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Although it is a transparent fact but a beam of light is needed to be thrown on the Apple’s latest concept of building latest featured Smartphones. Every iPhone buyer has to buy atleast one or a few accessories every time a new iPhone is launched whether it is a tempered glass protector, portable charger and what not. Now the introduction of iPhone 7 without 3.5mm headphone jack has made it strictly an accessory makers delight. We are sure that there no tech giant in the world who possesses all the accessories compatible with iPhone 7, some purchase is necessarily needed.

iPhone 6S 3D touch

New iphones are Accessory makers delight

No matter Apple is shipping iPhone 7 with a 3.5mm dongle and a lightning ear pod but still a lot is missing. It is a big feast for third party accessory makers to saturate the market with multitude of new accessories for iPhone7. Every wired ear bud user is facing problems with the Apple’s transition. Phil Schiller is the marketing chief of Apple Inc. who addressed the problems faced by the people and stated “We do understand that this might be a difficult transition for some people who love their wired headphones, “But the transition is inevitable. You’ve got to do it at some point.”. Although its true to some extent but it is not enough to neglect the fact that Apple is lately becoming a major business runner of accessory makers.

Another noticeable fact that justifies our statement is that Apple although made iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus of the same size as former installments but the camera changes in both the devices have been placed there and now all the buyers will have to buy new covers and cases in order to protect their iPhone’s. Third party manufacturers have already started the capitalization and a new Belkin accessory has been launched which allows you to play music using your wired headsets as well as lets you charge iPhone7 in your own way. It will cost $40 and will be available in market from October.

Likewise Anker is also working on designing an iPhone 7 / 7 Plus compatible lightning earphones which will be up to sale on shelf along with their range of Bluetooth wireless headphones. This company sells most of its products on Amazon and is more renowned in designing of charging related accessories. Example being latest five port wall plug which supports almost every Apple device.

Apple has always been Accessory makers delight but it wasn’t much visible to the fan base till now until it was unveiled publically. Atleast now we all know why Apple keeps playing with the designing of iPhones more frequently by bringing changes to charging ports, camera positions and now it was turn for headset jack to be replaced. Anker, Belkin, and Mophie are some renowned accessory brand names which will be gaining more customer base now with the launch of iPhone 7. In fact its all about the smart business nowadays so iPhone 7 buyers better keep their pockets deep.

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Here’s a piece of shocking news, recently a source of Apple Chinese supply leaked a piece of words stating Apple will be ditching headphone jack from upcoming iPhone 7 and will use Lightning port instead. Yes, this might surprise you, but more to come! With this move, the team has driven to engineer thinner and slimmer models.
WeiFeng states upon loss of the regular traditional headphone jack saying Apple will come with Audio output, which will compensate the loss of traditional headphone jack. iPhone 7 will be the device which will switch from traditional headphone to something different wireless output.

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iPhone 7 to let go of Headphone Jack

Traditional the Bait & Switch

iPhone is considered as a significant product in line. Hence, the maker has to offer something unique which will be praised over 3.5mm headphone jack. Lightning port headphone with wireless charging option with bigger battery and better design. The high resolution audio coupled with lightning port might aid in losing the headphone jack within the phone. According to rumours, losing 3.5mm headphone jack might enable in making iPhone 7 completely waterproof.

Another challenge that comes on the path! Launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S had fallen for first time, after which 30% of cut in iPhone is considered during January to March. But ditching something traditional is not uncommon! USB Type C was first introduced in 12-inch of MacBook, which replaced the CD-drives and Floppy disk. Apple is trying to mark themselves unique to receive outstanding praise.