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LG Lucid 3 is a powerful smart phone with 4.7 inch high quality screen protected by corning gorilla glass. The phone runs on Android latest mobile operating system that is Android version 4.4 KitKat. With a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, tasks are completed within fraction of seconds. This phone is mainly used for business purpose as its long lasting battery and powerful features help people to get the reliable information they need.

LG Lucid 3 VS876

The simplest and safest method used to unlock LG Lucid 3 VS876 is by unlocking code. To get a code, it’s necessary that you know the IMEI number of your device. To know the IMEI number simply dial *#06# or remove the battery of your device to get the 15 digit IMEI number.

To get a code to unlock LG Lucid 3 you should get, IMEI number, SIM card that is currently working on your phone, network lock code and service provide lock code. You should get these things before applying the code, as it is required at some stages.

How to enter a code in LG Lucid 3 VS876 Smart phone?

To enter code in LG Lucid 3 VS876 or any other LG smart phone you need to first insert the SIM card. Now enter the following sequence 2945#*xxx#. Here xxx represents the model number of the LG smart phone. In order to enter the code in LG Lucid 3 VS876 type 2945#*876#. Now the phone will enter in a secret menu and will ask for the network lock and a service provider lock code. Complete the given instructions to unlock the phone to all mobile networks.

How to use LG unlock Software?

Another method used to unlock LG Lucid 3 VS876 to all mobile networks is by LG unlock software. In this method you need a data cable, devices unlock code and LG unlock software. You can download LG unlock software from LG official website. To know the device unlock code, remove the device battery and note the mobile internal information.

To start the process, install the LG unlock software on your PC. Now connect the LG Lucid 3 VS876 to the computer through the data cable. Now a LG unlocks portal screen will display, enter all the necessary details and proceed. Now press the “unlock phone” command. The server will now ask you to hold the power button of the device for some time in order to start the unlocking process. Once the process has been started, within one minute the phone will be unlocked.

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LG Lucid 3 is a budget smart phone with 4.70 inch 540 X 960 pixels display. It has 1.2 GHz faster processors with 1 GB RAM, which is capable of performing functions quickly. With 5 mega pixel rear cameras and 0.3 mega pixel rear cameras you can click good quality pictures.

LG Lucid 3 VS876

How to root, unroot and unlock bootloader LG Lucid 3 VS876

Steps to root LG Lucid 3 VS876 Version:

  • Download rooting tool towelroot.apk on your device. This rooting tool is easily available on several websites and can be downloaded for free.
  • Now install the .apk file on your device. It will ask for permission. To grant access go to settings> security> Unknown Sources.
  • Run the app and select “ra1n” option. Now wait until the app finishes the task.
  • Once the task is completed, the app will display a message ‘your device is rooted’.
  • Now install SuperSU app from google play store.
  • Restart your device to get it fully rooted.

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Steps to unroot LG Lucid 3 VS876 Version:

The following method only works if you have used towelroot rooting tool for rooting the device. If you have rooted your device with different rooting tool, then you need to follow a different method.

  • Open the SuperSU app and go to settings.
  • Select a full unroot option in the settings.
  • A message will be displayed on the screen ‘ device is unrooted’.
  • Wait until the task is over and once completed, restart your device.
  • Now your device will be fully unrooted.

To check the status of your device, i.e. whether you have rooted or unrooted your device, go to Google play store and install Rootchecker app. This app will tell you whether your device is rooted or not.

How to unlock bootloader in LG Lucid 3:

Bootloader is a special mode that is automatically executed before any operating system starts. Unlocking bootloader voids the phone warranty and formats the device. Let’s have a look at the steps to unlock bootloader:

  • The first step is to install Android SDK on your device.
  • Now switch off your mobile and start the device in boot mode.
  • Connect the device to your PC and wait until the drivers are installed.
  • Now go to command prompt and type the following command “ fastboot oem unlock”
  • Once it is completed, it will ask permission for unlocking bootloader. Now grant permission and wait till its completion.
  • After following all the above steps, your device will unlock bootloader.

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