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As the New Year begins you really need to do away with the old apps in your phone and introduce a new set of apps for your iPhone device. The app developers have gone a mile a head to develop the most unique apps that you can ever imagine. The most recent apps of 2016 are designed using the latest technology making them the most eminent apps to own in this 2nd month of 2016. Determining the best app to install in your iPhone device should not be a major concern since here is a well-researched list of apps for your iPhone device.

Appe iPhone 6 and 6 PlusPhone Apps for 1st week of February 2016


This is one of the latest and essential apps that you must have in the beginning of the year 2016. If you really love travelling a lot for fun or even business meetings then this is the app to own. This app provides for you essential details of the most amazing places you visit that is highly recommended by the locals. It’s one of the simplest apps to acquire since it is just downloaded from the iTunes store for free.

Movie Pulse.

This is one of the latest amazing apps for you to own in this 2nd month of the year. This app allows you to determine the rate at which your heart beats whenever you are watching a certain movie. It also allows you to save the titles of the movie in the app so as to determining the best trilling movie you have ever watched. This app does not only requires your iPhone device but also an apple watch. This is one of the best and highly rates apps that is why it has got a price tag of $ 2.99 in the iTunes store.


This is one of the best photo apps that enables you to make your image be blur so as to make it difficult for the viewers to use your interface. This is a photo editing app that has got unique features such as the tools for adding texts and censor effects. It also has got fun stickers eminent photo effects. This app also allows you to share your photos with friends on the social media platforms.

TeenSafe Manage.

This is a child device monitoring app that allows parents to control what their children are doing online or even with the technological device. This year 2016 comes with a lot of technological improvements and that is why you really need to make out an improvement in the way your children are interacting with the technological device. This app can block or allow access to the following features: iTunes, app store, facetime, camera and web browsers.

Keep My Secrets.

This is one of the amazing years that you really need to keep at bay your secrets form the annoying snoopers using this app. This app is more of a diary where you will be required to select the date and time in the calendar write their feelings and secrets. This app uses password protection to keep all of your secrets.

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Games are very essential and as the New Year begins you really need to update you iPhone device with the current and top best games. Technology has really advanced and with the introduction of the New Year we should expect a lot of marvelous creativity in the gaming world. The game developed have prepared and amazing set of design of the games that will be launched very soon . Here is a well-versed list of the top 5 iPhone Games for 1st week of February 2016

Apple iPhone 6S and 6s Plus

iPhone Apps for 1st week of February 2016

Shoot the fighter jet- Revenge of War.

This is one of the most addictive games that hardcore gamers must update their iPhone device with. This is an action game where you are required to explode the helicopters in the American cities as you race against time. If you believe that you are the most accurate sniper then this is the game for you to play in this 2nd month of 2016. This game is equipped with amazing weapons such as the short gun, sniper gun and pistol. It was designed with amazing graphics making it the most top game for you to download and play.

I have no mouth and I must scream.

This is also the most thrilling action game for you to play in this January season. This is an adventure game based on a short novel story by Harlan Ellison. This is an amazing game where you are required to guide your character through hell. It has got amazing features that makes it the most addictive game to play in this month of Februarry. This game has got a price tag of $3.14 hence you are required to purchase it before downloading it.

Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit.

This is one of the top most amazing adventure game that is really addictive to play in this New Year mood. The main quest of the game is to create your own weeding garden and start collecting your lost rings in the garden park. This game has got tantalizing features thus making it one of the highly rated games for you to download for only $ 2.19 in the iTunes store.

Badminton Mega Event: Challenge.

If you are a great fan of the badminton game then this is absolutely the game for you to play in this 2nd month of the year 2016. This game has got superb graphics that render a realistic and quality imaging during the game play making it very addictive to play. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store.

Halloween Fruit Shooting.

This is also one of the superb games for you to play in this 2nd month of 2016 that actually tests your accuracy in shooting. It has got amazing characters such as the ghost pumpkin, shooter kids, ninja, sniper etc. It has got many levels which makes it very addictive to play. This game is downloaded for free in the iTunes store

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The apps that you own now takes you to a new level of full sized high definition display, making you consider yourself as David in front of a Goliath iPhone. Lose no hope, because app developers are doing their best to utilise the new and enhanced screen size and the power of the new devices, in combination with the awesomeness of iOS 8. The additional benefit is that these apps are specially designed for iPhone5, iPhone6 and iPhone6+. Our Phonelane Editors have put their best to sort the best apps that are available in the App Store. So before pushing your thumb to download any app have a look at this wonderful list. It’s simply awesome.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Download Top 5 iphone Apps for 3rd week April

1. TRANSMIT IOS (£7.99)
Earlier the management of files on iOS was troublesome, and users relied on Drop-box most of the time, up to some extent many of the apps were integrated with it. The renovated share sheets on iOS 8 are truly remarkable. Transmit pushes in the Panic’s OS X application to the iPhone, and also merging it with a pretty and reduced interface and utilises the wide display screen offering you a dual pane vision. Various formats are also supported and let you use compatible apps and help to create your own virtual cloud storage in a matter of seconds.

