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When it comes to running a good email client on iphone 5s there are many options that can be explored. Some of these options are free and some of them are paid. Let us try to find more about some excellent email client options for iphone 5S.We present to you two of the best email clients for iphone 5s, if paying is not an option, some simple steps to configure your default mail client on iphone 5s.

iPhone 5S

Mail Pilot

With Mail Pilot you can easily configure IMAP email account that includes exchange account. The server settings get auto-detected and one of the best features of this email client is that you can opt for custom accounts in a very simple and smooth manner. The user interface is also quite attractive and control buttons are also very catchy. Another best part about this email client is that it can also be used for iPad.


Evomail is currently one of the best email client options for iphone5s. Evomail comes with numerous features and an elegant design. The overall layout is also quite attractive and this email client is considered as quite reliable. You can also have push notifications and very quick access to archive, reply and delete. However the only drawback is that currently it only supports Gmail and the process to add other email service providers is being developed.

Both of these options that have been discussed above are paid option and if you are looking for free option then you need to configure the email client all by yourself. Here is the step by step explanation of the same.

The first step is to go to your iphone settings and then tap on mail, contacts, calendars option. Next step is to tap on add account option and select other option.

  1. Now you will be asked about filling some details such as Name, Email Address, MDaemon account password and then tap on save.
  2. Next step is to fill the incoming mail server detail option that includes hose name, user name and password.
  3. Next step is to fill the outgoing mail server details and that includes host name, user name and password. After clicking on save option you will see cannot connect using SSL option and you need to click on yes option.
  4. As soon as yes option is pressed your new email client is set up on your iphone 5S and you can easily send and receive emails on your iphone 5S.
  5. While doing the above mentioned settings you need to make sure that the server port option is set at 25 and the MDaemon server should be accessed with ports that includes IMAP = TCP port 143 and SMTP = TCP Port 25.

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to set up your personal email client; however you can also opt for yahoo mail and Gmail.

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Apple iPhone 5s is be available in 3 variants as per memory is concerned. It has A7 chip with 64-bit architecture & M7 motion coprocessor. The 16GB model is available for Rs.53,500. The 32GB model is for Rs.62,500 & for buying for buying 64GB model; you have to pay Rs.71,500. Apple iPhone 5c has A6 chip and is available in 2 variants. The 16GB model is for Rs.41,900 & 32GB model is for Rs.53,500. IPhone 5s are available in Gold, Space Gray & Silver colors while iPhone 5c is available in Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow and White.

iphone 5S

Though Apple has kept the prices very high, it is working on an aggressive sales program to boost the sales in India. Apple India is planning to attract its existing iPhone user base to build the sales higher. Apple is going to provide an attractive buyback scheme to its existing iPhone users if they upgrade their phone to iPhone5c or iPhone5s. The details of buyback scheme have not been disclosed yet but it would be much more aggressive as per the authors. Apple was very aggressive when they brought Apple iPhone5, it was available with a zero interest EMI scheme and it was also offering Rs.7000 off in the exchange of leading smart-phones with the iPhone 5 at the participating retail outlets. The new sales strategy the Apple would be coming with will surely ensure that existing iPhone4,iPhone4S,iPhone5 users will obtain better value for their devices than any other competing smart-phones launched at the same time to upgrade to iPhone5s or iPhone5c.

If you are buying an iPhone for the first time, Apple has also brought an idea of “try before you buy” where buyers can try iPhone 5c or iPhone5s before they actually buy it. We have not got the exact details yet but selective stores will be given additional demo units which can be given for use to perspective buyers. The buyers have to pay certain amount & they can use the phone for a selected period after which they have to give the phone to the store. For making the sales of iPhone to touch a record-breaking new level Apple is seriously implementing all the possible things that it can, so that more and more buyers will turn to Apple instead of their competitors available on Android or Windows platform.