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As we are ushering in this festive month of December it is a high time we need to update our games store with the latest and most engaging games for you to play. This December holidays we are supposed to have maximum fun by playing the latest games in your iPhone. The game developers have made a step ahead in developing the most prolific and engaging game that you as a hardcore gamer you won’t miss out on it. Here are the latest and most addictive games for you to play in this 2nd week of December.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6s for 2nd Week December 2015

Magic Mission Ben 10 version.
If you love watching the ben 10 series than this is the perfect game for you to play in this 2nd week of December. This is an engaging game that you are required to fly the main character of the game that you will select as you dodge the obstacle to avoid hitting them. This game has got amazing levels ranging from the most simple to the hardest and difficult one. As you win the previous level you unlock the next level.

Fantasy Puzzle Quest Deluxe.
This is one of the top brain teasing game for you to play in this 2nd week of December for free in the iTunes store. This game is very simple all you have to do is to match the fresh and fruity jelly candies to score. It has got eye-catching HD graphics making it very addictive to play. It also has over 100 levels which are ranging from the simpler ones to the hardest ones for you to play.

I wanna be a hero.
This is one of the best games that is purchased for only $ 2.99 from the iTunes store. This is an action game where you have to against the small monsters until you reach the master of all the monsters. It is equipped with simple game controls that are very easy to master and manipulate. Its background sound and music is also pleasant making it marvelous to play. It does not have the annoying pop up advertisement making you to enjoy the game maximally.

Adorable machine Las Vegas.
This is a casino game that allows you to play your favorite casino and gambling game in your iPhone. It’s equipped with virtual credit which you will be using in your game slots. This is one of the easiest games to play since it is equipped with simple controls. Its excellent graphics makes it one of the addictive games to play in this 2nd week of December. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

Tong Daeng Fruity Crush.
This is also another puzzle game that is equipped with eye-catching graphics making it addictive to play in this 2nd week of December. This game has a simple game play where you have to collect fruits to make a fruit punch which will result to combos. This game has got amazing levels for you to play.

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This is the 1st week of November and it must be opened with a lot of zeal to work .This can attained by updating your iPhone with the best games of the week .If you are hardcore gamer, then this week is filled with amazing games with tantalizing graphics for you to play. Game developers develop games day and night and it is quite difficult to determine the best game. You should not worry about this because our list has already catered for that. Here is our top 5 games for your iPhone in this 1st week of November.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Top 5 iphone Games to download in 1st week of November

1. Halloween Monster Match.
This is a mystery adventure puzzle game where you are being haunted by ghosts, zombies and vampires. Its game play is basically a puzzle where you have to swipe the monsters so as to score and earn points .It has got very simple controls where that is easy to master and play. This is one of the exciting game for you to play in this 1st week of November. This game is downloaded in the online store for only $ 2.99.
2. Video Poker Deluxe.
This is an amazing casino game which is equipped with eye catching graphics and a perfect music background .It has got amazing slots and deuces for you to play and win .This is an amazing game meant for you to relax your brain with .This game has got a high average rating and top reviews in the iTunes store. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes stores.
3. Zquish
This a unique adventure game where you are required to navigate through the forest and cities collecting coins .In your mission you will encounter the Zombies whom you are required to smash them .You will have to tap at the coins so as to collect them. It has got very simple controls where you are required just to tilt you phone to enhance movements .This is one of the best paid games where for only $ 0.99 is enough to download it in the windows store.
4. TAP.O.
Tap O is an amazing arcade game with a very simple game play. In this game you are required to tap the circles so as to score and earn points and credit points. It has got very simple controls which is easy to master during the play. This game has got a high average rating and top reviews in the iTunes store. This is one of the top funny games which is downloaded for free in the Apple iTunes.
5. Slash the Dress Pro.
This is a fashion ninja slasher game where you are required to collecting various amazing designed dresses by slashing them. If you have played fruit and mobs slashing games then this game will be more exciting for you .This game allows you to p-lay with your friends in the leader-boards .This is one of the top paid games in the iTunes store with a price tag of $ 1.99.
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This is one of the amazing week that needs to be kept engaged and in a laxative mood. This being the midweek of the month you ought to be tired and you need to rejuvenate your mind. This can be done only by playing the most engaging games in your phones. Games are being developed day and night and that is why we bring you the Top 5 games for iOS in these 3rd week of October. Whenever you are off from office work and school work here are the best game for you to play:

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

1. The PopInSea
This is an amazing puzzle game with unique levels to play. This game is equipped with amazing sound effect and eye-catching graphics and UI effects. This game basically involves tapping two or more blocks of the same color with no time limit. The more blocks you pop the more you get the scores and bonuses. This is a free game downloaded in the iTunes. You have to be very careful when playing this game in each step or else you might fail.
2. Game Bubbles
This is an amazing game for your child. It’s equipped with an interactive animal voice and real bubbles flying across the screen making it supercool to play. It has got easy controls making it very easy to master and play. This is a top paid game with only $1.99 you can buy it in the iTunes then download it. This is one of the latest puzzle game so far in the iTunes.