2. SKY GUIDE (£1.99)
When it comes to dreaming at the sky with an iPhone,Sky Guide is conclusively the most handy and gorgeous app of its type. It comes with a stylish interface, packed with unlimited fun and facts, giving you a chance to mine deep into the secrets of the sky. The notification panel also comes in handy to view when the rise and set times for the sun, moon and planets occur. It is indeed a fantastic creation.

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Stylish is the niche for Twitterrific 5. Even though Tweetbot is truly powerful, Twitterrific 5 has an unique design, with marvellous themes and font and a smooth touch sensation that works great with the Apple’s super-sized latest iPhones. It offers you live streaming, gestural controls, filtering, list management, time-line synchronisation, muting and lots more. It is a very useful app.

4. DAY ONE (£3.99)
This is an elegant, gorgeously designed app that has many usable features and assures that your content tops the row. Day One ‘The Journaling App’ works great with the latest iPhones.
It combines with Share Sheets, Touch ID and a well ordered and up to date Notification Center.

Apple has updated most of its apps to make maximum usage of the latest iPhone displays, and iMovie is definitely one among the most interesting ones. With the wide screen displays allows you to edit videos in more space freely and preview the content in good quality. Not forget one fact that the iPhone6 and iPhone6+ comes with the best quality cameras in the market. This wonderful combination of software and hardware comes in handy any moment. So what are you waiting for? Shoot, Edit, Produce, Share and have lots of fun.

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The fast paced application development continues to provide worth using applications whether it’s about productivity or entertainment. The developers are working hard and giving their best to get the best applications, so that people are satisfied with their performance. Iphone application development is also undergoing fast paced advancement and some new apps arise every week. So, after going through web, we have summed up the 5 best applications best suited for the fast paced people of this modern age.

Apple iPhone 6

1. Detour: This fascinating application can work for you as a historian, as well as tourist guide. With this app in your Smartphone you can get to know about the history of giant cities just like San Francisco. It lets you access the tours of cities online as well as study the complete history of the selected city. It’s a good tool for tourists, researchers as well as students who want to explore the world.

2. Letter space: Although iPhone’s are provided with note picking app by default but the UI and functionality is always limited to some extent. So, here this is an awesome note picking app for you which has got cool and robust user interface, also making searching of notes easy via hash tags, you can just swipe between notes you created proving to be the fast note picked for this fast paced world.

3. TL; DR Email: This Gmail compatible email organizer lets you read your emails in much easy way and you can reply back just like you are commenting of Facebook. This application is well suited for people who have got tight schedule and like to provide short replies to emails. However it does also enable to write longer texts too. You should definitely try this time savvy application.

4. Alfred: It’s a compact and awesome tool which lets you access your Mac from iPhone remotely. Via this application you can open different apps, listen and control music as well as lock it. Besides these features, you can also create shortcuts on your Mac from distance. Although this application can do only few things but further accessibility is yet to be gained in the upcoming versions of this app.

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The universe of apps has ever since been expanding as proved by the Big Bang theory of universe. The ocean of applications is getting crammed at a tremendous speed leaving majority of users confused for what to choose and use. For eliminating that confusion, just like every week, we have analyzed the World Wide Web and bagged the best applications for you. These application are the latest releases for the 1st week of February 2015 and comprises of awesome productive as well as entertaining applications. So, let’s explore these best masterpiece applications and have fun.

Apple iPhone 6

Top 5 iPhone Apps for 1st week of February

1. Gismeteo: Finding a good weather app for your iPhone is like finding a diamond in coal mine. However we are pretty sure that here comes your diamond, this application provides comprehensive weather updates per day and the results are updated on hourly basis to keep your updates precise. It gives the accurate timings for sunrise and sunset. With this application you can track whether of your desired location as well as whole global village. The designing of this application is specially made for iOS to camouflage as a native application with realistic weather background.

