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Apple unveiled their latest flagship a while ago namely the iPhone 5S. Apple have stayed true to their policy of always introducing a ‘S’ phone after the original phone within the year just like they introduced the 3GS, 4S and now this, the 5S. The thing that baffles us the most is that the new phone actually doesn’t seem all that different from the original version. But we will see all that in complete details in some. But for now, Apple actually both did a good as well as a disappointing job of making the iPhone 5S. Now let’s review the phone is detail and check it out if it is really that great a phone as Apple claims it to be.

Body & Design:
If you put the iPhone 5 and the 5S side by side backwards and ask people to guess which is which, they will be completely baffled and will never know in a million years which phone is which. This is because Apple have absolutely not worked on the body and designing of the phone. The phone measures and weighs exactly the same as the iPhone 5 and also sports the same 4” screen which is again not an HD display for that matter. Also every button, every port, even the charging pin is located at exactly the same position and you will fell absolutely no difference while holding and using the iPhone 5S. it does though in new metallic colours other than the usual black and white. This time it is Silver, Grey and Golden which was the most sought after and popular model of them all.

iPhone 5S

Again Apple missed out on a trick here by not introducing a HD display yet again but it has introduced a sort of Retina Display which is a sharper display than the iPhone 5. The display is the same 4” LED backlit LCD display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels at 326 ppi and maximum brightness of 500 nits and contrast ratio of 800:1. Now that is actually a good display but still if we compare this to other Android and latest Windows 8 devices, then it still falters compared to them. Also the screen of the phone is a bit odd sized being taller and not equivalently thicker, hence also maybe fitting in a HD display within this size could be difficult and tricky. Guess we will have to wait for the next iPhone for that.

Here the iPhone 5S is newer than the iPhone 5. For starters Apple has jumped one up on this device by introducing the Apple A7 processor from the A6 processor on the iPhone 5. Also for the first time ever Apple has introduced the M7 coprocessor which takes care of all the motion sensing data. This takes away a lot of load from the processor this increasing the efficiency of the processor and thus allowing for faster processing. So you can be sure that you will never experience any sort of lag on the device now or anytime in the future and also since the iOS is a very light OS, hence the processor also does not require much to handle it.

iPhone 5s

Apple has introduced a new OS with the iPhone 5S, the iOS 7. This is a 64 bit supported OS as the new processor in the 5S is the first 64 bit architecture model, hence the new OS is made to support the 64 bit architecture and also the previous versions as well. This OS is a new variant where the layout is not much different from the previous versions but there is a refreshed new colour scheme to it other than the usual metallic grey colours. And now there is an introduction of some really lively and bold colours with transparent menus giving it a new glassy and classy look and feel to the overall OS. Also there are some new tweaks to the OS. Now along with a drop down notification panel, there is also a pull up control section which you can call by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Here in this menu you can control the music menu, the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity toggles and some more. This is actually the control center if u can say so. So that is something new here.

On the camera front, Apple has introduced a new 8 MP camera with OIS. This allows for better images and also the BSI sensor gives some awesome low light images compared to the previous iPhone versions. Also Apple has this time around provided with a dual LED flash, so photos now have more light in them. Also the videos are now sharper and crystal clear with Full HD 1080p video shooting capability of the device. Of course you cannot compare these cameras with the Nokia powerhouses but is still the best ever by Apple. Also the iPhone 5S has a 1.3 MP front FaceTime camera with HD video capabilities. So you can use FaceTime and that too enjoy the HD experience on it.

iPhone 5s front

Memory & Battery:
The phone has 1 GB of RAM which is a big upgrade from the 512 MB on the previous versions. So there is double the RAM now which is always better and yet is it good enough to run the device smoothly because iOS actually does not require much RAM, 512 MB is enough to run the device smoothly and lag free, but the presence of more RAM never hurts. Also on the battery front Apple has provided more battery than the iPhone 5. The battery of the 5S is a 1580 mAh battery which is more than the 1440 mAh of the iPhone 5. This battery is enough to power the device for a good 10 hours on 3G networks and 11 hours on Wi-Fi and 7 hours of video playback on 250 nits of brightness. So it is not at all bad. On the memory front, Apple as usual keeps disappointing us with not providing an expandable memory slot but provides the phone on 3 memory variants, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB variants. So you can choose which one you want depending on your memory requirements.

iPhones are known for their features and even this device does not disappoint. Apple is the first to introduce a fingerprint scanner in a cell phone which is present on the home button. The home button of the device has been given a fingerprint scanner where you can you can your finger and lock your device. As a security feature, the fingerprint is stored on the device itself and not on the web, so you can be sure your fingerprints are safe. Also with the new OS Apple is now offering their own office suit known as iWork to complete with Microsoft and also there are many new features on the multitasking toggle where you can quit apps by just swiping on the screen. This is a nicely loaded phone with a great OS and amazing features and also now with improved iCloud services, it just got better.

So overall the iPhone 5S is a good device with great features, entertainment and productivity. It rides on the biggest factor which is exclusivity but then after all the overall market competition for the phone is really high from the Android and Windows Phone devices and also the very stiff price for this phone means it is still aloof for the lower middle class crowd. Plus the smaller screen is also not much of an attraction; hence competition is a big factor for this device. But overall this is a good phone and the fingerprint scanner another cherry on top of the cake. So you can get this device enjoy the new Apple experience.