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For those who love phones characterized with latest and effective technology, this is the phone for them. The Meizu MX5 has combined all the latest technology and will enable your experience top notch functionality. From the hardware which is composed of a variety of features to the OS and the compatibility of the phone with different software, you will definitely enjoy using this phone. Its exterior design is quite appealing; you will enjoy holding this phone and also showing it to your friends. Just to portly the diverse and unique feature, this article will look at some of the feature of this phone.

Meizu MX5 Back Meizu MX5

Processor and RAM

Meizu MX5 uses a 2.2 GHz Octa Core processor which is supported by a 3 GB RAM. For all who love fast responses of a phone, then you definitely have clues about how this will work for you. With this combination, you can enjoy multi programs and also playing games which require high processing speeds. This is not limited to these, you are grantee a phone which will rarely hug or function in a slow manner. The phones response is amazing, just one touch and you will not even notice any processing.


Meizu MX5 has been fitted with a 16GB ROM; with this storage capacity you have sufficient space to save your files and data. This will definitely handle any storage you might require from a phone. This phone does not support external memory though with 16 GB you are plenty much suited for all your storage purposes.


The display of this phone is top notch. Meizu MX5 is characterized by a 5.5 inch screen which has a high resolution of 1920 * 1080 which is full HD. The screen is also 401 PPi. You will enjoy using this screen, whether you are watching a movie, surfing or overall use of the phone. You will appreciate the size and quality of the screen.


The phone has also been fitted with two cameras, that is the front and the back cameras. They have high pixel resolutions which are 5.0 MP and 20.7 MP respectively. The rear camera is also characterized with flash light and AF. The font also has a flash light. You can video record using the camera and the cameras have face beauty functionality.


Meizu MX5 is characterized by a high ability to handle different network type, this include: 2G, 3G, and 4G.This phone will also support GMS, WCDMA, FDD and LTE. The Wi-Fi hardware supports 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless internet. With this phone you will use the different networks available without any difficulties.

Other features

Meizu MX5 has also been fitted with a variety of sensors, this include: gravity sensor, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor. These are all preinstalled to make the functionality of the phone top notch. The battery capacity is 3159mAH; this will definitely keep your phone running for longer durations. This phone also supports dual sim cards.

Meizu MX5 Back

External design

The external design of the phone has been created to match any top smart phone in the market. The design is a reflection of real class.


Buy Meizu MX5 in just $329.99 

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Top Chinese phone involve phones with a number of great features which are currently in high demand. To achieve a top feature position, the phones have a combination of great numbers of brilliant features. China is an innovative country and different phones are always being designed. The following phones achieved the top ranking due to their overall design and performance aspects.

Top 5 Chinese high performance affordable phone in July 2015

Top 5 Chinese high performance affordable phone in July 2015


This phone has been fitted with an octa-core MT6753 processor and a 3 GB ram. These will grantee your phone works in faster manner. With these you can enjoy a faster and fluent multi-program running smoothly. It has been fitted with a 16 GB RAM to cater for all your storage purposes. But you can also extend the external memory to 16 GB. The screen is a combination of IPS and OGS technology. It is five inch in size with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is full FHD. The phone has been pre-installed with the latest android version of 5.1 and can support dual sim cards.


Buy From in just $159.99

4. Blackview Alife P1 Pro

With a quad core 1 GHZ processor and a 2 GB RAM you will definitely enjoy the functionality of this phone. It has a 16 GB storage capacity to cater for all your storage necessities. It has a brilliant screen which is 5.5 inch with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It has been designed with dual cameras, the back has a 13.0 MP while the front has a 5.0 MP .This phone has been pre-installed with android 5.1 and can use different languages when in operation.

Blackview Alife P1 Pro

Buy From in just $121.99, Coupon code P1PROGB

3. DooGEE Nova Y100X

This phone has been fitted with a MTK658 Quad core 1.3 GHZ processor. It also has a 1 GB RAM to support overall performance of the phone. With the 8 GB installed memory you will find sufficient space to save most of your data and files. This phone has two cameras, front and back with a 5.0 MO and 8.0 MP respectively. It has been pre- installed with the latest android-5.0 and supports dual sim cards. The screen type is a combination of IPS + OSG and has a high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels which is full HD.

