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The Android Market has released a number of fun and useful apps this year. We have dug through the Play store and chose five apps that you’;re not using but should be. Check out the Top 5 Android Apps, which are useful, entertaining and worthwhile to be downloaded, the next hottest apps ever! These apps have brought brand new ideas and will be your best buddies in your phone. Be the first one to share with your friends and family!

android 4

it’s always complicated to make a group call with your friends on phone, especially when inviting them into the group. Here comes the Popcorn Buzz, the easiest app to use! It is recently launched by Line which provides you a free group call that you can talk with up to 200 people at the same time. No matter for sharing lives with your family or having a group conference for work, Popcorn Buzz is a nice choice. You may think that having large group call cause confusion easily. In fact, people whose icons are with green light on are currently talking in group. You can invite your friends into the group by sharing the URL, just a few clicks then it’s done.

I am sure everyone is curious about their past life, especially the animal lovers, whom will be a big fan of this app. By using your own photo, it determines which animals suit you and analyses your habits. Past Life You Were Animals Face is a fun app to use and suitable to share with friends and families. It also helps to know you better by analysis of your characteristics and personality. You can also share your result through social networking sites. Quickly download the future hits!

Searching interesting videos in YouTube becomes part of our daily lives. If you are used to search some funny videos and share with my friends, I am sure you will like Daily cast: YouTube Video Pick. It is categorized into Daily Headline (where the hottest videos are), Staff Picks and Personal Subscription. The function of Staff Picks is super time consuming and in a garnered quality. With the Daily cast: YouTube Video Pick, you won’; t miss any interesting videos and helps you to bring up topics with friends easier.

Twitch is definitely made for gamers, especially those who are really into playing Legend of League or Duty of Call. You can watch the broadcast of both live and recorded of the top games and chat with the players that you have followed. It provides a variety of games and up to 25 languages for you to choose. What you have to do is to set up an account and choose what games and channels to follow, and then you are able to get the updated broadcast of your favorite games. Twitch helps strengthening your gaming skills and offers you chances to make new friends.

I believe most of you uses ring-tones in your phones. With the Mp4 video converter, you can extract any videos or even your favourite scenes from the movies to mp3 files and make your own ring-tones. You can also convert songs that are covered by your favourite YouTube’s into mp3 files so that you can listen to all the time. Mp4 video converter makes your music life much more fun and interesting; you can also share with your family and friends.

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Windows platform always offers unique and good applications for the mobile phones. Windows applications are as popular as any other platform applications. Applications have been modified and launched again on this platform to give user best experience while using an application. Some new and unique applications have created ripples in the application market soon after their launch. We have tried to collect some applications which are new but are already focus of attention due to their new idea and concept as well as their applicability in daily life.

Windows Phone 8.1

AZ player
A Z player can be considered as one of the best window media player. Some of the features are very unique and interesting. Music can be played in background, at the same time pictures can be played as slide show. Playlist can be created and managed very easily with help of this app. Online service is supported too. Music can be played on sound cloud and videos can be played on you tube too. Videos, music and pictures can be downloaded with the help of this app. It supports lyrics of the songs too.

Runtastic six packs
This app is solution for the fitness seeking persons. You do not have time for workout. You cannot hire a personal trainer. You are not sure how to do perfect workout. This app is for you. This app is a workout app specially designed for individuals who cannot devote time exclusively for workout. There are two avatars in app, Daniel and Angie, Who help you train extensively with the help of nice work out videos.

Hexagram cool wallpapers
It is a wonderful wallpaper generating app. These wallpapers can be used for start screen as well as lock screen. This app helps users to create nice wallpapers with combination of various beautiful and appealing polygons with a variety of the colours. There are 10 colour swatches with 600 + colours in it. These wallpapers can be customised and tuned for final effect. Image filters also available in the app which makes it a nice app.

Photo recovery- free bird
This is a mind-blowing app which can make a person recover his deleted pictures by accident. You realized that picture you just deleted is very important for someone or for yourself. Don’t panic photo recovery is here for help. All you have to do is just click the app in your phone. This app will look for your picture in the internal memory and external memory and recover it. Then you will have to select and restore important documents. App is supported by the devices manufactured by Nokia, Lenovo, HTC and Huawei.

