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Snapdragon processor have created a huge name. The standard set by Snapdragon is definitely appreciable. Many Smartphone have powered with Snapdragon processor. But recently, a different twist was noted of Snapdragon through blogs and reports. Overheating issues were registered in Samsung Galaxy S6 with 810 SoC Snapdragon.
The rumours machine is on as usual, through blogs dozen of gossip and rumours keeps revolving and rotating around on and on. This time, the reports says that, the Korean Giant company has ditched Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. The Giant Company has switched from Snapdragon to its very own Exynos series. But few source refuse to stay with this piece of news, they say the Company has not fully ditched the chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 faces overheating issues due to Snapdragon 810

The Digitimes report claims a different thing. According to their report, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two different version. One with 810 Snapdragon and other with Exynos. Maximum of Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with Exynos, while few will come with Qualcomm processor.

Once the overheating problem is fixed Samsung Galaxy S6 will switch to its previous Snapdragon processor. There are number of device still running with Snapdragon processor, but none other have reported this complaint. Samsung team will surely work on this matter and will get back with its previous Qualcomm processor.

Some say, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two version in MWC 2015. The Mobile World Congress which will be held in Barcelona, will have a glance of both version of Samsung Galaxy S6.


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Sony have been in the device as well as in electronic product development since 1946 when the founded this company in Japan. Sony has a worldwide reputation for all its products and its mobile device division is rocking the world with great gadgets. After the success of Sony Xperia Z, Company recently launched Sony Xperia Z3 with a device they bought in some upgrade that can support 4G communication protocol, you can click images with the great 20.7MP rear camera, a quad core 801-snapdragon processor with a graphic processor adreno 330 the screen viewing would be fun. All this is backed with a 3100mAh battery that can last up to 36hrs on standby, which is quite great. Sony also added all the basic features that an android device requires and all the ones that were in its predecessors.

Sony Xperia Z3

Xperia Z3 wi-fi issues solutions

All this basic features work fine but as per the question we received, I found a common problem that all our users are facing with respect to Wi-Fi in Sony Xperia z series. In addition, the problem is either Wi-Fi connectivity or drooping of Wi-Fi network or something related to this then here is the solution for it. Below I will mention some of the steps that you need to check to rule out your issues.

Stamina mode:

The company has provided stamina mode so that user can use the maximum battery and the mode disables all the unwanted app that are running on the backend of the system. This mode is quite helpful but if you are enabling this mode make sure you uncheck the Wi-Fi settings option. What will happen with this is if stamina mode is on and you haven’t unchecked the Wi-Fi option it will automatically drop the Wi-Fi connection for you. So make sure you make Wi-Fi as an exception.

Sleep policy:

Sleep policy is as if working in stamina mode but here it is enabled or disabled by user. In sleep mode unwanted application will not be turned off unlike stamina mode. But to disable this option you need to go to settings≫ Wi-Fi≫ advance option≫ and select “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep. “ this will disable the device from dropping the Wi-Fi network whenever you have moved to sleep mode.

Wi-Fi optimization:

You will be able to see this option in your Wi-Fi settings panel. Wi-Fi optimization will disconnect the device from Wi-Fi hotspot or Wi-Fi router when you have locked the device this is to save more battery so that device last longs but frankly you don’t require this option and I prefer to turn this option off permantly so that I remain connected where ever and whenever I want.

Basic settings:

If all this is done and yet you cant connect it then make sure you have got all the settings right network ssid (network name), encryption (wpa/wpa2psk preferred.) make sure your router is configured to accept other mac. In addition to all this, make sure, your Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi® certified. If you are not sure of any of this option, contact the device manufacturer or read the manual.

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These days there are many people who have upgraded to Windows phone 8.1 and are facing issues while playing their favorite game that is Angry Birds Go. There is a lag that is experienced which prevents from playing a smooth game. Even Microsoft has also admitted that there is a problem. But you must be thinking what the solution to this problem is. Well let us try to find out what exactly this problem is and how one can rectify this issue by adapting to some measures.

Angry Birds Go game getting hanged while playing on the Window phone 8.1 based smart phone


The most common problem faced by the people is that the Angry Birds Go game getting hanged while playing on the Window phone 8.1 based smart phone. In fact as soon as the mobile operating system is upgraded this problem starts occurring.

Apart from Angry Birds Go there is one more app which is giving tough time to its users and that is Microsoft’s own app that is Skype. It really feels frustrating at times when the apps and games that you want to work does not work and gives you problems.

What is the solution to this problem?

In order to solve this lags or stutters issue you can try getting the RAM upgraded. For that you need contact the nearest Nokia dealer or Nokia’s authorized repair center. Chances are that the problem will be solved and you will be able to play your favourite Angry Birds Go game in a smooth and easy manner on your Windows 8.1 based smart phone.

If the RAM up-gradation option is not working then you can also opt for upgrading device drivers. You can re-install the graphic driver and there are chances that it will work. If you are not able to up-grade the graphic drivers yourself then you need to show your device to a professional who can help you in re-installation of the graphic drivers.

