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Apple’s app store has been an incubator for some of the most unique and exciting iOS games ever released on mobile platforms. Numerous games have transcended from iOS to android because of its excellent UI, gaming experience, but some of the games remain exclusive to iOS even today. The games in the App store are well curated and designed. These games provide real gaming experience that can match only play stations and Xboxes. With an IPhone 6 plus, you could play these games for hours without even killing half of its battery. Let’s take a bite into this world of ios games and explore its top contenders.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Trivia Crack

Are you the quiz master around your friends? Do you want to improve your general knowledge? Or do you just want to have some fun. Well this App has it all; it’s one of the top ranking apps on the App store developed by Etermax. It pitches friends against friends on trivial combat to win over by points. It is one of the pioneer apps which provide support game play through your Apple watch.

FTL:Faster than Light

If you are into strategy gaming; there is no world in which you should be missing out on the action in FT. This game has topped the charts for years and is picked by the Editors at App Store. You pilot a spaceship within a galaxy tats filled with numerous challenges. It is definitely not as easy as we make it sound because the game involves numerous controls to man your spaceship along with attacks that can not only block your shields but also destroy planets.

NBA 2K15

NBA 2K franchise is back in 2015 with it’s near real world experience of one of the most entertaining and watched sports –basketball! This game is packed with sound tracks made by renowned artists. The gaming experience is unmatched by any other game in the mobile platform. The graphics, player animations, player models etc are well crafted and use quite less battery when compared to its counter parts.

Real Racing 3

Numerous games have leapt forward into new frameworks of graphic implementation and gaming. This racing game seems to have a clear edge over the others from the perspective of the true gamer. To believe what we are explaining you need to experience it. Real racing 3 is a resource intensive game that uses some of the most advanced graphics that allows implementation of realistic people, realistic cars and tracks for your racing passion round the clock.

Monument Valley

It is mellow, it is clean, and it is colourful. That’s just the start. This game is a visual game that manipulates the laws of geometrical physics. You have to guide the princess through the exploration of the valley of architecture that deceives you, every single time. Not only do you need brain, but also wild imagination that encompasses the wildest alterations in architecture and optical illusions.

This is just a small round-up of the top of the lines IOS games that have topped the charts consistently. Let us know in the comment section below of your opinions and your favourites.

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Your Android can become the world’s most complex Swiss Army knife with all the millions of applications to choose from today, but what is the use of having dozens of apps on your Android if you aren’t equip with the best? Whether you are searching for practical apps or fun apps, this list will be useful if you do not have the time to sort through hundreds of listings and prefer things short and sweet.

Android 5 Lollipop

5.) Whatsapp

If you need a versatile communication app and are fond of clever puns , Whatsapp is right up your alley. This app can quickly communicate through instant messaging and audio, and it expands on the capabilities of a regular phone by also sending video and photos. Even though you have to buy a subscription to use this app, that did not stop it from growing into one of the most popular communication apps in the world. Using this app is more practical and direct than having to use social networking sites, especially for business-related communication.

4.) Uber

This application is extremely useful to have, whether for everyday use or just in case of emergencies. Uber is used to immediately contact a taxi, and you don’t need to know your current address. This is very beneficial for people who dislike the slow speed and hassle of public transportation, or people who happen to be nowhere near a bus stop, or for whatever other reason to call a taxi quick. You won’t need cash either, if you have a credit card, Google Wallet or Paypal; the cost of your ride is transferred directly to the company. Considering this app’s sheer practicality, I would call that a fare price!

3.) Facebook

If you know what is, it should not be surprising that the mobile app version is so widely used, and was probably invented the first chance the programmers got. With the Facebook app, you can keep in constant touch with your family and friends, even if you don’t have access to a computer, and do all the things you could do on Facebook’s regular website. This is very practical when you are on vacation, can’t afford a computer, or prefer to keep things pocket-sized. The Facebook app has an undeniable effect in defining this age as the most closely-connected generation in history.

2.) Paytm

This is an application that is starting to make even physical credit cards look slightly obsolete. It handles a variety of money transactions, including pay day deposits to your bank account, paying utility bills, and shopping online. The makers also stress how each transaction is completely secure. They also take advantage of the app’s versatility with its own online shopping system, which can be used to bargain, use discounts, and make quick refunds. It really pays to keep up with the newest technological ways to make money matters simpler!

1.) Instagram

Instagram is an insanely popular application that is used simply for taking photos in a square format, applying interesting filters and effects if desired, and instantly sharing them on any social networking site. There is no shortage of filters and editing tools either, and they are all far easier to use than complicated photo editing software. You can also take short videos, but the app is known mostly for its picture-taking function. The app does not cost anything, which may also be a contributing factor in its popularity (compared again to expensive photo editing software)!