2. Libon: Being a new comer to the international calling and messaging service, Libon is offering 15 minutes free calling on joining with connectivity to 100+ countries. You can enjoy free messages as well as free calling with other Libon users so start inviting your circle and go all free. Its voice-mail service is highly upgraded and you can customize it in a time saving manner as well as beautifully. The calling rates are also very decent so it’s the new age calling app you must try.

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3. VHX: It’s the best application for addicted movies and video lovers all over the world. With this application, you can easily stream all your favourite videos on the go just by logging in. Being precise this app acts as your video library keeps your favourite videos ready to be streamed anytime virtually. It is compatible with AirPlay, video syncing option is also available if you want to watch offline, and it has go wide social network connectivity which includes Twitter, Facebook, any emails as well as texts.

4. ARPhoto: This application is simply the stand out from the sea of photo editing apps over internet. It lets you add content to your photos which is directly generated by computer and that too in a realistic sense. That means you can put any 3D object in your photos and make them awesome. This app can make your photos really 3D to the human eyes, you can just ride the mighty lion; add the favourite stuff you wanted to be yours. Besides all this you can use this app to research on computer graphics and put it in great use thereafter.

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5. ProCam 2: When it comes to photo and video editing apps, no one seems pretty perfect on Smartphone and we have to move towards computer for completing the task. But with the release of this new app, the difference looks completely faded as it have got awesome comprehensive features to flaunt which includes its ability to zoom and pause videos to take perfect stills, compatibility to record 4K videos, introducing slow motion video capturing in the arena, also capable of introduction sound clip in the video. In case of photo editing, it flaunts features such as HDR, ability to set time over night mode option, option to change image quality in burst mode and much more features are waiting to be explored.

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Applications have transformed the way of living because of their multiple benefits in our day to day life. The most of the applications are bringing positivity with their power packed advantages. Whether taking care of health, cooking delicious food, renting a house or car, shopping and everything has replaced by the applications. Thanks to the applications, our personal stuff can be kept safe in our Smartphone; lost Smartphone can be secured and recovered within a jiffy. This app revolution is a giant step towards saving time and being more productive. To add to their beneficial nature, we have assembled best applications for you for this 3rd week of January 2015. Now you can be more precise about choosing a good application in a very time rescue manner.

Apple iPhone 6

1. News 360: The most comprehensive news network is here. It provides you the news of all categories extracted from above 1000 magazines and newspaper. Its social connect feature lets you share the important news with your fellows on Facebook and Twitter. You can read all the breaking news related to politics, entertainment or day to day incidents. It automatically detects your network connection and sets the image quality automatically. You can shut down this feature easily from the settings.

2. Find My iPhone: It’s the freshly released security application for your iPhone which helps you to track your lost iPhone remotely. You can easily sign in from other Apple device and track the location of your lost iPhone. For extra added security, you can remotely set an unlock code to your lost iPhone so that no one can access it. Now you will no more need to pay money to the detectives, etc to get back your lost iPhone.

3. Fooducate: Are you eating your favorite stuff without any sense of nutritional information or its health effects. Then here’s a remedy for you. With the help of this food education app, you can easily check the nutritional value of the products you eat just by scanning their bar-codes. You will get a comprehensive nutritional table of the selected product. Thus this application can invoke the health conscience of a being very effectively. Look for the optimized nutritional value of food before eating.

4. Challenges by Nexercise: It’s seriously a great application to improve the health of a person who sees everything as a competition. You can login to this application and track you activity log and earn points, it will rise you up in leader board against your friends. Thus transforming your workout into a friendly competition can help a lot in getting extra attention to reach the top. You can also earn real points of cash latter which you can redeem for gifts, etc.

5. Secret Folder: This application lets you keep your photos and videos under password protected security. It’s not merely a security app but comes with a bunch of productive phone management tasks which it does very nicely. You can easily set different passwords for different albums, email the stuff easily to other person and cop paste it easily. Thus, it proves to be the most comprehensive security app for gallery items for sure.

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Apples iPhone is one of the best ever smartphone created and has no one to beat it at what Apple do in creating this small wonders. Apple has to also take care of all the supplies that they provide so that their tech can be fully utilized and their customers remain served with all their needs. The iPhone app store contains load of application for their users and its one of the very biggest app store available on the face of earth now with some of the very best and quite useful application. The application provided are useful in your daily life and so here we are getting you with the top 5 application that is useful for you.

