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Huawei’s Honor 5X soon to release in India by January 28th 2016. Yes! The company is set to launch its next Smartphone in India. The officials have already started sending press invites of the launch event. The Honor 5X ‘Faster Better Stronger’ is successor of Honor 4X which was last year in month March. To recall the events of Honor, Honor 5X were initially launched in China last year in October. The Smartphone was launched in 2-variant with 2GB and 3GB with 10,200INR and 14,300INR.

honor 5x

Honor 5x India launch on 28th January

To speak about the features and specification of Honor 5X, it comes with Dual SIM and runs on Android 5.1 lollipop version and Emotion UI skin on top. It sports 5.5-inch of a display screen with IPS display powered by Octa-core Snapdragon 616 Soc 64-bit processor. The processor is clubbed with 405 Adreno GPU. The inbuilt memory of 16GB can be further expanded up to 128GB. While, that of camera specifications it sports 13MP of the rear camera with dual LED, Blue Glass IR filter, 5P lens, 28mm wide angle lens and 5MP of front camera.

Honor 5X is powered by a 3000mAh battery with Quick charge of 3.0. It features advanced applications. Fingerprint sensor is one of the latest app which is used to unlock the device in 0.5 seconds. To speak about connectivity options, it comes with Bluetooth 4.1, USB, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and many more. The handset will be launched in two colours Gold and Silver.

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The present world is running most of the activities online whether its business or entertainment. So, the applications used for different purposes should be up to the mark and indispensable ones. Whether it is fitness, photography, calling or something else, everything is taken place through applications which are boundlessly flowing all over the internet. If you are tired of using 2014 stuff, this 3rd week of January has provided you with some great productive, useful as well as enjoyable applications. These applications can save your time, money and even work much bitterly, so they are worth trying for sure.

Android Logo

1. CardioCast: Taking about fitness and productivity, nothing gets better than this. If you want burn some fat or acquire body fitness but lazy to join gym. CardioCast is hear, this application provides you with loads of workout videos, using your chrome-cast, enter your measurements and start burning fats with the provided workouts. Using this application is made very easy and reliable, making you go through all the tips and steps, tracks your progress, thus acts as your virtual gym trainer.

2. Facetune: Editing your selfies has never been so easy before. It’s an easy to use photo editor providing some more gleam, shine and attractiveness to your selfies. It can be used to disappear dark spots on your face, add more shine, apply different other tools to make your picture perfect. Its simplified interface, light size, variety of tools makes it one of the best mini photo editors. We can’t say it’s close to Photoshop but it’s definitely the mini photo editing boss for your Android Smart-phone.

3. Ringo: It’s a very effective and gigantic step by Ringo in international voice calling technology. This application neither uses you internet nor charges on your mobile balance. With this application you can make voice calls internationally at 70% cheaper rates through your provider without internet. After gaining fame in the 16 different countries, it has now arrived to India. For Indians, simply create an account and add 25-250Rs in the wallet. The auto phone-book sync option is also available with the price rate per contact flagged.

4. TurboTube: Its minimally upgraded you tube allowing you to watch your favourite videos in buffer free mode. Its pre-loading feature for selected videos allows you to watch the videos after pre-loading and thus saves you from annoying buffers. Its social media connectivity option lets you share all your stuff on Facebook and twitter. The UI of this app is perfectly tailored, and the playback mode is just awesome. It’s definitely time for you to change your default you Tube application with this new best possible alternative.

5. Retrica: Its one step ahead of all the photographic applications. You might have most of the time got stuck while applying filters to the photo but none of them seem to make it up to the mark. Well here is the solution. Retrica lets you run the filters while taking a shot so that you don’t have to mess up or regret afterwards. It provides 80 filters however 55 are unlocked in free version. The timer option in collages is a great and simple way to take them with ease.

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Applications have transformed the way of living because of their multiple benefits in our day to day life. The most of the applications are bringing positivity with their power packed advantages. Whether taking care of health, cooking delicious food, renting a house or car, shopping and everything has replaced by the applications. Thanks to the applications, our personal stuff can be kept safe in our Smartphone; lost Smartphone can be secured and recovered within a jiffy. This app revolution is a giant step towards saving time and being more productive. To add to their beneficial nature, we have assembled best applications for you for this 3rd week of January 2015. Now you can be more precise about choosing a good application in a very time rescue manner.