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There are millions of games supported by Android devices in 2015 to appeal to all tastes and desires, but if you don’t know what kind of game you like yet, it can be tiresome to try to root through all that are available. If you are searching for games for your Android, whether to play as a serious hobby or just to pass the time, then a good idea would be to start by trying out what many people agree are the best.

android 2

5.) FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is a great game for football (soccer) enthusiasts who are kept indoors on a rainy day. In the game, you can assemble a team of soccer players and compete against other virtual teams. With over10,000 real players from almost every league to choose from, you won’t run out of choices quickly and things are kept interesting. The realistic 3D graphics mean you won’t have to be at the stadium to experience the thrills of the sport!

4.) Ice Age

Based on the same prehistoric universe as the movie, the game Ice Age is about Manny, Sid, Diego, Ellie and other characters having to build a village when all the animals escaped disaster. You must create and maintain the village, and you also level up to unlock new animals, buildings, decorations, and more! You can also do side missions and play mini games featuring Scrat. Even though it takes place thousands of years ago, this game won’t get old any-time soon!

3.) Ridiculous Fishing

In this game, your goal is to earn money as a fisherman who catches as many fish as possible by guiding a fishing hook underwater as deep as you can, and then moving the hook towards the fish when the reel retracts on the way back up. You also shoot fish out of the sky when they fly out of the water. There are many species of ocean creatures that have different behaviors. You earn coins from all the fish you catch, which you can spend on many types of upgrades, including longer fishing line, guns, a toaster (to electrocute accidental fish), and hats! The game also has appealingly colorful, somewhat retro graphics. It is not hard to imagine someone getting quickly addicted to this game.

2.) Subway Surfers

In Subway Surfers, you play as a young troublemaker running, jumping or surfing through the underground subway system trying to outrun the Inspector and his dog, who is pursuing you. To spice things up, you must also avoid obstacles like railway cars and trains and collect coins. Awards are also given for achieving specific tasks, and different characters can be unlocked, too. The subway tunnels never end; test how long you can survive before crashing into something or being caught!

1.) Spaceteam

Spaceteam is an exciting multi-player game where everyone playing must collaborate to operate a virtual spaceship through the obstacles of space. Each player has a different control panel on each of their screens, which are decked out with several dials and buttons. Instructions have to be given verbally between players to keep the ship running correctly. The goal is to survive as long as possible, and game gets harder as it goes on. Try to keep up, because if mistakes are made in the controls, the ship takes damage! This game is a great choice if you find playing by yourself a tad boring, and you enjoy fast-paced action.

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The evolution of Human race has brought them to such a stage where portability is the new fashion. And when we say about portability the first thing that comes to our mind is smartphones and tablets. Both of these platforms are now dominated by Android, an easily customizable, easy to use Operating System (OS) which powers more than a billion devices around the globe. Google Play, Android’s sole app marketplace has now become the biggest in the world because of its high app production rate and big user base. Various new apps of 2015 have already earned people’s attention. Let’s talk about those trending apps.

Android Logo

Fenix for Twitter

Fenix just opened a new door to Twitter usage with some unique experience and UI design. Among other great things Fenix is an extremely simple app to use. You can refresh your timeline just by swiping down. You can find photo gallery just above the timeline. And the best of all is the navigation drawer that slides out from the left side of the screen. You can directly access to your timeline, mentions, messages, favorites and more from there. All in all this is the one and only Twitter client app I would suggest everyone.


You don’t need to fill your phone’s storage anymore with your favorite music. Now, you can just turn on Spotify, search your favorite songs, hear those songs and give them a thumb up! That’s all you have to do and spotify will use its complex algorithm to find your taste according your thumbs up and keep playing them. Can hearing your favorite music be easier than that! Spotify has free (with ad) version as well as premium (ad free) versions which costs 9.99/month subscription fee.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

The best app for any cycle lover whether going to office or just anywhere. You will never lost track of yourself because Strava uses GPS to track your current location and your performance. It also helps you to better yourself by showing you your previous taken time on the same route. If that’s not enough hear that, “Strava also helps you to compete with total strangers!!” What that means is while travelling a route Strava will show you other cyclist’s taken time on the route and lets you compete with that time because you will have a leader-board to maintain!


Always wanted to learn a second language but never got the time or place for learning? This app will teach you to learn your desired language wherever you are. What makes it standout in the pool of language learning apps is its volatile way of teaching you which makes you almost feel like you are playing a game.

Clean Master

Clean Master is the best cleaning app in the market. Whenever your phone is a bit slow or taking a bit more time to work than usual just use clean master and your phone is lag free. It’s easy to use interface makes it the best in the competitive market of the cleaning apps. Its new addition includes battery saver with which you can customize your usage of battery.