Apple iPhone 5S Application

Find my phone

Protecting your device is must now a days with chances of losing important information is more now a days as our devices have now become our companion. With find my iPhone you can get the exact location of your device and can remotely execute instructions to overcome the issue. You can lock your device, remotely wipe data, paly sound, display message or remote lock the device. With lost mode being activated you can remotely lock your device and can activate a custom message with your number on it. The application also provides driving directions to the device when it’s lost. This is only method to protect your device but mind you need internet connection all time.

Beer buddy

Beer buddy is a barcode cum information grabber application. The beer buddy will use your iPhone camera and will be helpful while scanning barcodes. Once the barcode matches the application will provide you will all possible information you should know about that beer its make, owner, contents, history reviews etc. Beer buddy also allows you to add a new barcode or search the name directly for the new beer bottle. Beer finder feature allows you to search about beers. It provides about 20 list of any country with full info. The beer finder has auto complete feature and seamless search makes it awesome. The application is first of its kind and it’s linked to a much known website The application has lot of various stuff to offer. So for all the beer lovers here is the application you would never want to miss.

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Bacon reader for reddit

Easiest way to Reddit is using bacon reader. Bacon reader helps you follow post sub-reddit and users. Bacon reader give you all the latest news and updates in a tabular manner with most recent and favourite ones at the top. The application has loads of features and its speed and response is quite awesome… You can subscribe submit vote an article and also comment on it. Bacon reader categorized articles and manage multi-reddit. Bacon reader has very powerful search engine with auto complete so that you don’t have to type the whole thing. This applications has many other features which makes it more useful. You can edit your post add images to it to get more attention of your fans.

Fit spotting

Fit spotting is a very successful social media application for reviews about hotels fitness clubs gyms etc. With fit spotting you can search about gyms or fitness clubs even fitness centres in hotel and review them or see someone else’s review on it. It is first of its kind that reviews fitness centres in hotels resorts and casinos. Fitness habit can’t be neglected and to know about better fitness centre when you are travelling or on a business trip grabbing some valuable time with few right exercises and few right setup is most important. The application will search better location based on your GPRS locations with all the right facilities. With fit spotting you can upload images, rate and review a particular hotel with respect to fitness centres. The application has an international coverage so where ever you go want to know about fitness this is the application you are looking for.

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Calories counter plus

For all the health conscious people iPhone and plus sports together got an application to calculate your daily consumption and loss. IPhone app store has given this application as one of the very best rating. You can set daily goals and you application will help you achieve it using calorie counter. Caroline counter will calculate your daily needs of supply like vitamins minerals and will map as per that the list of foods to be preferred. The application has daily report logging thus you can see daily results and statistics which is very much useful to track your progress. Calorie counter plus also recommends required nutrition and exercise. The application comes very handy when you try to understand the result and work on it for better results

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On this first week of July 2014 we have extracted the five best applications for your Iphone’s from a huge load of applications being developed at an alarming rate. In collecting these applications we have paid special focus towards productiveness and growing social world. I am sure you are going to love them all because we have worked hard in collecting them for you to give you finest applications.

Apple iPhone 5s

1. Acompli: This is a highly advanced Microsoft exchange email client for iphone. It gives rich user interface with three separate tabs for Calendar, Files and People for smooth functioning. It has got a wide range of support for Microsoft tools like Office 360 and It also supports Google apps, icloud and many more. It has got fast email attachment feature and runs smooth for even highly loaded inboxes.

2. Cloze: Make it your aggregate inbox for all the social messaging websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can personalize it in own way and only hear from the people you want to. It also includes features to share, tweet and comment. Moreover it can give you notifications from every network and email which you want to add up in this application.

3. Onavo: Are you tired of high data usage on your iphone? If yes then you no more have to worry about data usage saving because this application will efficiently do this work for you. This data compression application works in background when you are not connected to WIFI and takes control of your navigation and maps application, email sync reduction, etc.

4. Bitcasa: It’s a new comer in the world of cloud storage providing 10 GB space to the users. It has got a nice user interface giving a stream line took while using it. It also provides attractive plan of 99 USD for unlimited storage. It has got a very different interface than the one drive and Drop box and its storage technique is totally unlike. Its new innovative way of data syncing makes it possible to give such huge cloud space for a free account.

5. Runtastic: After the growing craze of health consciousness due to various health friendly applications, Runtastic has also came into existence with the same motive of providing correct and accurate data about distance travelled, heart rate, speed, breaks etc. It has grown too trendy and has got about 70 million downloads. The latest version of Runtastic features information concerning hydration and acts just like your fitness trainer. It is the best fitness application you could ever have.

