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How can Apple stay out of race, when Samsung is full on swing to dominate the market? In coming year Apple is full set to come up with their two brand new large screen iPhones. Apple will be launching iPhone 6 in coming year 2014. This new release yet to launch will have more gesture friendly operating system iOS7. This Smartphone’s will have curved edges which will give elegant look for the handset.

The size of the screen is expected to increase from 4.7 and 5.5-inch. This screen size is supposed to dominate Galaxy Note -3 of Samsung Electronics Corporation which made its public appearance in September. Large screen has set a total craze to flaunt their Smartphone’s in Smart and stylish way.

iPhone 5s front

Apple in coming year is all set to stay in news for good reason. As in 2013, Apple expanded their capacity to produce two new iPhone at same time. A lot of good and exciting stuff will be expected to coming together. The new handset will have sensor developments.

The handset will be true with pressure sensitivity. This Pressure sensitivity will make drawing, calligraphy and handwriting application much better on iPhone and iPad. Apple can also try selling this product on professional-level as artistic device.

This will surely make things better and earn solid profit on global market. It will be too early to make any comments or judgments on the reported news or claims. Apple’s iPhone on such release will definitely take decent place in market and customers perspective.