3. Beautiful 7: Campus Adventures
Here comes another perfect adventure game for you in this 3rd week of October. In this game you have to save 7 virgins from being sacrificed .The only way to save the, is by solving various puzzles which also unlocks video clips that reveals the plot. This game has got amazing graphics and sound effects. This is one of the top most games for you this 3rd week of October and therefore goes for $2.99 in the iTunes store.

4. Dragon Slash
This is another amazing game for you that comes with awesome graphics and excellent music on the background. This is an action game that requires you to fly your dragon to a mystical world and protect it from the dangerous predators .This game also allows you to challenge your friend in the social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

5. Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion
If you are a hard core then this is the game that you won’t really miss out on playing .This is an action game with a 40000 universes where you are given a role as a space marine. This game is equipped with modern weapons and orks, dark elder, necrons to fight with and destroy them. This game is adapted from a book. This is one of the top paid games for you in this 3rd week of October. It’s bought for only $5.00 in the iTunes store

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Whenever games are introduced into the market, they receive a huge fan base depending with their suitability, but later on the users become used to them. The need for newer or revised games is there for quite essential. Apple store is constantly being updated with new games or revised games. On a monthly basis you will find a good number of new games. The following games include some of the iOS games 1st week of September

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Top 5 Games For iOS | iPhone 6 for 1st Week September 2015

1. Two Dots
This is a revised game of the original hit dots game. In these games; users are in a position to play with 385 creatively designed levels. This is a very significant improvement from the first game which aimed at just connecting dots. In this game you are in a position to create bombs, sink anchors, make a line, and extinguish flames among a variety of other purposes. This game has a minimalist design and can be downloaded on a totally free basis from the apple store.

2. Angry bird 2
Every one probably as heard of angry bird. This was literally the most downloaded mobile game last year and probably the most downloaded game of all time. The company behind this game has come up with angry bird 2.This upgrade has a slight visual makeover and new multi-stage levels. The biggest difference between this game and the previous version is the ability to select an order in which you will launch your birds in. This brings about a new element to the game as a poor choice can cost you. This game is totally free from the apple store.

3. Race the sun
This is a very beautiful and unique racing game. The player pilots a solar craft which gets its energy from the sun. The main objective of the game is to go as far as possible as you evade obstacles until the sun sets. You will also run out of solar energy and stop moving. The company which designed this game claimed that the game was inspired by arcade game of the past. This game can be downloaded at a price of $3.99 from apple store.

4. Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon
This is one of the best puzzle games ever deigned. In this game, you can play a spider spinning webs in an abandoned mansion. You goal during the game is to progress through the various levels while doing the spider thing; this is spinning webs and eating bugs. You will notice that a story will start to appear concerning the history of the mansion and its occupants. This game works in real time and this makes this game quite enjoyable to play. This means that it is raining in your area, it will also be raining in the game.

5. Drop 7
This is a casual game which has a simple and addictive layout. This makes this game to definitely feature in the iOS games 1st week of September .In this game, you need to deal with rising balls which are numbered 1-7. The main aim is to select the number of the displaying ball for it to disappear. Each new chain has a different arrangement. This game is totally free on apple store.

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Chess is not a game for smart people, but it is a game that makes people smart. This brain-thinking game gives a good study and continuous practice to its player. A good game of chess not only encourages creativity, but also induces logical deduction; it allows a player to calculate the several variability and narrow analysis, which in turn offer an unusual resolution. This educational game is a must for all deep- innovative thinkers. Hence, chess is one of the most loved, downloaded, and played games on both iPads and iPhones. The following are the five best chess games for iPad and iPhone 2015:

Apple iPad Mini 3

Tall Chess by Friends of the Web LLC

If you are looking for one of the finest chess games for your iPad and iPhone, then the Tall Chess is a must. The chess app offers a fresh and clean iOS 7 UI (User Interface). The elegantly designed chess boards and pieces are very attractive and allows you to verify your last move flawlessly with a swipe. Invite friends to play along and achieve the best scores. Apart from great animations, and graphics, this game allows players to export their games into an algebraic data.

Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

This difficult to beat, easy to play chess game offers players various chess sets, boards, and levels with a notable chess engine that offers an ever-increasing challenge at each stage. Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is a full-fledged free app that offers players, stunning high-resolution 3D chess sets that are motivated by Brian Whitby’s designs. Players can move forward/backward at any time during the game. The game also offers a hint facility for beginners.

Chess Premium by Optime Software LLC

Great sound effects and stunning graphics are the foremost features of this chess app. Apart from that, Chess Premium by Optime Software LLC includes “undo a move” function and supports two players – player one and player two gameplay. The reciprocal layout makes it even more interesting when playing this game on iPad or iPhone. Test your chess skills against friends or the computer itself with the Chess Premium game.

Chess Professional by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

This chess app is designed for all types of players – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The Chess Professional by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is the sophisticated version of Game Center’s Chess Free. It includes a neat and clean view of pieces and boards, and most importantly allows users to play uninterruptedly without any pop-ups or free ads that irritate when playing. If you are on the lookout for a chess game that allows you to grow from novice level to an advanced player, then the Chess Professional is what you need.

iChess 3D by Synergy- IT Sp. z o.o. Spolka komandytowa

The iChess 3D by Synergy- IT Sp. z o.o. Spolka komandytowa offers players, both 2D and 3D view. The game features high-resolution, fluid animations, Kevin MacLeod’s fantastic music, and excellent visual appeal. This game is a must for any passionate chess player. Simple, beautifully made , and usability are what the iChess 3D by Synergy- IT Sp. z o.o. Spolka komandytowa offers its players.

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Games for iPhone

Maybe you had more than enough Candy Crush and searching for some fun filled latest games to play on your iPhone devices.Our phonelane editors have chosen the best games that give you more fun and thrill. Here are the Top 5 games for iPhone 5|6|6+ for the third week of April 2015. These games vary from brain puzzles to no holds bar fighting. Have a looks at these games and let us know if we missed any exciting games this week

Apple iPhone 6

Download 5 Games for Iphone 3rd week of April 2015

Snow Roll
It’s somewhat like the much popular ski game for old personal computers. Snow Roll casts you as a cute Penguin at the top of a ball of snow that is rolling down hill, moving zigzag and bending the curves and dodging the obstacles while collecting coins.
It’s a standard run ‘o’ run game like the temple run in which the quest never ends until you beat your highest score, but graphics of 8-bit and the interesting story plot makes it a cool way to pass the time. It comes for free in the App Store.

Mr Jump
The Jump King does it right all the time. It takes the vital ideas to get from 1 to 100 of the game and adds smart obstacles and strange, almost eerie things to mix up the components.
Mr Jump is a block headed guy with no real face, moving a pretty basics landscape and jumping past the ravines from one land to another. Collecting tokens, upgrading the wardrobe, and breaking through new levels and navigation maps as you get well again and the game gets tougher. Mr Jump comes for free in the App Store.

Stan Lee’s Hero Command
Many people are eager to engage themselves in anything related to Stan Lee. In Hero Command, you take on missions passed down by the commanding creator himself while you run along a crew of real comic superstars, fight treacherous battles with super dynamite graphics and special effects-giving a cartoon touch.
All in all it’s a fun filled adventurous game. Stan Lee’s Hero Command comes for free in the App Store.

TouchTone is one among the most cool fantasy games for the iPhone series at present. It’s more about decoding and seeking new patterns with a watch for red coloured flags. TouchTones comes with puzzles to break through in order to find the vital messages related to nations security. It’s fun thrilled challenge a more like propaganda, but if you can overcome those part then it’s fun unlimited. Touchtone could be downloaded for $2.99 from the App Store.

It’s a game that makes you feel more like the summary of the Gogol story. Heartbeats is a small puzzling challenge which would take some time for you to crack it out. The games developers have surely put their best in the design- a series of eerie freaking doodles. The game has a story plot too, puzzles to solve. Each level leads to new task that will make you think differently. It is an eccentric game with an interesting concept. It surely can top the charts in no time. Heartbeats come for free in the App Store.