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when on earth an application is released, it always arrives on iOS platform first and then latter on Android and windows. It’s the perfection of iOS which gives developers a craze to give first preference to iOS for building applications. Last year has seen some great advancement in application development of iOS and all other platforms like up gradation to iOS 7, WP 8.1, etc. This rocking entry of 2014 also provided us with some brilliant stuff and as usual we have got some latest applications unleashed on this third week of May 2014. The top 5 best applications of 3rd week of May 2014 are glimpsed below:

Top 5 New Apple iPhone Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. Notability: It’s the most fully featured and unique note taking app ever discovered on any platform. Instead of just taking text notes you can take audio recordings and images also. It has also got sketch pad by which you can drew new images, and other web clips, etc that you take from other sites. It houses loads of new fonts and line marking stuff like bullets, numberings, etc. It’s the most useful application highly recommended for students.

2. Snapchat: It’s a next generation, highly advanced chatting application which lets you take snapshots and videos, add a caption and send it to any friend you want. After they will react to your stuff those sent messages of yours will automatically disappear. It also enables you to do face to face video chatting if both of you are available simultaneously on snap chat. Snap chat servers rapidly delete your items after expiration but they cant prevent usage of image capturing features which might save your snapshots, etc.

3. Beats Music: It’s a new innovative music streaming application. Beats Music lets you always listen to the quality music with their best music experts hunting down every hit tracks and albums. It has got directory of over 20 million songs from all genres which you can listen by simply clicking on play or save it in your device for listening offline. If you are wandering what’s right music to listen our experts provide you with their tested music to make you feel good. It has also got face book, twitter integration and many more features.

4. Google sheets: After successful launch of Google docs its now turn for Google sheets to roll the iTunes. This application simply lets you create, open and edit spread sheets much more effectively than ever before. It has got an amazing feature which lets you work with your other mates on the same spreadsheet at the same time. It doesn’t need internet connection to get started and you can use it offline with ease. Its saves frequently every word you type.

5. Yik Yak: It is your local community application which lets know what your neighbour users are posting. It lets you connect with anyone in your area without any confirmation or sign up process. You can share news articles, jokes and any stuff you like with your community. The best content published in your community can be given up votes and updates by the other members. It’s a acts like a knot interwoven between community members.

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Apple Inc mastermind application developers have been creating the best applications since ages. They are still going on with the same pace. iPhone application developers are really giving it all on their beloved iPhone which has always been the heart and soul of Apple Inc. . The year 2014 has seen some great applications developed till now and getting better in future. Lets take a look at the new iPhone applications of 2nd week of April 2014 .I am sure you are going to love this stuff.

Top 5 new iPhone Apps of the Second week April 2014

1) Adobe Photoshop Express: Adobe has always been the winner in photography whether it comes to PCs’s or iPhones. This application is developed by Adobe . Its controls are very simple and it is an easy to use application. It has got new slide bar feature to edit your pictures and you can also choose auto edit feature.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express Download

2) 30/30: It’s the best productivity application available on iTunes right now. It has got a timer which never lets go of any task from your hand. You can add as many tasks you like and 30/30 automatically give you time intervals to take rest for 30 minutes. You are never going to suffer from hangover when you got 30/30 in your pocket. The best thing about it is its user friendly interface which makes you love it.

30 30

30/30  App Download

3) Soulver: Here comes your Maths teacher! It’s such a wonderful application and the most helpful one you will ever see. Soulver solves your mathematics problems, you only have to type it like a plain text and soulver eats the problem itself and gives you solutions. Its amazing features include its auto sync feature and syncs to the dropbox Soulver folder, synatx colouring, and unit conversions.


Soulver Download

4) Linkedin Pulse: It’s an all in one news application developed for you. It lets you get the news you like from any website. You can explore all news you want through this application with rich user friendly reading experience. You can share news with your friends on various social networks. All you need to do is sign in with your Linkedin account and browse all your saved articles comment on various news feeds etc.

LinkedIn Pulse

Linkedln Pulse Download

5) Fantastical 2: After domination of Fantastical calendar app over all other calendar apps available, Fantastical 2 has now arrived on the platform to go beyond fantastical. We have seen some unbelievable updating in Fantastical interface. It is more than a calendar. It has got new dazzling features. It makes your tough and tight schedule of life much more easier.Its reminder feature is outstanding. It’s a mush have application for every iPhone user.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 Download