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Samsung is trying its best to come with more and more affordable budget Smartphone with all trendy and latest features and specifications. After launching Samsung Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7, they have come with Samsung Galaxy V Plus. The Samsung Galaxy V Plus is the successor to Galaxy V, which is with dual SIM functionality and Android’s latest OS version KitKat at just $82-USD.

Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos

The Smartphone sports 4-inch of display screen with 480 X 800 pixel resolution. It is powered with dual-core processor with 1.2GHz of clock speed. It offers 512MB of RAM and 2GB of internal memory which can be further expanded with MicroSD card. To speak about camera features, it comes with 3-Megapixel of rear camera and a front camera sufficient to capture quality of selfies. While, to speak about the connectivity options it offers 3G data speed, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS and so. The battery life of 1,500mAh capacity too is bit sufficient with the price tag of the Smartphone.
The price $82 is not very much higher, but quite affordable to the common people around. Samsung seems to have taken the budget phone competition quite serious and have stepped with decent Smartphones.

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I remember in school days, we used to have weekly report. You must be wondering how that is related to this post. But you will be bit amused to here this! Google has introduced monthly update for their Android Developer Dashboard. They have presented concept of ‘Platform Version’ chart. The Platform Version is quite unique, this will tell how much Android market has scored and so? The data is received from Google Play Store.

Android 4 Kitkat

Jelly Bean Kit Kat still Lead

As per Android Distribution chart, Kitkat scores more. Yes, Kitkat is rising with 39.1% with its first version. While, three version of Jelly Bean too are leading ahead when piled up together. To total up, Jelly bean is installed in 46% of device. While Kitkat is growing more and more in coming days, and will rise so in coming months too.

To overview on the figures earned on different version, then Froyo version of Android have scored lowest around 0.4%. Google has noted that few Android versions which had scored less than 0.1% has not entered in this Platform Version chart. To be very precise, this is prime reason Lollipop version, have not entered into chart yet. Lollipop has not scored positive ranking on charts, also the sales of the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9 are not breath-taking.

The interesting point in this chart distribution is, KitKat is not even a year old and has managed to gain well as compared to Lollipop version. This will give tough fight to latest Lollipop version.


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Android 4.4.3 KitKat is next upcoming update version from Google. Developer LlabTooFeR has confirmed this from a post on twitter. It says that Android 4.4.3 update is under development. Google has not given any information for release date, we cannot comment anything on its release date. Other than this, if you check log file then you will also find Nexus 5 running the update.

Android kitkat Logo

Currently Nexus 5 is facing problem with its camera and battery and so it is expected that Android 4.4.3 kitkat update will fix this issue. Other than this, we cannot say what else we will get to see. There are many background applications running in device like Skype and that interrupt camera app service by accessing it from its background service. Such access to camera app leads to overall system lag and reduced battery-life. Primary solution for it was to uninstall third party applications and reboot the phone. Earlier, Google released Android 4.4.1 update to solve this problem but it failed to do so. Till now, we just have Nexus 5 in update list. There is no information that if update will be available for other devices as well. If we check the last KitKat software version KOT49H (Android 4.4.2) then it was released only for a few devices that includes Nexus tablets and smartphones.

Apart from this, there is also rumored news that Android 4.5 will be unveiled by this summer with a few new nexus devices. HTC is also planning to release their next Nexus tablet by the end of third quarter of 2014. These all are rumored news and so we cannot be 100% sure for these.


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Finally the wait is over. The Android 4.4 Kitkat is all set to make its public appearance. This Android 4.4 Kitkat version will be rolling globally on all Nexus devices. Google is all set to push a bug-fix KRT16S for Google’s Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Google is all set to introduce with number of updates. Google has taken long time to eliminate bugs and release the by updating with 238 MB. The Android 4.4 version will be introduced with several new features like instant chat interface (Hangout), Automatic caller ID, and new ART run-time. This ART is configured to reduce app’s start time and also to improve battery performance.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat

This Android is all set to make its appearance on Sony, HTC, Samsung and Motorola. It seems like the Kitkat version will be ruling to form its kingdom. A lot unique features have been added in 4.4 Kitkat versions. Let’s get back to the main high-light “android 4.4 Kitkat now seeding to the Nexus 4”. The OTA in this is updated. On connection with Wi-Fi your phone starts update process automatically. The new features add more credibility. Hope this version will work wonders in Android world like previous versions.

But users other than Google Nexus can also get updated version of Android. While other users like HTC, Motorola, Samsung and so on are likely to launch their handset in January with Android 4.4 Kitkat version. The wait to get new version of Android will be just matter of few weeks.

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Many users must be knowing the latest addition to Nokia Smartphones is Lumia 1020. This Smartphone supports RAW camera files. Google is presently working to add this camera support for better output from the camera . There are developing Android application programming interfaces(API). Google’s initial plan was to bring this new camera API with Kitkat but that did not work for them. Google must have planned of this API because of Image Quality which iPhone gives.
What happens to Nokia Lumia 1020 when you click the picture it creates one high-res uncompressed picture and other compressed file i.e they  offer output at high resolution in uncompressed formats. I think this new camera API might have Burst mode, removable camera support and face detection.These features are not native as many android phone supports it. The Camera API is Forward and Backward compatible with earlier devices. Full-capability devices provide per-frame management of capture hardware and post-processing parameters at high frame rates.

android kitkat

What is RAW..? This question might arise in your mind. So let me tell you what exactly it means RAW is an image format which many photographers must be familiar with. RAW output provides the total uncompressed image info leading to a way larger file size, however additionally a file that enables rather more headroom for post-processing. Smartphone cameras usually output JPEG files, that are compressed, principally finalized pictures. RAW is minimally compressed and unprocessed, thus shooting in RAW provides the creative person way more flexibility when the image is shot. Programs like Photoshop will do way more with a RAW file than with a JPEG. If apps were able to access RAW, they could have given Single-Shot HDR photos by performing a range of image enhancement.

Fo the time we have to sit back and watch which manufactures will come up the device that will have Android 4.4 Kitkat alongside New Camera API. Right..?