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Since the whole mesh is freckled with numerous games coming out in bunches per day for iPhone’s, it has become a tough job to get hand on a perfect game whether it comes to RPS, action or puzzle genre. But we recognize that getting a good gaming food is very essential for eager gamers, so for tracking the best games which are out in this 1st week of February 2015, we have stirred the gaming points all over the web and extracted some epic games for you to play. The RPG’s released are the best ones updated from the older epic combat battle games. So, go set and go.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Top 5 iPhone Games 1st week of February 2015

Top 5 iPhone Games 1st week of February 2015

1. Game of war: Fire Age: Join this immensely strategic game ever, build and train your own troops, conquer the battles with your enemies. Join an alliance and chat with them to create your battle strategy. Chat with the people worldwide with multi language compatibility. Upgrade your buildings and walls to create a strong empire of your own. You can privately chat with single person or with the whole alliance at a time. Get stronger each day and be one among the best empires.

2. Lords and Knights: You will be provided with your own castle and knights but as the time passes on you will take control of the whole empire with your strategies. You can build and train your own knights and soldiers and wage war against other lords and conquer. Win wars, earn and upgrade your buildings and soldiers to become the mightiest. Join as an alliance with the other inmates and lead your group to victory. Get yourself transform into the medieval warfare atmosphere.

3. Electro Trains: As simple as addictive! All you need to do is be the guide to the approaching trains and lead them to the right path according to the colours. The blue red and green trains need to be run down the rails as far as possible without accident to win. Guide the trains through 6 different maps available. Get the honoured medals and top the leader boards. The controls are basic and simple, you just have to tap the screen to switch trains.

4. Space Warp: Sharpen your mind to play this game because it’s about saving the whole Earth from deadly universal threats. In this 2D arcade game you will have to switch Earth to any safer place but in the way you will have to face black holes, force fields, etc. Besides having fun, this game will enhance your planetary knowledge through its 60 levels, in 8 different zones, you can also compete against your friends through leader boards.

5. Vikings Journey: The road to Valhalla: It’s an adventurous RPG game where you have to play the role of Ragnar. Your role is to help Ragnar reach the heavens but it won’t be easy since the way is jammed by zombies. You will have to slaughter zombies in your way and get the loot. The more you loot, the more powerful you will become. With the loot, you will be able to upgrade your power as well as skill to get your mission done.

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With the buzz of latest iPhone games all over the world, the developers are burning their midnight oils to produce some great games for your iPhone but due to increased competition they need to make a difference in their games for getting famous. The huge count of games was recently released but only the few of them could make it into our list. The main reason behind it being poor storyline or poor graphics or either it can be due to high price. So, after hovering over the web, we have enlisted here the latest and hottest games for the 3rd week of January 2015. So, let’s hustle, fight, and have fun all over again with this new stuff.

Apple iPhone 6

Top 5 iPhone Games for 3rd Week January 2015

1. SoulCraft: It’s an action role playing game where you have to play the role of an angel and you are the one who will decide the winning side. The dungeons and demons have come together to destroy the humanist circle of life, so it’s your responsibility to save the humanity of humans. It’s up to you to decide whether humans or Gods in heaven or evil will won this fight. You can play this game in five modes which are Hell Gate, time run, arena, crystal defense and boss fights. A high standard weapon system including loads of weapons is present for the fights.

2. Swing Shot: Its an easy and fun to play game which everyone can enjoy. The controls are simple, just tap and drag to throw the sling at monkeys on the trees and sloths. It’s not just this simple, it is provided with different modes which get highly competitive in sniper mode and crazy mode. You will have to build your own different skills while playing in 4 different worlds across 48 stages. You will find enemies hiding, flying and attacking, so be cautions. Lots of upgrades for you and your animal friends are available.
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3. Zombie Gunship: These classic zombie killing games have gained a huge popularity since then and are still leading the gaming arena. This is 1st person zombie shooting game where you have to kill waves of zombies by using different weapons which include Gatling gun, Bofors auto cannon, and howitzer cannon. The game is playable with 3D night vision glasses till the end. You have to kill the zombies are save humans from getting overrun by them. In the meantime you will be earning scores, ranks and coins used for upgrades.

4. Magic Wingdom: It’s an intermixed puzzle cum action game which is more likely to give you a dose of addiction. Manage your Magic bird farm, enlarge it up to 4 yards, and unlock up to 20 amazing birds and loads of decorating items like toys, plants, etc. You can get all this by performing well in the game, which will make you earn coins, gaming points and emeralds. Quests are also available for unlocking to get achievements

5. Autorobot: Being a tower defense game, you will have to take charge as battlefield commander and defend your tower against the enemies. This game can be played in arcade mode as well as endless mode. Arcade mode is composed of few levels while as endless mode is literally endless till defeat. Loads of weapons are available with cool up gradations onwards, overall 100 levels are present. Leader board is also incorporated to track your success with respect to others.