DooGEE Nova Y100X

Buy From in just $84.99

2. TCL 3S M3G

This phone has been fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 CPU .The processor is an octa core with a 1.5 GHZ. It has a 2 GB Ram which supports the overall performance of the phone. The external memory can be extended to 32 GB. It has a powerful battery which has a capacity of 3050 MAh. It has been pre-installed with dual cameras of 13.0 MP and 8.0 MP. This phone has an eye print identification feature which is very convenient for proper protection.


Buy From in just $139.99

1. Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro

Fitted with a Quad core processor of 1.2 GHZ and a 2 GB RAM. This phones functionality is on another level. It has been fitted with 16 GB memory which is extendable to 32 GB. The screen size of the phone is 4.7 inches and has a high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Has been fitted with dual cameras with 8.0 MP and 2.0 MP. This phone can support a variety of languages and is a dual sim card phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro

Buy From in just $142.79

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2015 will be a very memorable year for the Apple users. Some of the splendid apps introduce in this year, which gives the apple user a better performance of their iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Some of these apps took a very high ranking for their characteristics and looks. iOS have been always people’s first choice because of its apps and their hassle free performance. We got a lot of reviews that shows us the reasons for the worldwide popularity of the apple is just, not because of the stigma or the performance of the phone, but the apps which give the user necessary comfort of having an iPhone or a MacBook.In the recent time most popular apps for the iOS user are listed beneath:

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

1. Fiverr Face: Fiverr face gives you the option to receive your real time portrait from a specialist artist. With this apps portrait will be easier because you don’t need to sit for a long time in front of the artist. You only require to make your favourite selfies and order your portrait over this cool app. The best part is that there is no option for a software base portrait. Each and every portrait are being created by the graphic artist. That’s why it requires some time, almost 7 days to deliver the portrait after ordering. Fiver face is a real service which introduce by the freelancing website. You need to spend $10 for this nice iOS app.

2. KITCUT: KITCUT is an app for making visual mashups. The app is really fun as they would give you the choice to get some funny mashups picture. On that point are some built-in temples which makes the apps very easy to manage. KITCUT use Face-book login to sign-up which might be not appreciated by a lot of users. But overall it is a fun app which gives you the authority to upload your picture straight to your social network like twitter, Face-book, and Instagram.

3. OftenType: For the apple user oftenType is like a keyword. This app will make the user choice of creating their own customizable, button and distinguished them as different icon. One can form a new button and also provide the essential text snippet or multiple snippet. This app is mostly practised by those who use to send a lot of mail. Because this app will provide you the option of creating your own keys which insert multiple line. It gives you the option to create your own signature of some common format of email so no need to type it over and over again.

4. Hykoo: Hykoo is a video sharing app. It will afford you the choice to make your own short clips and share it with your allies through social networking site. Total duration is 12 second and can share it through your social web.

5. Magic 8 Ball: It’s a funny app which will answer any of the queries you have in your mind. 20 answers are pre-chosen. It’s only a fun app, but actually pretty good to have some wise companion in your pocket who can resolve any of your queries.

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In the fast burgeoning world of smartphones where a new smartphone makes its debut almost every day, it’s a single shot at success. With every launch, there is a buzz and heated debate over how the anticipated phone fares against its competitors. The companies too, in turn brag about how their new release is so awesome and promise the sky. There is a hue and cry initially and consumers make frenzied attempts at getting their hands on the phone. However, as dust settles down, either realization dawns that the phone has its own concealed defects or it is soon eclipsed by yet another phone maker with loftier claims.