One more step that can be followed is to tap on the update and recovery option in the settings. If you are getting a prompt regarding some sort of updates then immediately get those updates and restart your smart phone or tablet. Chances are that you will be able to play Angry Birds Go in a smooth manner after these updates.

Apart from all the above mentioned solutions you can also search for different update that improves data files robustness and also recovers the phone from different crashes that might have happened while upgrading the phone to Windows phone 8.1 update.

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Moto G is a remarkable surprise to all of us. It is highly exceptional Smartphone released with such great specifications at a very affordable price range of Rs:12999. It hit the markets with Its attractive specifications, body design and price. It is the 1st inside and outside waterproof Smartphone which was launched in November 2013. It was initially aimed to be released in countries which are yet developing but it gained its fame in developed countries also. Moto G is a 4.5 inch screen smartphone with both 2G and 3G compatibility running on Android 4.3 Jellybean upgradable to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat. It is powered by Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 quadcore 1.2 GHZ Cortex A7 processor which is unbelievable at this price range. It has a 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash.It also has 1.3MP front camera quite compromising for video calling. It is the best budget smartphone ever, so you had to face some problems also because budget phones without a defect still continues to be a dream for developers.

Moto G


1st most worst problem faced is that it’s screen is hanging automatically and then the phone reboots itself. This would happen sometimes even when screen is off. No permanent remedy can be found for this defect but there are certain possible ways you could bring your phone back from hanging. You can try pressing power button which turns screen off and then again turning on. This might help unfreezing your phone’s display.The other possible thing you could try is long pressing the switch off button untill it reboots.

Permanent Possible Fixtures:

1.You can try running your phone in safe mode. If your smartphone worked good in safe mode then therse a problem in any one of your application.You can remove the applications and start testing and detecting the faulty one. If you succeded in detecting the faulty application then your problem is solved.

2.This is a simplest treatment for your smartphone but it will erase your personal data, please keep back up of all your stuff. Simply factory reset your phone at backup and reset window in your phones settings.

3.Try to change your sim card.May be theres a defect in your sim card which you are neglecting. Just remove you old sim card, insert any other working sim card and turn your smartphone on .If it was creating trouble then your smartphone will work fine onwards.

Uncommon Battery Drainage:

This is the 2nd most drastic defect faced by Moto G.It might be a defect of numbers only based on software correction but it can also be a major hardware problem.The problem observed is that when moto g is kept stand by for many hours it just falls by 1% but when we start charging it, battery percentage drops down to 50%. This is a very uncommom defect and there are no tricks like turning on and off screen.It wont help here.You can go for the solutions provided below.

Permanent Possible Fixtures:

Use you Moto G untill it goes off itself due to empty battery and then charge it completely. Repeat the procedure and this problem might be gone away permanently.

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The rocking entry of Moto G in mid range smartphones completely shocked the whole world customers and developers. No ones hands could hold back from grabbing it because of it’s fully loaded features which are not possible at this price. Like all the other less expensive smartphones Moto G also showed some defects which could not be neglected. Here we will show you the possible fixture for those defects step by step. This would surely hep you in bringing your Moto G back to the same pace.

1. LED stopped functioning:

A lot of people started claiming that their Moto G LED light in not showing even if they got messages and emails.The predictable cause for this problem is that it might has been caused by Google restoring setting from the smartphone where LED does not exist.

Possible Fixture:

Motorola getting aware of this problem released Notification Light widget. Put in in your Moto G homescreen.This will get your LED to the normal functioning.

Motorola Moto G

2. Poor Audio Quality:

Its music quality is very disappointing mostly when listening on earphones, the music isn’t good at all.

Possible Fixture:

Theres no way out but you can alter the equaliser for earphones and see how much difference does it make.Atleast you can get the music instinct of your own equalisation.

3.kitkat Bug:

Most of the users have claimed that after upgrading their Moto G to kitkat their camera has stopped starting up at all.You can reboot your phone and your problem might be gone.

Possible Fixture:

You can force stop your camera in Application settings,clear data and cache.

Try to shut down all the applicatiuons that have got hold on your camera. They might be manipulating your camera settings. After you encounter the application which is causing this problem, permanently remove it.

4. Wifi Connection problem:

It’s the most common problem faced by Moto G owners. Wifi sometimes won’t connect at all, Wifi causes excessive battery drainage and wifi sometimes drops down unexpectedly even at close distance to the router.All Moto G users can try the given fixtures to get out of these problems.

Possible Fixture:

Turn your Moto G and router off and then on. This will give it a refreshed connection and sove the problem temporarily.If it isn’t working then in the settings click on option forget your router and rescan it and re enter everything. For connection dropping problem, in your settings choose to keep wifi always on and if you have ticked to avoid poor connections then click on it again and untick it.For battery drainage issue, change your wifi settings from always available to off.

5. Sim Card detection Issue:

Moto G sometimes fails to delect the sim card.It might be service problem or smartphone issue.Moto G uses micro sim so if you are using trimmed nano sim or sim with adapter you migh encounter lot of problems. Just check your smartphone sim slot with other sim and know that sim card is faulty. Just change it and you are done.