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Fascinating games have been launched on the iOS platform already and many games are being launched daily for iOS. We have tried to collect some new and unique games launched on iOS platform recently which are creating ripples on the internet. Gamers are finding these games fascinating for their wonderful conceptual background or jaw dropping graphical effects. Some games mentioned here may be free while some are paid .Games mentioned here are collected after independent research and personal experience. Individuals may have other choices too.

Apple iPhone 6

Threes is interesting as well as brain scratching game which has been designed to give your wits a bit of workout. The objective of the game is to combine the same numbers cards, with only multiples of three. Easy game? Here comes the twist. With the mindless manoeuvring of cards can get you blocked leaving no option to make a further move. So for a novice a game will be over within seconds or may be minutes. But an expert’s player can play for hours without blinking.

Legend of Grimrock
Game starts with a story in which person is sentenced to death for the grievous crime he may not have committed. For his punishment he is exiled to doomed and dangerous mount Grimrock. Mount Grimrock is concealing tons of secrets with in it, be it strange creatures or endless tunnels spanning across the Grimrock. Player assumes the role of person who is sentenced death and plays game to escape the Grimrock. In the process he has to make a team to combats with dangers lurking in the Grimrock. During game he has to take on monsters, deadly traps and hidden tombs sp as to clear the levels of game.

Implosion never lose hope
This action game is well designed to keep player interested and follows to next level in a smoother way. Game is placed in a time when earth has already been wiped out some 20 years ago. Human race is trying to survive and maintain its existence. A life form called XADA threatens the survival of human race. Game is about the fight humans put against their mighty opponent. Along with the wonderful concept graphic of the game is marvellous too. So it is well designed game.

Attack the light
Attack the light is a nice game which is available on Android, iOS, and kindle platform. Game revolves around the story in which crystal gems (protectors of the earth) comes from a mission. From a mission they bring a light prism. Steven (half human member) is playing video game on his tab at the moment. Steven releases the 7 lights from prisms. Now it is again duty of the crystal gem to find the lights again. Game is based on popular cartoon series Steven universe. A nice game to play.

Alto’s adventure
Alto’s adventure is a snowboarding game. Game is designed is in the backdrop of alpine valley which keeps on changing giving a real scenic view to the game. Weather effects such as lightening also increases the playing experience to a new level. There are endless task player has to do in the game ranging from rescuing the llamas to boarding on the roof of the house. Overall a nice game to play.

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Windows operating system is very popular with the gamers now. The reason for this is that windows compatible games have edge over the other platforms in terms of quality and graphics. Earlier windows mobiles were preferred by professional persons but rise of some trend changing games have changed the whole scenario. We have tried to collect some new games on the windows platform which are not only unique in their concept but also is interesting to bind the gamer. Choices may differ as individuals have own preferences.

windows phone logo

Greedy candy match
If you like candies game then greedy candy match is a perfect game for you .This game is very simple unlike some other complex candy games. But being simpler doesn’t mean the game is boring as game is very much addictive and one can play it for hours .It is basically a match 3 puzzle game .if same color candy is shot at other candies will vanish. There are certain objective given for each level which have to be cleared to reach to the next level .Game is published by the roll ball and it is 29 MB in size

Monster car racing
Monster car racing is an amazing 3d game which gives realistic experience to the player. It is basically a transporter truck simulator game in which person has to drive a trailer truck. The goodness of the game lies in the realistic effects of the game be it the real-time collision and real environmental conditions in the game .All these features give wonderful experience to the gamer which not only increases the adrenaline in the blood but also gives a pleasant experience of driving heavy trailer truck .Game is 10mb in science size and it is published by the monster game

Free metal slug
Game revolves around the story in which the survival training camp is made at an unnamed island where peregrine falcon recruits have to complete their training with limited arms and resources. The twist in the story comes when the general mordens troops come to the island to create the new base .They capture the young recruits. Player takes the role of the recruit Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson. They have to rescue their colleagues as well as free the island from the wicked forces .Game is 16mb of size and is published by Met