In this massive arena, where phones of all hues make a pitch for attention, it is imperative that a consumer makes informed choices where he/she understands everything about a phone in an unbiased and objective briefing with all pros and cons before spending their hard earned money. A phone must offer maximum utility at minimal price to make the cut of being a worthy consideration in the hugely competitive smartphone market.

It is here that the Oukitel u10 with its avalanche of drool-worthy features defies industry standards and stands out with an aura of awesomeness.


Loaded with a 5.5 inch FHD Screen and Android Lollipop with a 64 bit 1.5 GHz Octa-Core processor, 3GB RAM and a 16GB of ROM which can be expanded up to 128 GB – Oukital u10 is the phone of your dreams.


At 7.9 mm, the sleek phone looks mystically mesmerizing with its premium look and an array of black and golden frames. The grip feels sturdy and the phone fits snugly in the grasp of the hand. It rests easily on the pockets and is quite light (1.1 kg) to carry around. The phone easily passes in for a high end premium phone going by its looks.

OUKITEL U10 Dimension


Defying all expectations of a phone at its price of USD 169.99, Oukitel u10 comes with a stunning 5.5 inch full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) that’s seductively charming. The clarity and depth of colours makes for an immersive, astounding experience. Added to this is the fact that the screen is made up of corning glass, designed to withstand the toughest of impacts making your phone screen unbreakable, smudge and crack free. The 5 point touch recognition technology comes in handy for intensive tasks like gaming.

OUKITEL U10 Display


Backed up with an ample 2850 mAh battery, the phone lasts long between charges even with its massive 5.5 inch screen. The economy phone offers 4G LTE support – the fastest network till date and also supports 3G and 2G networks. Armed with Bluetooth 4.0 technology and Wi-Fi, you’ll never feel alone again with the unmatched connectivity features. The phone also boasts of GPS technology which is a quintessential feature.


Coming to the performance front, with Android Lollipop, the Oukitel u10 emerges a clear winner in its price segment. The roomy 3GB RAM and the light UI make for a fluid, glitch free experience, with no frustrating hang ups in games and apps. The 64 bit 1.5 GHz Octa-Core processor is designed for heavy utility and multi-tasking where you can seamlessly switch between apps at a flick of the fingers. Even heavy games and apps that can be quite taxing on the RAM and processor run smooth and un-interrupted. Overall, the phone’s performance is brilliant beyond expectation and would be a gamer’s/multi tasker’s dream come true.



The UI is charming, light, stylish and offers a wide range of customization options unique to Oukitel u10 so that you could make the phone a reflection of your own personality and flaunt your style.


The massive in-built storage space of 16GB is more than what’s needed by an average user. If that doesn’t satisfy you, there’s always the option to expand storage up to a humongous 128GB, setting the Oukitel u10 apart from other phones that don’t support such a huge volume of memory.


The camera comes as the icing on the cake. Armed with a primary rear camera of 13 megapixels resolution with dual flashlights, the images are vivid and of profound clarity. There is a primary camera too and at 5 megapixels, you can’t bet for a better selfie experience. The cameras support HD video recording which can be quite a treat to watch.

OUKITEL U10 Camera


The Oukitel u10 comes with two SIM card slots, one being a micro card slot while the other is a standard slot. This benefits when you want to have a unified device for handling your personal and professional lives or when you just want to enjoy the benefits of two different SIMs each catering to a specific distinct need.

OUKITEL U10 Connectivity

Also, there is a micro-USB port where you can plug in an OTG cable and connect external storage devices like pen drives anywhere you are, potentially offering access to unlimited memory.


In addition to all of these enticing features, the phone has a FM radio, gravity sensor and supports 19 languages including English so that you could use your phone in your own language.

The phone supports an extensive list of formats when it comes to pictures, music and videos and if you need to access an exotic format, there’s always an app for that. The packaging comes in with the smartphone, a USB cable & charger and a manual, if you need one.

