amazing world of wonder and magic where the legends belong. It’s a place filled with secrets, mystery, forbidden temples, etc. This city of revenbrook although features very cheerful people but they are all feared of the evil spirits wandering at the bay. Then what comes after to this city is dreadful, so you have got the chance to visit the city and explore it, fight the danger that waits. This awesome game is complied of 24 mini games and 38 creative locations. You will have to explore 11 different characters full of mysterious secrets.

2. Dark Strokes: What will you do when someone will abduct your future bride? Of course you will risk your life to save your future. This tragedy happened to the young man named Ethan Black, and his loved one was took away by the faceless Ones. Now play the role off Ethan honestly take him through the city, make him find the clues and do every possible thing that will take him to his darling Clair. Based on emotional tragedy you will have to go through 58 locations, play 16 mini games and explore 20 hidden secret objects within the game.

3. Star Command: If you ever dreamt of managing and driving your own space shuttle, then this game can make your dream come true. It allows you to gather up your own crew, build the space ship based on your own engineering skills, and upgrade it. To survive for the good in the space, keep increasing the skills, explore the space, discover 10 alien species and go rampant over them. This is a game of responsibility where management as well as gun fight is in your hands.

4. Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood: Based upon a story of being an innocent woman being cut off from the world into a perverted game with a psychopath. He abducts your fiancé and drags you to play this game full of puzzles and mystery. You will have to solve different puzzles one after another in 38 locations and a big bunch of hidden objects present to help you finding him. For adding more attraction and interest in the game a set of 28 mini games have been introduced along with hints and tips for you, so that you won’t get stuck.

5. RE-VOLT Classic 3D: This game is all about killer racing with your car loaded with dangerous weapons. You will have to race through 14 different tracks, going through museums, roof tops, cruise ships, etc. There are 42 differently handling cars whose physics vary according to design and speed. In the meantime, listen to a great sound track and you can play this game in 4 different modes. The global ranking is also made available to show the world that you are best.