Doodle jump DC
This is a funny game but with a very interesting concept. Game is about doodle the doodler who takes the role of the batman to fight against the evil forces of the penguin, Mr. Breeze and the joker. Effects of the games are very nice with the major villain erupting at every boss stage. Features like the Bat copter and a Bat jetpack makes the game funny and interesting .Crystals are to be collected to upgrade your gears which helps to catch the crook faster. Playing rules are simple, screen has to be tilted to turn left or right and if you tap the screen the doodle will jump. Game is 33 MB in size and is published by see all,

Free kodly fruit
This is a simple and basic game which is very much addictive. It is very simple to play the game which is also best part of the too. Player has to crush one or two fruits with the help of his fingers .Fruit juices will be seen all over the screen once the fruit is crushed. It is a simple game but it has more than 100 levels to clear. Bonuses are added as a surprise .overall it’s a nice game with very nice features .game is published by the doonsels India Gm .size of the game is 11mb which is good considering the quality of the game,

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IOS is one of the most efficient and quick operating systems in mobile world today that is why i phones have such a good reputation in the market.iOS is considered as choice of the classy people who prefers quality and looks over the features. We have tried to collect the latest iOS app which not only are unique and classy but also contains wonderful features which separates them from nth apps available in  iPhone store. List created here is based on our team’s personal experience and reviews. Persons may have better experience with some others app too. We welcome any suggestions.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Horizon is a camera app for the IOS which helps to shoot pictures and videos in the horizontal mode with the inbuilt gyroscope of the mobile. You can change default resolutions according to your convenience and choice. There are 8 inbuilt filters within the app which helps to create some good videos and pictures. Slow motion mode and levelling mode is also added to the app which makes it a nice app. Free tier includes water mark .Some feature are locked in the free version of app which can be purchased.

This app is designed for the health conscious people. This app offers a mix of high energy and high tempo of music which pushes you during running and exercise. There is a whole range of collection of music which includes hip hop, rock, classical and so on. If you like oldie or 90s, it is available in the app. One of the mind blowing features which come with the app is my beat. This feature helps to increase the pace of the music according to your heart beat, your steps or according to your personal adjustment. This app can be adjusted with other running apps.

U messenger
Messaging apps are one the most popular apps on any platform. There are so many apps out there. So what is special in the U messenger? U messenger can be used for sending messages, pictures, videos and stickers. It can be used in group chat mode too. But the special one is the recall feature. With help of this feature user can recall all messages sent to a specific person. Another feature called Break up is available with the app. if a person is troubling you or you don’t want to continue to chat with that person anymore, with the help of this feature you can take back all content sent to that person at the same time deleting his contact details from your mobile.

File this
This app reduces your burden of storing your documents. This app collects your receipts, bills, expenditure statements and other documents from credit cards, banks and converts them in a pdf format and stores them in the cloud storage of your choice. This app also covers insurance and utility companies. It helps you to get rid of hard copies of your documents which you need to carry with you.

Dark sky
Dark sky is a weather app which predicts about weather conditions at your place. You can see if it is going to rain or there will be snowing with the help of this app. One of the striking features is the beautiful visualizations which are shown in the app.

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Modern era is the witness of vigorous change in technology and applications. Applications are the interfaces that are raising the transparency level both in physical as well as virtual world. One platform that is consistently getting famous among the folks is android application or android apps. Apps have huge varieties and all the services are launching their applications. Similarly, in the year of 2015 we give information about the five best android apps. If you are a fan of applications too then this article is really a dessert for you. Let’s have a look on top 5 apps for Android operating system of 2015.

Android 5 Lollipop

If you are a fan of late, night parties and love to booze then this app is a piece of cake for you. Many people are often worried about the transportation because in night it is hard to find a cab nearby. To expel this problem the Kabbee app is launched for the users. You can search all the local cab agencies located in the area. Moreover, there is an option to compare the cab rates that enables the user to choose the cheapest cab for the night.

Movie making used to be a difficult task couple of days before but now the wait is over. We have Vine on the Android platform that allows everyone to capture live videos right away through their phone. Vine is an easy to use app that enables the user to play, pause, shoot and animate the videos. You can also share the apps via social networking icons present on the main screen. All these features make Vine as the best video making application of the year.

Quality Time
Are you a mobile freak and spend too much time with your phone then quality time is a must have app for you. This simple android app provides real time statistics on the time spent on the smartphone. It also provides the list of apps and their usage time. The user can set limits that can help in reducing the usage with the help of this app.