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Micromax is known to make amazing devices for really low cost. The phones are huge, robust and have amazing specs under the hood. No wonder in such a short time, Micromax has been able to reach the number 1 Indian mobile phone manufacturer. One amazing thing about the Micromax Canvas 4 which we are checking out is its 720p HD display. This was the second phone ever by an Indian manufacturer to make a HD display phone, the previous also being from Micromax, the Canvas HD. One amazing thing about having an HD display is the games that you can enjoy on the device. So let us check out some amazing HD games that you can enjoy on the Micromax Canvas 4.

Free Games download for Micromax Canvas 4 HD phone

Micromax Canvas 4

Excalibur: Knights of the King
If you like playing some cool 1 player 2D games, then this game will appeal to you really well. This game is something like playing Contra on your mobile, just a bit more advanced and based on an older time. Here you are a night and you need to keep doing killing the bad guys and dragons to save the princess. The graphics, sound, story and the gameplay are quite awesome and you won’t have one boring moment playing this. Just one small issue that after sometime you might find the killing quite repetitive, but that is because of some limitations for it being on mobile. But overall it is an amazing game.


This is another amazing game which is played in a third person control. This game has amazing graphics and on the Play Store it is touted as the best graphics for a mobile game. Well, there are games with better graphics like Dead Trigger, but still the graphics are pretty good. Also it has a wonderful storyline of a cowboy who has out of the blue reached the future and has to tackle bad guys there. The controls are simple, the sound intuitive and the gameplay immersive. Just try and make sure you don’t get addicted to it though.

Dead Trigger 2:

This is the update to the popular Dead Trigger title which was released before. This version of Dead Trigger known as Dead Trigger 2 has HD visuals which makes gameplay for this game on HD phones much more fun. Get back in the world filled with zombies and fight with the global resistance against the zombies who have taken over the world. This time the graphics are much more advanced than the previous versions where now in some scenes, the zombies jump out of nowhere which can actually give you a scare and make you jump up and shout.


This is recommended by many as a must play game. Though the concept of the game is pretty same that you clear levels to more to the next one, still the basic concept of the game is absolutely original and unique. In this you have something that can grow limbs on demand and with that you need to cross across levels and move to the next level. It uses a powerful physics engine and seems pretty real with all the laws of physics actually followed in a game for a change.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers:

If you have been a fan of strategy games like the Age of Empires maybe, then you will surely love this game. It is the sequel for the popular title Kingdom Rush. In here now you can get more different kinds of arsenal and weapons and towers to defend your kingdom now. It has got amazing graphics and gameplay but what disappoints is that even though it is a paid game already, still there are many in-app purchases which can turn a person against playing this.

Hence we checked out some amazing HD games that one can play on the Micromax Canvas 4. So get your device, download the games and get cracking at them soon. You do not want to stay so much away from these games for long. Let us know what you think about the games and also if you have any more suggestions or queries about more games. Feel free to comment down below.