Apple iPhone 6

1. News 360: The most comprehensive news network is here. It provides you the news of all categories extracted from above 1000 magazines and newspaper. Its social connect feature lets you share the important news with your fellows on Facebook and Twitter. You can read all the breaking news related to politics, entertainment or day to day incidents. It automatically detects your network connection and sets the image quality automatically. You can shut down this feature easily from the settings.

2. Find My iPhone: It’s the freshly released security application for your iPhone which helps you to track your lost iPhone remotely. You can easily sign in from other Apple device and track the location of your lost iPhone. For extra added security, you can remotely set an unlock code to your lost iPhone so that no one can access it. Now you will no more need to pay money to the detectives, etc to get back your lost iPhone.

3. Fooducate: Are you eating your favorite stuff without any sense of nutritional information or its health effects. Then here’s a remedy for you. With the help of this food education app, you can easily check the nutritional value of the products you eat just by scanning their bar-codes. You will get a comprehensive nutritional table of the selected product. Thus this application can invoke the health conscience of a being very effectively. Look for the optimized nutritional value of food before eating.

4. Challenges by Nexercise: It’s seriously a great application to improve the health of a person who sees everything as a competition. You can login to this application and track you activity log and earn points, it will rise you up in leader board against your friends. Thus transforming your workout into a friendly competition can help a lot in getting extra attention to reach the top. You can also earn real points of cash latter which you can redeem for gifts, etc.

5. Secret Folder: This application lets you keep your photos and videos under password protected security. It’s not merely a security app but comes with a bunch of productive phone management tasks which it does very nicely. You can easily set different passwords for different albums, email the stuff easily to other person and cop paste it easily. Thus, it proves to be the most comprehensive security app for gallery items for sure.

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Android games developers are never at their ease; they keep releasing different games endlessly and are continuing their job of earning bucks and winning hearts. The loads of new games are released each week and likewise for 3rd week of January 2015, a lot of fresh gaming stuff has arrived and is worth enjoying these because of their cool graphics and fun to play .So, for your recreational purposes we have gathered all the hottest leading games of this week so that you can your favorite game among these without wasting time on the below averagely rated stuff. Let’s rock the roads, kill the evil and devil, grab the lollipops and eat up to the fill.

Android Game 5 Lollipop

1. Greedy Spiders 2: It’s a brand new upgrade to the senior classic spider puzzles with loads of up gradations. With this new upgrade you will get new 72 mind meandering puzzles with all new spiders, weapons. In this game you will have to save little bugs from turning into the feast for spiders. You will have different traps to lay for spiders but you should know that these newly upgraded spiders and much more smart, tricky and dangerous. So, you better plan each action before working on it.

2. Jousty Jack: This is the most adventurous and addictive games, fun to play as well as let you explore the post apocalyptic phase. You will be flying high in the sky on your trust worthy bird, in your way you will have to avoid colliding with the bars laid in-between as well as kill the enemies which can only be done by the rim of your lance. After successfully killing enough enemies, you will have to face death wave and on its successful survival you can get the chance to fight the evil lords. With the help of leader board you can get the trophies as well as compare with others.

3. Mutant Roadkill: The whole city is dominated by the mutants and other dangerous non-earthy elements and everything is turned into trash. So, you will have to ride your vehicle as fast as possible through all the city debris and mutants to come of the city alive. You can earn coins in the way to get better cars and power ups. You can use nitro and shock boosts increasing your chances of surviving in this mutant overpopulated city.

4. Whack a Smack: It’s a full on fun game where you have to play the role of Teddy looking for his lollipop which are taken by some mysterious creatures. To get back the lollipops, you will have to go through 48 different levels which get keeps getting difficult as you proceed. The graphics of this game is pretty cool 3D with easy to use controls. This game is equally challenging for adults but pretty simple in nature especially designed for little one’s with a full tutorial provided on its start.

5. Paper Monsters: It’s a perfectly textured plat former game with well crafted controls. If you are looking to stay in a world much better than the present world of ours, then this paper world is for you. You will enjoy the paper world with everything papers and the really interesting 3D and 2D environment intermixing. A very special soundtrack has been provided in the background which is very enjoyable. You will explore 6 different world accompanied with 28 levels to complete.