OUKITEL U10 Android

OUKITEL U10 Press Touch ID

OUKITEL U10 Touch Screen


In summary, a phone loaded with such features such as the latest version of Android (Lollipop) with massive RAM (3 GB), an awesome processor, a humongous memory and such looks is a never-been-before phenomenon in the smartphone industry at this price. It is highly likely that the Oukitel u10 will entrench itself deeply at the heart of the smartphone industry for years to come with a devoted fan base. If you are looking for a premium phone at a fraction of cost of one, the Oukitel u10 is what you have been waiting for.

Price and Availability

Oukitel U10 Chinese mobile phone you directly buy from at $159.99 .

Update : Oukitel U10 Chinese at a discount rate : Coupon Code :EBOU10 Coupon price: $149.99‏. Buy

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Windows operating system for mobile phones is gaining popularity very fast because of its features. There are many games for windows phones which have proved to be trendsetter. New and wonderful games are regularly being launched for the windows operating system. We have tried to select few games which are relatively new but still are getting popular very fast due to their mind blowing concept and features. Games range from basic, easy and addictive games to action and adventure games.

windows phone logo

Beast quest

Beast quest is a fine game which is offered by mini clips. Will good be able to trump evil. A true warrior can only save this cursed land from the beast unleashed by the evil wizard. It is an adventure game filled with mind blowing action. Warrior has to take on huge beasts in boss battles. Background is awesome with the story taking place in the icy hills and beautiful beaches. Beast quest is a free game but optional virtual items can be purchased. In app purchases can range from $0.99 to $24.99.

Hill Climb Transport 3D

Hill climb transport 3D checks your driving skills. User plays the role of a heavy truck driver in the game. Heavy loads can be big log of woods or large containers. To make the conditions more difficult stones may fall on your truck. Upgrades are given after delivering the goods without any damage to its destination. Overall game is nice combination of skill and fun.3D effects add realism to the game.

Happy train town

Happy train town is an exciting puzzle game .it has 120 levels and 4 different worlds. Person has to guide his train through volcanoes and forests to safety. Crashing the train will end the game. Game is fun as well as real exercise for brain. All these features make it a wonderful game. This game has size of 11 MB size.

Ski racer

This is an amazing game for people who love to do daring task on the snow. User has to complete his tasks while dealing with the fatal avalanches and save himself from the shaky bridges over the slopes. Player can be customized in the game. There are about 30 designs of slopes starting from easy to toughest in the game.

Slice fruit blast

This is a basic game which is easy to play and lots of fun. But that does not mean game is not interesting as it very much addictive. Three fruits of same kind have to be place in straight line, either horizontal or vertical, to make them explode. Some feature such as magic fruits, fruits frenzy and fruit bump makes the game more interesting. Game has nice graphics which looks good especially having so many delicious fruits in the background.

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Android is the most popular platform for the mobile phones now days. Large numbers of apps are developed daily for the android phones. We have tried to collect latest and unique apps which can be trend setter in coming days. Of course list we have prepared is based on personal experience and preference. If anybody comes with better options it will be appreciated.

android 2


Nuzzle is effective and easy way to see what is happening around you quickly. it scans your face book and twitter accounts and picks up the highlights or hot stories from the account and present them in a more systematic and comprehensible way. It helps you to keep yourself updated of all the happenings around you and saves your time and efforts for repeated visits to the pages of your account to see latest updates. When a big news is shared by your friends nuzzle sends you the customized news. You can even share news with your friends with the help of this app.

Google hand writing input

Google hand writing input is an effective tool for a person who prefers writing to typing. It allows a person to write on the screen of his phone or tab which is readily perceived by the latter. This app supports more than 82 languages. Cursive and printed writing are compatible with the app. You can write with stylus or even without it. More than hundred emoji available with app is an added feature. It can be used as a good adjunct to the voice typing along with the touch screen typing.

Square cash app

Square cash is an app which is used to exchange money electronically with ease. Transfer of cash can be for personal and business purpose. If a person wishes to use this app for family purpose one has to create a personal account on square cash. For personal use no fee is charged for exchange of money. Money is sent directly to the debit card. If professional organizations uses this facility they have to create a cash pro account. A fixed fee is charged on transactions that take place through cash pro account.

