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Android keeps on introducing new versions and creating the trend among youth and all Smartphone users. The craze of the Android operating system started with Ice Cream Sandwich and trended till the development of latest Lollipop version. A lot people opt to get an Android Operating system on their Smartphone as they find this a bit easy and cosy to go with. It’s been seven months since Lollipop was formally announced. With material design Lollipop has been slated as the biggest leap for Android users since its inception. Lets take a look at what stats have to say about it.

Android 4 Kitkat

Even after running for seven months, many high-end Smartphone are still running with KitKat version. According to statistics, around 5.4% of device are only update to latest Android Operating system Lollipop version, but Google, the official partner shows jump till 9.7%. Every version took an approximate time to score high with latest Android version. As per the statistics, Android Lollipop 5.0 was noted as the biggest gainer from 5.0% last month, up to 9.0% of other devices in current month only.

Android Chart May

But after looking at the past records, Lollipop has not scored well with time. There was a slight increase with the number of device from 0.4% in the month of April to 0.7% till yesterday. While, Android 5.1 was released on device three months ago,its natural that penetration of recent release wont be very high. Android Customization is a boon as well as curse for it, since all vendors want to customize it to suit their needs. Hence penetration of majority of new releases to masses takes time. In fact a point to note, Lollipop has scored on charts in past four weeks. But KitKat version is running on 90.7% of Android device in 5-years, remaining unaffected with Lollipop version release.

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Now it is confirmed that a lot of users are migrating to the newer operating system version and not just the latest version. This is cleared from the first android devices share data from Google for 2014. If we see the active devices in January then the new KitKat release raised to 1.4 percent. In month of December older software was 54.1 percent and this month it is raised to 59.1 percent.

Jelly Bean still preferred in Android Devices over KitKat

Android devices kitkat Logo

We all know that KitKat is restricted to Google hardware with Google nexus devices and Motorola device and that is the main reason that most of the third party devices will either get upgrade for KitKat or ship with pre-installed revision. Result that came out is not surprising at all. Android always tries to improve its OS with every new version but the figures that we got here are telling a completely different story. Kitkat is with 1.4 percent of devices and on the other hand, Jelly Beans is with 60 percent of total devices.

Google have not mentioned their Android 1.6 Donut and Android 2.1 Eclair in their monthly report. This is because these operating system versions are not having Google Play support.

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Smartphone giant Samsung has set a standard of its own in the mobile phone market. The series of Smartphones being launched by Samsung for all consumer class is the driving force for its popularity. Samsung has delivered a wide range of Smartphone with the best operating system available today Android. Android version launched in 2008 has blown away the OS platform. But have you noticed that these versions released are in alphabetical order which are named after desserts. Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo , Ginger Bread , Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and now most awaited Kit-Kat . Give me a break, Google. Cut me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

Samsung device

Last month, a leaked document went wild on the internet revealing that the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 will be the ones in the range of Samsung’s Smartphone devices to receive the much awaited and anticipated Android 4.4 Kit-Kat update. However, now it looks like the Samsung Mobile is considering bringing the latest Kit-Kat version which is open-source operating system also to its entry-level smartphones. Kit-Kat update can give users the requirement of minimum RAM for handsets to just 512MB. But not so good is that it doesn’t include Samsung’s custom Touch-wiz user interface that comes inbuilt on all of its Android based Smartphones — which makes updating devices a not so easy task for the OEM.

The list of entry-level Samsung devices being processed by Samsung to see if they are capable of handling KitKat without any problem can be seen below:

  • Galaxy Fame — GT-S6810
  • Galaxy Fresh — GT-S7390
  • Galaxy Core — GT-I8262
  • Galaxy Ace 2 — GT-I8160
  • Galaxy S3 Mini — GT-I8190
  • Galaxy S4 Mini — GT-I9190
  • Galaxy S Advance — GT-I9070
  • Galaxy Ace 3 — GT-S7270

As only for now Samsung Mobile is investing the compatibility of Kit-Kat on these ranges it cannot guarantee that it will have a good conclusion. So hoping for best result is the only thing anticipated buyers can do!!Kit-Kat users are vibrant young consumers of chocolate and candy bars, and that’s a good match with Android!!!

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Nexus 5 is already in news from many days. There are many images leaked of this phone with the latest Android Operating system version 4.4. This version has got the KitKat as its nickname after a list of predictions about it. Some rumors are spreading the News that the Nexus 5 will be released on 30th October 2013 and it is also predicted that the Android 4.4 kitkat will debut with this smartphone. There are many eyes on this phone and specially the new operating system with many new features included into it.

android kitkat

It is also expected that the Nexus 5 will be released along side with the Nexus 10 tablet. We would like to tell you that there is no official confirmation about this news and date. All these are just leaked information by rumors. We are still waiting for some official confirmation about the release date and actual specification for the same. Until now, the information available for this device is that, it will come with the 1080p screen and Snapdragon 800 chipset that will be supported by 2 GB of RAM. If there is any update on this news then we will update this article with the same. By the time, we would be happy to have your opinion and comment on this news

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The new android operating system version 4.4 is already in news from last few days with the name ‘KitKat’. There is no official information about the release date of this new operating system version from Google but it is expected that the new version will be released this month only with the Nexus 5. There were many predictions earlier about the nickname for this new version of operating system but finally it ends with the ‘KitKat’. There are many  things updated with the latest versions and some of the new features are also added into it. One of the highlighted thing of this update is the updated camera user interface. There is Instagram-like previews and also a print menu. With the help of his menu, you can save your image as PDF or else print the image to your local printer. With this new improved camera UI, it will gives better experience of clicking photos from your smartphone.

android kitkat

There is Printing and Payments system available from the settings menu. With this system, you can make the wireless NFC payment to main Android architecture. There is no need to depend on any third party application for this. The Drive and Keep app will allow you to have access on your documents from the google cloud. It also has the very important application Quickoffice and with the help of this, you will be able to make text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. So, this new update is having many new features along with some very important Google’s productivity applications.