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Apple is the pioneer electronics company to produce smartphones. They are the leading developers and their devices are most liked in the world. The reason for this liking is the quality they produce and application that they provide to helps you with your problems. iPhone was always known for its innovations and its application store. With the launch of iPhone 6 the company has granted users a wider screen and with that way better graphics. So with the launch we thought of providing you with the list of some of the best games newly launched games on app-store. The games are compatible with the earlier versions /devices so don’t worry guys this article is for you as well.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Overkill 3
Looking for some action punk then overkill 3 is the game you should not miss. Crane-balls brought a full action and adventure pack game for all iPhone users. The game starts in a painful situation with mystery and pain everywhere you have to defeat the enemy soldiers and survive to become the top rebellion leader. Overkill 3 graphical experience is comparable to Xbox and PlayStation making it one of the best games to immerse yourself in. One can upgrade yourself with unlimited weapon options with ultimate up gradation. You as hero have to pass through various environment and fight against some of the loyal enemy soldiers. The game final battle with boss is epic and contains cinematic like no other. The game has many other feature that you shouldn’t miss while playing.

Sheep in space
Sheep in space a weird name but requires really brains to crack it levels. Sheep in a space is a fun yet challenging puzzle game that puts you in a race against time to crack the logic and get the poor sheep down. The game has many levels and many are added regularly to keep the dice rolling. This 2D puzzle game is for all ages with upgrades in level you will face some serious difficulty levels.
The game setup is as follows with the sheep spacecraft being attacked while re-establishing themselves. We as a gamer have to fix their ships circuit and pipes to help them safely travel further. The game environment is depicted in a very beautiful manner.

Archery blitz
With 120 levels and four modes, the game indeed is one of the biggest games where you have to just point arrows to the target and aim for the best shot to get maximum points. The gameplay is you just have to pull out your arrows and pull the bow to kill zombies and destructible stuff to gain more points. There are different types of bows some of which have special powers that will help you destroy your enemy and gain you maximum points. With 8 power arrows to unlock 2 lethal explosive and unlimited power ups the game becomes challenging and fun.

Babble u
This game is for all the smart ones. You just have to have better hand to eye coordination to win this game. The gameplay is you have to type words that are on screen in a limited time and the quicker you do more you earn. The game doesn’t end there as we take on each level the words turn out to be tough and bigger and time period lashes down to increases the difficulty level mind you words turn out to be really difficult once you move ahead.

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Games have become an ideal way to get away from boredom. Be it on a console or a phone.Apple believes that quality games are as a part of the users need as quality apps.The buzzing iphone games developers have came out with some new gaming stuff which you would love to play. They have freshly released a huge count of games in this week of July 2014 and we have collected the 5 best games to make it easy for you to judge the best game. All the games provided below have turned highly rated within no time so you will need to give them a try if you are a true gamer.

iphone 5S

1. Cargasm: It’s a classic racing game with HD graphic quality. Blow your vehicle on the streets of London, Paris, San Francisco and Egypt. With each winning race and increasing racing potential you win a brand new car and a collection of cargasm girls. You will also be able to share your milestones on Face book and twitter.

2. Fight back: This evil fighting game is developed by Ninja Theory which is little popularly known game developer for ios but this time gone popular. It’s a true fighting game where you will have to beat the enemies with your hulky and bulky body and muscles. You have to play as Jack who has got a military back ground. Your sister has been kidnapped by a game whose leader is Drago. He has got an axe to tear you off. Your old friend and commander namely Captain Dan is going out to help you get back your sister. You will have to fight across many floors of a building to find your sister.

3. Night Whisper Lane: This extremely scary game is developed by EPX games especially for ios. Its graphic quality is mesmerising and the sounds are real scary. Some fans are calling it as “Point and Click” game. It comes with turn based battle system to help you get out of this haunting place. Many different kinds of traps are laid down in these 3D rooms so use your power and wits to come out of this labyrinth.

4. Glorious Maximus: This combat game is built upon a great story of ancient Rome. You will have to battle against great warriors to get honoured with the title “Glorious Maximus”. Brawl against the enemies with your fighting warriors from the surroundings of Rome. Recruit the highly talented champions and get them new weapons from the gold you earned. Play all 30 levels, kill the enemies and get richer and ultimately more powerful.

5. Shadow Fight 2: Fight! Fight! Fight! This is a highly addictive game with countless dangerous weapons to be unloaded on demons, armours and martial art tactics to defeat your enemies. Kill the demons of six different worlds with the power packed weapons available to you. Show no mercy on these demons and keep killing.