Touch Pal Emoji keyboard

Touch Pal Emoji keyboard is a free keyboard app which is available for android platform. It has more than 800 smiley, Emoji and emoticons for use. Text faces are also available in the keyboard. This app helps the user to use wide range of emoticons during chatting and typing. It is preloaded with the prediction technology feature which helps the user to type quickly because of its ability to learn new words. Keyboard can be customized with the help of more than 100 colourful and beautiful themes. A unique feature has been added which is called contextual prediction which helps in reducing the typing errors by correcting wrong spellings and auto capitalization .Personal photo can be used as emoticons too.

WP8 Launcher

WP8 Launcher app is designed for the people who are tired of watching same old interface of their android phones. It is designed so as to give the look of a windows phone to your android phone. Colour and size of the square can be adjusted according to one’s personal choice. Even new box can be added to the interface. Widgets can be created for the applications too.

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TCL 3S MG3 is a new Chinese made smartphone. Chinese have overtime become very popular with designing phones which have a variety of relevant features at very low prices. Their phones have same specification to phones from different regions of the world but they are cheaper. TCL 3S M3G is a phone designed by the Chinese with various specification which are suited for the present generation. This smart phone has been designed using latest technology and has the ability to support future software release. A peek into specifications of the phone will prove how this phone is high quality yet affordable.



TCL 3S M3G has been fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit Octa Core Cortex-A53 processor and uses Lewa OS 6.0 which has been designed based on Android Lollipop 5.0. and 2 GB of RAM is geared towards faster performance of the phone. Ample ram is best for people who love fast responsive reaction of your device and the ability to easily multi-task when using your phone.

TCL 3S M3G 8


TCL 3S M3G is equipped with 16 GB of internal storage and it also has expandable storage Micro Sd up to 32 GB which is standard in most flagship phones.


Display factor is another very important to determinant which people carefully consider while purchasing a phone. Currently people are in the habits of purchasing phones with larger screen size and also high resolution. TCL 3S M3G has been fitted with a 5.0 inch FHD screen which has a high resolution of 1920*1080.It also has a 95% NTSC high color saturation and 443 ppi. For those people who are influenced by the perfect screen for your Android, this is a phone worthy much consideration. The screen will gurantee you a real HD view thanks to the technology from SHARP company technology.

TCL 3S M3G 2


Selfie lovers will particularly love this phone. It has dual cameras-back and front with high megapixels which are 13.0 and 8.0 respectively. The rear camera has been fitted with a Sony Exmor lens which has an auto focus ability and a LED flash. Just as initially stated this is quite appropriate for people who love taking pictures with their phones. The camera also supports a 1080p video recording.

TCL 3S M3G 6


TCL 3S M3G uses a polymer battery type which has a capacity of 3050mAh.This basically means that the phone on standby can stay for 2-3 days without necessitating the need for charging. When buying the phone a charger, USB cables are attached and this can be used for charging purposes.


The Security concept of this phone is a notch higher than most of other android phones. It uses an eye identification features. This was only present in technical machines and the ability to have this feature on your phone creates a new experience. Your phone will definitely be safe by use of this feature. This is far better than use of finger prints to unlock the phone.

TCL 3S M3G 3


For networking purposes, this phone has been equipped with current technologies which will meet the current needs. This phone uses dual sim cards and has a variety of network strength application. This ranges from 2G to 4G.With consideration to the available network strength you will be in a position to use your phone and browse effectively.

TCL 3S M3G 5


This phone also favors music lovers with the ability to play a variety of file formats. This includes :AVI ,MP5 ,FLV ,MPEG ,RMVB ,ASF ,MOV and the following audio formats:MP3 ,WAV AAC among other. It also has a radio FM.


Other interesting features of this phone includes: Google services, hotknot wireless transmission, Google play among others.

TCL 3S M3G 7

Price and availability

You can avail TCL 3S M3G in just $139.98 from with free shipping all over the world.